100+ Reasons to go to Affiliate Summit West & East

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Buy tickets to Affiliate Summit Here
Buy tickets to Affiliate Summit Here

Whether you follow my blog posts about Affiliate Summit or read the one about if you regret not going to Affiliate Summit, you definitely need to. Affiliate Summit has changed multiple times over the years and is always a show that I turn a positive ROI from. Whether it is finding clients, or having them come to me after Affiliate Summit is over, finding partners for them, learning something new, finding content sites for backlinks and to sign up as Affiliates, or even meeting other agencies and finding ways to make money with each other, Affiliate Summit is the best affiliate marketing conference in the country and possibly the world. If you are thinking about going to Affiliate Summit East or West, below are 100+ reasons to go to Affiliate Summit broken out by different attendee types and categories. Feel free to add your own reasons to attend Affiliate Summit East or West below by leaving a comment.

Why you should go to Affiliate Summit East and West.

  • Bloggers
  • Merchants (Stores and service providers)
  • Affiliates
  • Marketers
  • Networks
  • For Education
  • Agencies
  • Recruiters and Staffing Agencies
  • Email Marketers
  • Other

Why Bloggers should go to Affiliate Summit:

  1. Unlike other blogging tradeshows, Affiliate Summit has Bloggers that speak at the sessions that actually make money and many do this for a full time income.   Other blog shows have some people who have some success but haven’t turned it into a full time job and maybe a few Bloggers that launch new sites and make a full time living with their sites. They may have gotten lucky, started early or was at the right place at the right time, but many of the Bloggers I have seen at Affiliate Summit that speak at the show make a full time living with their websites and are happy to share what makes their Blogs successful and give a ton of tips and advice that you can use.
  2. Affiliate Summit has sessions about launching and optimizing blogs.  At the last show and the one coming up there was an entire session where people built and launched a blog in front of you showing you what you may have forgotten, not thought of or didn’t know.  That is one of the things that makes Affiliate Summit a bit more unique for Bloggers.
  3. Sessions about monetizing your blogs. You can learn multiple ways to monetize your blogs besides with affiliate marketing at Affiliate Summit including how to test ads, test effectiveness and optimize your revenue.  I have seen everything from Heatmapping to social media and even which plugins to use and avoid and actual reasons why.
  4. Learn how to write posts for your audience and that can rank. Whether you go to a clinic or a session like mine at #ASW14, you can learn to write posts that are search engine and user friendly to help drive more traffic and hopefully make more money.
  5. You can meet other bloggers for backlinks, content ideas and partnerships by going to Affiliate Summit East or West. Unlike other blogging shows that claim the advertisers and Bloggers get and can provide branding, Affiliate Summit is about sales and measurable metrics. I’ve met a lot of key partners in helping my sites become more successful and the Bloggers that come to Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West are Bloggers that love their sites and their audiences but are also businesses and can drive measurable results and metrics instead of saying you’ll get branding.
  6. At Affiliate Summit you can go to sessions or meet with vendors to learn how to optimize every piece of your blog including the server you are on and why it is good or bad for the search engines. You can also find vendors specifically designed for wordpress hosting and are already optimized and can help to boost your current blog posts and they’ll be able to explain why.
  7. Discover new frameworks and systems for your blogs to help bring them to the next level. This is where I finally started trying this one and absolutely fell in love with it. I now host all sites I want to grow and expand on their framework including this blog.
  8. Find answers from some speakers and some other bloggers about how to find out who your real audience is, why your traffic won’t convert and what you can do to build a real following and make money from your visitors, readers and from your blog.
  9. Learn how to monetize your blog.  Affiliate Summit is awesome for learning to monetize your blog, but here you will see it in action.  Remember to not promote programs that have sites that rank for merchant url + coupons with active Affiliate links, that allow trademark bidding or adware (toolbars, PPV, CPV, etc…) to help reduce your changes of losing sales and make sure you read this post and ask these questions for an Affiliate Manager when a Merchant pitches you.  That post will help you with questions to ask the merchants and answers so you can figure out if it is worth promoting them and if they’ll help protect your commissions or not.
  10. Learn why banners and text links may not work as well as how to get more click throughs on them, ways to incorporate product links, deep links and even storefronts into your blog that can actually generate revenue.  It will depend on the attendees that you talk to at Affiliate Summit on the quality of advice, but you can definitely get a ton of different opinions and discover a lot of new strategies for your blog by going.
Buy Affiliate Summit Tickets Here!
Buy Affiliate Summit Tickets Here!

