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There’s a lot of people named Adam Riemer, and a bunch of them have done awesome things from raising show pigs to producing Broadway shows.  I’ve met a few of them in person and online.   Although each is a unique and interesting person, there is only one me.  And that’s why my domain ends in .me.

It’s about me, and this website is my bio site and the only official one about the Adam Riemer who does marketing, writes columns for publications like Search Engine Journal (which you can find here), goes to Broadway shows and can’t stop singing the anthems for weeks on end.  So if you want to learn more about me, my career, why this site exists, etc… lets do it.

My adventure into marketing and advertising started when I began building websites in the mid-to-late 90’s for fun.  They weren’t my own domains, they were subdomains or folders on sites like angelfire and geocities.   I learned this because I had started participating in a theatre group that became an actual performance company with national recognition.  They made me the marketing manager so I had to learn HTML.   But I’d always been a Broadway fan and decided to start putting up sites for things I loved.  That’s when traffic started to come in and I got my first tastes of SEO, monetization, and affiliate marketing.

In the late 90’s I ended up becoming a DJ while I was in college and getting to play venues in multiple cities, meeting incredible people from different walks of life, and traveling the world.  I did have to choose between theatre and DJing, DJing won because I could play the music I loved and attend Broadway shows.  I didn’t have time for both while going to school.  Then college ended and I entered the real world.  It turns out the real world wasn’t for me.

I left the security of a full time job and joined a couple agencies as a contractor while I built up affiliate websites, and thought I’d learn the ropes of how to manage an agency.  That wasn’t for me either, which is odd because I run one now.  I did get to experience both the good and bad, as well as how to build an agency that I’d want to work for.  And during that time a few people encouraged me to start a marketing blog.  One night I was sitting in a hotel in Toronto and finally said ok.  That’s when I bought, because it was all about me and supposed to be a journal of my learnings.  The .com was already taken by another Adam Riemer.

The posts were always meant to be about my experiences as a marketer, and in life, never for a community or others to read.  The goal was to have a reference so I could track what I was working on while not forgetting the wins, losses, strategies, and pitfalls from projects.  Then people started to find the content.  This lead to being asked to contribute to larger sites, features in the NYTimes, Marketing Land, and other publications, as well as speaking engagements around the world. 

Now I’ve been a featured speaker at conferences such as Pubcon, Affiliate Summit, DMO, Shiftcon, Big Digital Adelaide, and AM Days.  The blog made me realize I have a passion for teaching which turned into me offering private workshops a few times a year at corporate headquarters, doing keynote sessions, and webinars.  It was tricky because I am not a social person that actually enjoys the stage, which contradicts me being in theatre.  The reason theatre is different is because I get to become a character, it isn’t me, I’m bringing the vision of a writer to life, but how I see the character with their words.  And that’s how I try to conquer my fear of public speaking. 

I go from the introverted Adam Riemer to the public speaker and marketing expert the audience is expecting to learn from.  The public speaker version is loud, high-energy, and loves to try and tell a joke…but normally fails.

How I Approach Marketing

You’re likely reading this trying to learn about how we approach marketing, not why and how I got started, so lets jump in.  Each client is unique, some things can be done right off the bat because they’re mostly universal like getting rid of hero images on homepages or making them more interactive for conversions, checking canonical links, and removing no-value affiliates.  But everything else needs to be done based on the goals of the client.

An ecommerce site could want an increase in SEO traffic, but their site isn’t set up to convert or they haven’t done a proper win-back and remarketing campaign.  Many don’t use their SMS and email lists to their fullest ability, or overuse them.  If this is the case we recommend shifting gears because what is the point of bringing in traffic when there is money sitting on the table, and that traffic wouldn’t convert.  An affiliate site or publisher has the same thing.

They’re making money on CPMs, subscribers, affiliate links, etc…  I go to each of these and ask for their goals, process that, then come back with a plan.  They may have hired me for a monetization strategy, but they have bigger opportunities from the work they already did.  Its about the low hanging fruit and where the opportunities are.  And everything we do is based off of data.  If no data exists, we start by setting up control groups and/or tests to create a baseline.  This way the client has the best chance at succeeding.  And that’s why our clients stay with us for years.

And if you’re wondering, there’s typos and grammar errors everywhere on this blog.  This site is used as an interview tool when I hire for my agency or help my clients hire.  We ask questions about opportunities and issues.  Being able to dissect and find those based on the role is how the candidate can show they’re qualified.  A resume can’t do that.  If you’re still reading and want to talk, I check every message that comes through the contact form found here.  And that’s it.  It’s how I started this blog, everything about my career in marketing, and how we approach our work.

Thank you for visiting and reading and let me know how I can help,

Adam Riemer

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