Macy’s window display that I loved.

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Macy's Widow Display
Macy's Widow Display

I was walking by Macy’s yesterday in Downtown Washington DC and came across a gorgeous and fun window display that they did.

The picture was taken with my iphone and it was fogged up a bit from the cold (we had a bad snow storm as well this year which is rare for Washington DC) but wanted to share my favorite window from the entire Christmas Display theme that Macys Washington DC did.

Some of them were kind of scary like the robot one that was hanging and waving flags and others were kind of cute like the one with the elf looking at a mail xray machine, gotta love the fear of terrorists still and how it climbed its way into a Macy’s Christmas Display window series in Washington DC, but it was still a fun window and really creative.  However, even though the display finished with Santa sitting in his chair with an elf, a tree and tons of toys and food, my favorite one was the one in the picture to left.

It was an eld sorting through all of the Christmas letters to Santa and the background was a swirl of letters and mail that spun in circles, I love the windows at Macy’s because they all move and have something going on besides just being pretty, and for some reason this one got me to smile and laugh and want to write about it so the window displays obviously work to get attention and caus ea good reaction because I also went in and went shopping.

Now, besides Macy’s going Christmas themed displays, they also had some really fun music playing on all of the Christmas windows and at the beginning of the windows, they had their very own Christmas story for everyon to read then walk down the entire store and see all of the fun windows they created for Christmas.  I love all of the windows and in between they had some really pretty Chanel 5 perfume displays which were also great to see in between all of the Christmas Window Displays in the Macys Washington DC windows. The windows at Macys also got me thinking about something that I don’t know if they intentionally did, but I am sure there was someone at the Macys company in NYC that had to have thought about this, but Macy’s has probably one of the largest advantages for the Christmas shopping season over all of the other major Department stores and that is their Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Not only does Thanksgiving kick off the holiday shopping season with Black Friday, but everyone in the USA turns on their TVs to watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City and eeryone associates it with Macys.  It is on almost every major news station and everyone thinks of it when they think of Thanksgiving as well.

Noy only is this amazing for Christmas shoppers to think of a store when they think of a holiday that rbings good memories, but Macy’s gets millions of viewers watching their store logo with people who are ready to shop and gets their name out there for free each year with one of the most memeorable American events that everyone loves.  The Macys day parade isn’t just fun to watch but it also helps shoppers remember where to go in the morning for their Black Friday shopping and also makes Macy’s memorable for the rest of the shopping season.

Whether or not Macy’s knew that their parade would become an American tradition or not, they also got an amazing branding and Marketing opportunity and tons of media exposure to start the holiday shopping season in return and I am sure that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has more than paid for itself in additional holiday sales, advertising costs and helping it become one of America;s favorite holiday and regular brands.

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