Why Merchants should buy tickets to Affiliate Summit East and West:

(Merchants are stores and service providers.)

11.  Affiliate Summit is a place where I have always been able to find everything from valuable content sites that drive sales to adware companies that steal.  Coupon sites that rank for your trademark + url and add little to no value as well as ones that have double opt in newsletters and email lists that can add value.  I have found Bloggers that generate high quality sales and leads and even some PPC partners that don’t bid on trademarks and drive high quality, value adding sales for my clients.  Affiliate Summit is a great place to help you find quality partners and help you find the bad ones that will have a great pitch for why you should work with them so you know what to look for and how to find current partners that might not be adding value to you.

12.  Although it is the only thing I don’t like about Affiliate Summit, adware, toolbars and theft is always at the show in full force with fancy words and great pitches to make you think it is a good thing.  The good thing is that if you go in knowing that they can cause harm to your company, you can now learn their tips, ideas and tricks and begin to discover who in your program may be ripping you off and how to find and remove them.

13.  You can hear a ton of speakers with years of experience managing clean and managing dirty Affiliate programs.  They’ll help teach you to find new ways to recruit, activate and build stronger relationships with your Affiliates.

14.  Building relationships with current partners.  Sometimes you have a site that has been inactive in your program for a long time.  If they are attending and you get a chance to meet them, you can easily find out why you are no longer on their site or why it has gone inactive and turn an inactive Affiliate into one that produces sales.  If you have one that no longer sent sales because you no longer let it rank for your url or store name + coupons or bid on your trademark, you can work on getting space in their newsletters which can sometimes drive sales and add value to your company.  This is a great way to generate nice boosts of traffic and sales when you need them.

15.  Discover other merchants.  One nice thing about going to Affiliate Summit is that you can find other Merchants and create a group of peers to bounce ideas off of, share things you learned and have a resource that does the same job you do to help you with problems like getting in contact with partners, ideas for newsletters or contests and even to help find and remove bad partners from your program.

16.  Cross promotions with similar or complimentary companies.  Another great thing for Merchants that go to Affiliate Summit is that they can find other Merchants with complimentary products and programs.  By meeting these people you can help to introduce them to top performers and help grow each other’s programs more easily.  There are tons of ways to do this, just make sure you have the Affiliate’s permissions first if you are sharing their contact info.

17.  One of the reasons Merchants should buy tickets to Affiliate East and Affiliate Summit West is because there are different groups of Affiliates at both.  Because the show has grown so large and because it isn’t the cheapest to go to for some smaller Affiliates, some Affiliates will not go to both shows.  Instead they go to the one closest to home.  This helps you to always meet new people and let your company know why you need to buy tickets to Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West instead of just one of the shows.

18.  Merchant’s can discover new networks or reasons to change networks.  One thing that is great about Affiliate Summit East and West is that you can find some niche networks for your specific company.  Some of the networks are fly by and won’t last, but you can find some like Red Galoshes (Bridaluxe) that did last for a long time before it disappeared which only worked with content sites and only wedding sites for a long time.  It was a great second option for wedding related Merchants and Affiliates.  Although you should never be on more than one network, the only exception is when something comes around and lasts for a long time like Bridaluxe.

19.  You can learn about brand new tools like this one or storefront and datafeed tools like GoldenCan, Popshops and Sellfire.

20.  You can learn how to pitch Affiliates, what they are looking for, how to reach them and what is important to say to each type of Affiliate.  Here is a post I wrote about how to pitch Affiliates, which includes pitching Affiliates at Affiliate Summit.

Reasons why Affiliates should buy tickets to Affiliate Summit.

21.  You can meet Merchants face to face.  This builds a bond, usually results in more close attention, increased commissions and better help when you need it.

22.  It is an affordable way to meet your peers, people who work in the same industry as you and find people to talk to during the day that know what you do for a living.  One of the things Affiliates miss the most when they go out on their own is the communication with peers that do the same type of jobs.  By building a network of peers by going to shows like Affiliate Summit, you can find peers that can help when you need it or even take a break with you since they do the same work and have other relationships with vendors and partners that you may need.

