The New Google Keyword Tool….I Love You!

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Thank you Google for the amazing new keyword tool you gave us before the Holiday season this year.

Not only does it break the keywords down by category and really give you a great selection of keywords and keyword phrases to choose from, but it also allows you to automatically apply advanced match types to your selections or just knock them all into phrase, exact match, broad match, etc…  I am completely loving this tool and cannot wait to test it out again later on today when I start prepping my Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads and campaigns to launch, well tomorrow night, (I’m writing this on a plane coming back from a meeting and it is about Midnight on Wed. just before Thanksgiving).

Anyways, if I had the tool opened in front of me right now I would completely do a step by step on how I am finding shortcuts and ways to really get a ton of extra information out of it, but at the same time that could be an entire week’s worth of posts.

If you haven’t tried the new Google Keyword Tool, you are seriously missing out.  It not only is making my life easier, but it is amazingly simple once you get over how much more advanced it is and all of the options you get with it.  It’s kind of like the old Overture tool on steroids.  This is a sure fire winner for Google and I am sooo in love with the new Google Keyword Tool.

What are you still doing here, log into your account and go mess with it….find a ton of negative terms you would have never thought of and pop all your broad matches into phrase and exact and get an even better gauge on what is actually working and what isn’t in your campaigns!

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