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Your affiliates should be bringing new customers to your company, not intercepting your own traffic at checkout or with a brand review.  And that’s what makes our affiliate management services unique.  Your bottom line is always our priority.

The affiliate networks encourage companies to work with affiliates that intercept their own traffic. This is because many affiliate networks make money when sales pass through their system, it is called an override fee or network fee.  It is in the network’s best interest to intercept your own customers already shopping on your site and give you reasons why you should allow it to happen.

Many claim “its part of the shopping lifecycle”, which is true, but is it a value-adding touch point?  That is where good affiliate management companies come in.  

We will set up an unbiased test for you to find out, and then grow an affiliate program that brings you new to file customers, and wins back customers that have not shopped in years.

We do this through custom strategies based on your data, and by not allowing affiliates that intercept your own customers.  Fill out the form on this page to learn more.

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My promise with our affiliate management services:

1. We will not work with coupon sites that poach your cart through “SEO”

If you hire us as your affiliate managers, you will have very strict terms and conditions that are strictly enforced.  These terms and conditions chase away over 99.9% of the coupon sites because their main traffic source is optimizing for your brand + coupons in Google and Bing, not to bring you new customers.  But not all of them do this.  Knowing the difference and sharing with you is what separates good affiliate management companies from the rest.

2.  No adware.

Regardless of what network you are on, there is adware.  Many of the “leading” affiliate management companies will say they don’t work with it.  The truth is they know you probably aren’t testing for it, so there isn’t any way you’ll catch it.  Others will tell you that your conversion rates will drop, or the browser extensions will send your customers to a competitor.

The channel isn’t supposed to threaten and scare you.  The affiliates and you as the brand are both supposed to benefit, not hold you hostage.  If you hire us, we can set up tests to see if you will have a drop in conversions or lose customers.  The data will speak for itself.

3.  Custom recruitment.

You get actual customized recruitment when you work with us.  Depending on the level of affiliate management services you hire our team for; you will get:

  • Custom written emails
  • Phone calls
  • Ads run in the network or on social media sites
  • Bonus campaigns to encourage joining and activating
  • And more!

4.  Manual approvals.

Nobody gets into our managed affiliate programs without going through a manual screening process.  It’s the Fort Knox to your shopping cart.  This is to help make sure your partners are good for your brand, contextually relevant, and aren’t going to poach your sales.

5.  Hands on affiliate management strategies so you don’t have to worry about anything.

When you hire Affiliate Management Companies to manage your program, they need to give you more than just auto-approvals and a couple of newsletters that only list coupons or sales.

When you hire us as your affiliate management company, we provide you with the following (and a lot more):

  • Customized newsletters each month with solid content and ideas
  • Banner ideas, designs and new themes on a regular basis
  • Custom landing page development ideas
  • Media pitching for new exposure (PR work)
  • A complete and detailed affiliate section for your website
  • Network communication
  • Updates with program issues and opportunities so that you can focus on your business
  • Removal of adware, theft and low value partners
  • Custom recruitment and activation campaigns
  • Constant new ideas on how to improve or grow your program (many can be applied to other channels)
  • Weekly and/or monthly reporting
  • And more!

With 20+ years of experience being an Affiliate Manager as well as quoted in the New York Times, Forbes and many other publications for being one of the best affiliate management companies, you’re in good hands when you hire us.

Use the contact form above or click here and have me do a quick scan of your program.  It’ll only take a second to see if you’re being ripped off, if there are larger opportunities and I don’t charge for a quick program scan.  You’ve got nothing to lose.


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