23.  You can learn new ways to monetize your sites from some of the Merchants that come up with unique strategies, other Affiliates and even some of the networks.  Affiliate Summit has sessions about everything from AdSense an Ad Networks to Affiliate Marketing so you can learn a ton of new ideas, ways to make money and how to use them on your site.

24.  Affiliate Summit is a great way to discover new tools for you to use to make more money with on your sites.

25.  You can find new ways to optimize your websites, strategies to drive traffic and hopefully be able to make more sales.

26.  If you are a new Affiliate, you can hear from people that do this full time as a living and help keep yourself motivated to be able to quit your job and become a full time Affiliate.

27.  Learn how to use new types of sites or channels like creating a Pinterest strategy to drive traffic and hopefully sales.

28.  It’s a work related vacation.  If you’re spending an insane amount of time on your sites, especially if you are Q4 driven, it is the perfect way to get away after the holidays to relax, have fun and grow your business.

29.  You can learn which programs you should drop and how to find a good replacement.  By attending the right sessions you’ll learn that if you are a content site, you shouldn’t work with company’s that have active Affiliates and coupon sites that rank for the merchanturl + coupons, trademark bidders or adware and how to find them and replacements for them.  Affiliate Summit attendees can help you learn how to find affiliate programs that can help you make money, not send your traffic to have a coupon site, trademark bidder or adware company have the chance to take credit for your sales and steal your commissions.

30.  If your site started to tank or dive in the search engines, there is almost always a great SEO site clinic with people like Rae Hoffman, Kenny Hyder, Michael Grey, Roger Montti, etc… that can help you learn why you got hit by an algorithm update, which update it was and how to fix it or even what you could do better with your site to get your rankings back.

Why Non Affiliate Marketing Marketers should go to Affiliate Summit East and West.

31.  Affiliate Summit isn’t just for Affiliates.  You can learn PPC, SEO, Email marketing, etc…  Affiliates use all types of marketing, tools and methods to market their businesses so Affiliate Summit is actually one of the most inclusive Online Marketing trade shows you will ever find.

32.  By attending Affiliate Summit and learning about Adware in the form of Toolbars, PPV, CPV, BHOs, Interruptive, Interstitial, Popups, Popunders, Contextual, etc… you can learn how Affiliates, Media Buying companies and PPC Marketers are possibly stealing from your channel, how to properly attribute sales and show that your channel is performing better than it appears.  This could also help build your budget within your company and help remove the theft from other channels.

33.  Compliance.  Regardless of what type of marketing you do, the FTC is now going to be cracking down on you.  I go to a ton of conferences and none of them even come close to comparing with the sessions on FTC compliance like Affiliate Summit.  You can learn about CANSPAM, Nexus, Disclosures, etc… from actual Lawyers and Licensed professionals for free.   This alone makes Affiliate Summit worth attending.

34.  If you are a PPC Marketer, an Email Marketer, a Social Media Strategist, if you do traditional media buys or anything else, you can find ways to incorporate what you do into other channels and learn how they can work together to make everyone’s job easier and hopefully grow your company and sales.

35.  Affiliate Summit provides a platform for new talent to gain exposure.  Although you do have to go through three sets of voting to get to speak at Affiliate Summit West or East, you don’t have to have previous experience speaking at tradeshows.  You do have to be knowledgeable, have a topic that can provide value and be an expert in your niche.  Affiliate Summit East and West have helped launch a ton of amazing speakers and has given them a chance to shine.  Like I said above, Affiliates use a ton of channels to market their sites and offers.  By sharing your knowledge in your session about whatever channel you know well, you could build a following and begin your speaking career.

36.  After you finish speaking at Affiliate Summit, you may have people come up to you looking for advice or help.  I’ve gotten SEO, PPC and even Newsletter writing clients from speaking at Affiliate Summit.  Just because it is about Affiliate Marketing doesn’t mean people aren’t looking for your skills.  You can use Affiliate Summit as a way to help grow your PPC, Email, SEO or other type of company.

