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From ethical affiliate management to link building and SEO; we’re a leading digital marketing firm to delivery quality marketing strategies that you can measure in revenue.

We help companies and non profits from one man shops to the Fortune 500 with everything from adware removal and affiliate management, to Sales Funneling and Conversion Rate optimization. Offering a full range of digital marketing strategies that are measured in revenue, not fake figures and “branding”, you can see the results from our work as your bank accounts, donations and revenues grow. But that isn’t all we do.

In addition to our custom digital marketing strategies, we’ll also work on marketing operations for your company. We go through a process of evaluating your team to see if everyone is in their right role, who is able to be let go or moved; and who should be promoted or even given new tasks based on abilities and traits you may not have noticed.

We’re basically an overall business consultant that has a serious talent for Marketing and helping companies scale themselves.  I am based out of Washington, DC but can travel if necessary.  Below are some of the digital strategy and marketing channels that you can hire me for.

(On a side note, prices vary depending on service and needs.  I can quote you for any of the services if you leave me a comment below.)

Workshops – This is my most expensive service, but the one that you will get the most out of.  I will come to your office and do a workshop for however many days you want.  You can ask any questions and I will openly answer.  We will cover any and all channels you would like to cover and I’ll also go over your current campaigns.  This is an intense and serious information share and one that everyone who hires me learns from.  This is the best service I can offer if you would like to keep everything in house but want some advice and need a clean up so you can scale.

Adware Testing and Removal – I help to test your website for adware as well as help you create campaigns to stop your competition and your own Media department and Affiliates from using it to steal from you as well as waste your own money.  I do have other partners and people I recommend for this, so if you would not like to use me, let me know and I’ll refer you to my trusted source of information.

Affiliate Management – I am very well known for Affiliate Management.  I have been Managing Affiliate programs for many years and help companies recruit Affiliates, evaluate current Affiliates, choose the right network to be on, launch a new program, remove non value adding Affiliates as well as work with your own in house manager to scale a program.  If you want a program that is a value adding program, you should contact me below and you will 100% see the difference between myself and other Affiliate Management Companies.  I can almost guarantee you will be shocked when you find out what is really going on.

Affiliate Marketing – I do have my own Affiliate websites, including this one.  If you are interested in having me as your Affiliate, please contact me but make sure you include the following.  Do you work with Adware?  Do you have a coupon code box at checkout? What network are you on?  Why are you relevant for my sites and which site is it?  What commissions and cookie life will you be offering me?  Then I’ll let you know.

Comparison Shopping Engines – I am very skilled at helping you with all of the major Comparison Shopping Engines.  I have worked and optimized campaigns with CSEs in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany and many other countries.  If you need domestic or international Comparison Shopping Engine Management, I am definitely the right person to talk too.

Conversion Rate Optimization – One of my very favorite things to do is help to increase conversion rates on websites.  The first thing I do is put your site through an audit, after interviewing you and your team to see how much tech, web development and marketing time is available, then we get into the fun stuff with copy, design, imagery, calls to action, analytics, etc…  If you hire me for this you will definitely not regret it!

Database Marketing – One thing that many companies never fully utilize is their own database.  This is your most powerful weapon for driving revenue.  The trick is learning how to use it without abusing it.  It is all about finding that balance and knowing the right way to work it.  This is where I come in to see what is in there, what has been done and find new ways to use it.

Email Marketing – One thing that I love to do is go in and develop a long term email strategy.  It will consist of evaluating your current efforts, creating a plan, a calendar and testing strategies.  We also create tests to show the best time to sell, best day to sell and automate your efforts as much as possible with even better secondary and tertiary tracking.

Marketing Strategy Development – One of the most valuable things I can do for a company is develop a Marketing Strategy for you.  It will give you advice, channels to work with, details about how you may want things to look, ways to measure success as well as time lines for implementation and time lines to expect results with.  My Marketing Strategies have helped numerous companies break through their old profit roofs when executed properly.

Landing Page Development – As a part of conversion rate optimization, some companies don’t want the entire site done.  That is why they hire me to look through their external campaigns and redesign and test them.  With landing page development we can test how your customers will react and once we have proven results begin adding the features and qualities into your site.

Media Buying – One thing that I don’t like doing much but I can definitely help with is your media buying.  What makes me different is that I will not buy adware and unlike many media buying firms, I won’t make up sales by forcing clicks and setting tracking on your own site.  Media companies are in my opinion some of the most corrupt and the media buyers are the least educated on what the ad networks and media buys actually are.  You need someone like me on your side or I can almost guarantee you are being ripped off.  I have yet to come across a pure media buy without some sort of funny business or adware being used to make up ROI.

Pay Per Click Marketing – I have been doing PPC for a very long time.  This is one of my best services and I always show growth and find room to improve your campaigns.  If you want one of my very best services, this is one of them.  I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Re-marketing – I take remarketing on as a multi channel and touch point plan.  I can use the ad serving networks as well, but where some people make a mistake is starting with them.  There are 4 or 5 easy things you can do before you have to use ad serving for remarketing or Google Adsense remarketing.  The thing I come across most when I am helping a company using ad serving for remarketing is that they are being ripped off left and right.  Do not give more than a session long cookie for conversions and never use view through conversions.  If you want to know why, write me or read my blog.

Retro Marketing – I love running retro marketing campaigns.  Not only do they bring back nostalgia into your company, but they take a ton of creativity and caring to do.  If you have thought about running or trying to do retro marketing, I would love to be able to help you.

Sales Channel Development – Developing sales channels is the basis for your marketing.  If you don’t know who your customers are, what buckets they can fall into, which buckets you are missing and how to reach them via sales and marketing, then you are losing sales.  Let me evaluate your database, look through your efforts and help to discover new ways to reach out to people and markets as well as how to develop a channel and funnel for you.

Sales Path Development – Your sales path is fun to work on.  When you improve your company makes more money.  When you fail you see the drop instantly.  Creating your sales path drastically increases revenue through upsells, cross sells, post conversion sales, etc… I love working on and testing sales paths and I enjoy helping to design your sales trees to maximize each customers’ purchase.

Search Engine Optmization – This is something I am well known for.  I keep my clients quiet and will never say who I do SEO for.  SEO clients also never make it on this site.  If you want solid, white-hat and long term success SEO, I can help.  I do it by category, keyword, enterprise level or whatever your needs are.  I’m also happy to help train and teach your in house team how to advance themselves even more.

Social Media Strategy and Execution – The thing with Social Media is that it is about setting your goals.  Are you looking for protection from bad reviews, driving revenue, keeping your brand alive, etc…  When I work with a social media client I look to see what their goals are and then define how to reach them.  Social Media is a tricky type of marketing but one that is extremely fun as well and can get the entire company involved.

Traditional Marketing – I have done everything from traditional media buys on billboards, newspapers, brand development, product line expansions, etc… If you need traditional marketing help and want to learn how to bring your traditional efforts online and onto mobile, I am the perfect person to help.

Thank you again for reading the Hire Me page and if you need any help with the services listed above, or other Marketing and Sales efforts, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day.  Looking forward to working with you!

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