ROI Based Influencer Marketing

Almost everyone offers influencer marketing.  Its not hard to do.  You pay an influencer and they share.  You don’t need a company or an agency to do this, especially one who may be jeopardizing your company’s SEO and who isn’t measuring the ROI from these campaigns effectively.

Ask yourself, would you run PPC ads or media buys without tracking the CPA and ROAS?  No.  Why should you do the same with your influencer marketing campaigns?

That’s why we offer influencer strategies and execution campaigns that are based on data, revenue and measurable metrics.  This helps you become ROI positive from this once “shot in the dark” channel.  Because we’re also an SEO agency, we’ll do everything necessary to help prevent any harm or damage to your company’s organic traffic.

We use a three step approach.

Step 1. Evaluate the Influencer’s Audience & Real Reach

Even if someone has 400K Facebook fans, if they aren’t engaged, it’s a useless audience.  If there’s no views on a YouTube channel, you won’t get anything out of paying for a video.  The same goes with a blog.

They may have 100K pageviews, but if the traffic is only on specific posts and the blogger can only offer sidebar ads or new posts, you will probably be losing money since sidebars get little to no engagement and there’s nobody reading the new content.

We use our knowledge of SEO to pull apart the potential influencers’ websites and profiles to find whether the traffic is spread across the website, what keywords drive most of their traffic and which topics get the most action. Once we know who, where and what the traffic is looking for, we then compare it to your own traffic and conversion data.

By knowing who their audience is, where they have real traffic and what the potential conversions are, we can now move forward with a data driven estimate of ROAS by influencer.

Step 2. Knowing Where to Buy Space & How to Measure It

One of the things our company is known for is being an award winning affiliate management company.  Because of this we already have relationships with thousands of bloggers, YouTubers and social media stars.  By having these relationships and growing them through the affiliate channel, we know what to expect per campaign, ad spend and we know where you may have the best opportunities for engagement with each campaign.

If you don’t know where and how people engage on websites and social networks, your campaign is a guess at best.  Now you’re probably asking “How do we know where and how to run what types of ads?”.  Simple, we use tools to gain data and then apply the data through unique strategies.

You can find examples of some of the ways we do this on these posts about a measuring tool for selling ad space and strategies like these for travel bloggers to make money.

By implementing everything from cross device tracking to unique URLs with conversion pixels, we can measure the results of the campaigns.  By analyzing the data and how the referrals interact with your website, you now have ways to optimize the UX to decrease bounce rates, better funnel traffic into sales and also apply the data to future campaigns.

Knowing where traffic is, the best places to put your mentions and ads, as well as having data to track and optimize revenue, you can now start to base your influencer campaign spend on data and ROI instead of just spending money and keeping your fingers crossed.  However there is another thing you need to consider.  Could this cause damage to other channels like SEO?

Step 3.  Helping to Prevent Damage to Other Channels

The last thing we do before reaching out to an influencer is evaluate the potential impact on your company’s other channels.  SEO is a big one.

If your company relies on organic traffic, hiring an influencer marketing company that does not have advanced experience with technical and content driven SEO can be hazardous to your company’s organic stability.  We do everything in our power to help ensure our campaigns will not have a negative impact on your company.

This includes:

  • Scanning for backlinks so we don’t have some do follow and some paid.  This could be bad for Google’s penguin update.
  • Promoting the use of no follow tags on sponsored campaigns
  • Having the influencer agree to use advertising disclosures
  • And more.

If you’re not sure who to use for your influencer marketing campaigns, let us show you why we’re different.  I’m always happy to have a call and walk you through how we work.

Our strategies are based on real data and ROI, not fancy buzzwords and “because someone has a million followers”.  Once you talk to us, you’ll quickly see why we shine when compared to our competitors.

Use the contact form below or click contact us in the top right hand corner of this website.  We look forward to talking and helping create a unique strategy to drive sales and revenue through custom influencer campaigns that are built around your unique products, services and needs.


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