37.  PR Firms are making a huge mistake if they do not go to Affiliate Summit but go to other blogging shows.  Unlike some of the other online marketing and blogging shows, Affiliates have trackable and measurable results.  That’s how we make our money.  The goal from some shows is for the attendees to write a post and send a link, tweet the company name or mention them on Facebook.  The Affiliates at Affiliate Summit drive traffic and sales which you can measure.  Because Affiliates measure impressions and deliver results, you can easily see the return on investment and bring back measurable results to prove your value to your clients.

38.  SEOs should definitely go to Affiliate Summit.  If you’ve seen me speak about adware at Affiliate Summit or other shows, you know that almost all of the applications used by Affiliates try to take credit for the sales driven from SEO and every other channel.  SEOs can learn who to tell their Affiliate Manager to remove, why they should remove them and show the true value and amount of sales they are driving from SEO, Email, etc… and how Adware Affiliates (toolbars, browser add ons, etc…) are causing damage their company’s revenue by poaching sales they didn’t earn, offering coupons and further decreasing their company’s margin.  This applies to all channels including PPC, Email, CSEs, Marketplaces, Social Media and other Marketers within a company.

39.  You can learn how other channels can help your channel.  You’ll discover that SEO and Affiliate have a lot of cross over and can help each other grow.  You may also find out how people in PR, Affiliates and SEOs can work together and even boost social media.  That is one of the biggest wins about working with an effective Affiliate Manager and going to Affiliate Summit East or West.

40.  You can learn about your competitors, their strategies and even discover new tools that they use.  One of these things that I found is a popular seo and social media tool that is actually great for Affiliate Management and other channels if Affiliate Management is only one part of your job.  You can click the following link to find the tool and get a 30 day free trial. Click here for a 30 day free trial.

Reasons why Affiliate Networks should attend Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West.

41.  The most obvious reason why Affiliate Networks should attend Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West is that they can recruit different Affiliates and Merchants at both.

42.  Networks can find out what competitors are building and doing to make their technology outdated and learn about new tracking platforms like Impact Radius which offers much better vision across channels than traditional networks and has new payment models which could eventually wipe out the old models from older Affiliate Networks.

43.  Some Affiliates like myself really dislike some of the networks.  It doesn’t mean we won’t work with them, but it will be a lot harder to get us to promote a Merchant if they are on a network we do not like.  Being at the show can bring us back and get us working with the networks we don’t like again.

44.  You can present new features, tools and offerings to a targeted group of people, do live demonstrations of how to incorporate it into Affiliate sites or Merchant programs and get it going a lot easier.  If the people that watch the demos like them, they may tell other Affiliates about it helping you to get more exposure for your new tools and products.

45.  You can keep an eye on your competition.  The networks complete with each other regularly about which is better.  I’ve had a decent amount of network employees create Affiliate accounts and try to poach each others clients so they leave for a new network.  This is a great way to see what other Affiliate Networks are doing, if they’ve changed their positioning and what their new messaging is.

46.  You can learn about new technologies that Affiliates and Merchants are using by talking to them when you go to Affiliate Summit East or Affiliate Summit West and either incorporate it into your network, sign the technology provider as a partner or figure out how to build it in house.

47.  You can meet new Agencies and Outsourced Affiliate Program Management companies and create relationships with them.  By doing this you can help get us to want to work with you which means moving clients to your network, opening new clients on your network to test it out and growing your business by having us help with business development.

48.  Discover what is going on with different types of adware, emailers and see if it could be a good fit and or benefit your network.  You can also figure out if it is against the TOS of your network and learn how you can  find and help remove some of the bad practices.

49.  Get ideas for your own conferences.  Many networks have private events like CJU, Share a Sale Think Tank or Linkshare Symposium.  By finding out what works well at Affiliate Summit, you can try to incorporate it into your own niche events.

50.  Because this is your industry, if you do not have a presence at the largest and most well respected Affiliate Marketing Tradeshow then you lose credibility and validity with a lot of us.  That is probably the best reason for a network to go to Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West.

Why Non Affiliate Marketing industry people go to Affiliate Summit.

If you think Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West are for people in the Affiliate Industry only, you need to go to Affiliate Summit to see that it is for everyone in online marketing.  Here are some of the reasons why people that are not in the Affiliate Marketing industry should go to Affiliate Summit broken out by reason, group and then some individual reasons for specific groups and people to go to Affiliate Summit.  Affiliate Summit is awesome for a ton of people, even if they are not in online marketing.

Is Going to Affiliate Summit Good For Education?

51.  Affiliates and Merchants can learn about Nexus Laws, what is happening in their states and if their businesses are at risk by attending Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West.  I highly recommend talking to Melanie Seery, Brian Littleton or the Rebecca Madigan from the PMA.

52.  This is where you can learn white hat and black hat SEO from people who don’t do it for clients, or for work, but to make a living for themselves.  There is a huge difference since their lives depend on their traffic which is a unique thing with some of speakers and the education from Affiliate Summit West and Affiliate Summit East.

53.  If you got lucky and have one or two posts that rank well or get a ton of social traffic, but aren’t sure how to capture leads, monetize them or drive the traffic to other pages and to help other pages rank in the search engines, Affiliate Summit has sessions and people that can teach you different ways to do this.

54.  If you hate your job or don’t see any way to move upward, you can learn other marketing channels besides the one you know by going to Affiliate Summit.   Because Affiliates use a ton of methods, there are sessions for almost everyone and at all levels and can help you to get inspired and create a plan to leave your job.  You can also sign up for the new comers session and have an Affiliate Summit veteran help pick sessions and create a schedule for you based on what you would like to learn while at the show.

55.  Affiliate Summit requires that all speakers sign a paper saying they will not pitch their companies.  Because Affiliate Summit speakers cannot pitch their companies, experienced speakers will give a ton of actionable items that you can take with you to make money, grow your company, etc…  Sharing information helps to show that you are an expert within your niche and can drive sales and leads for you after your session and after the show.  It also helps the quality of the sessions and helps keep them informative instead of being a ton of speakers pitching their services.

56.  Round table sessions.  Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West both have round table sessions.  Some of the speakers that don’t get solo presentations and other industry veterans have a topic and sit at a table to answer your questions in a small group.  You can find a topic you like and sit down with the speaker or veteran and have a captive audience with a few other people to learn and ask questions about whatever topic or topics you choose.

57.  Shawn and Missy are amazing at finding new ways to promote Affiliate Summit and to make it more interactive.  By attending and participating you can learn how to actively use new apps, social sites and programs that they use during the show.  You can then bring these tools and sites back to your company and find ways to incorporate them into your own strategies.

58.  Many of the speakers at Affiliate Summit pay attention to the time cards at the back of the room enabling you to have time for questions and answers.  You can now ask whatever you don’t understand from the session, sometimes about their blogs or posts they’ve written and get live examples to help with anything you don’t understand, find confusing or cannot find a good resource for.  This is a great way to help learn and understand different topics or strategies.

59.  There are panels with Lawyers that specialize in everything from taxes to CANSPAM and they will help teach you how to apply their knowledge and opinions into your own companies and strategies.

60.  Regardless of the sessions and speakers, by going to Affiliate Summit I’ve found new blogs and books to read which have helped me with everything from creating ideas to monetize my sites.  Some of them help me generate new ideas to help my clients and even learn more about channels or topics I am not that good at using.  If I didn’t go to Affiliate Summit I probably wouldn’t have found these resources or actually continued to read and follow them.  Not all of the benefits of going to Affiliate Summit come from being at the show. Following up after the show and talking to people later on and continuing to read the blogs and resources you learn about at the show can help build your knowledge.

Why Marketing Agencies Should Go To Affiliate Summit.

61.  You can learn about new networks, tracking technologies and what they are offering.

62.  Marketing firms and agencies can cut custom deals with the Networks for their clients to make themselves stand out from the competition.

63.  You can learn about tools like Brandverity.com to help combat theft or at least to know what is happening.

64.  You can talk to other firms about clients and pass them to each other if there is a better fit or find out why they didn’t want to work with them.  Sometimes clients get passed around and no one will put anything in writing so you don’t know why.  By meeting the old firm in person you could find out it if it was just personality differences, strategy differences or if the client didn’t pay, etc…

65.  You can build leads for almost all channels.  There are companies of all sizes that go to Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West.  I’ve always found a bunch of leads from the show looking for everything from SEO to hosting, Affiliate Management to conversion rate optimization and even Email and Newsletter strategies.  Agencies that can do good work or at least pitch themselves well can do very well with building new business at Affiliate Summit East and West.

66.  By attending these shows you can find out other firms strategies, what they do and what tools they use.  This can help you better compete or grow your strategies and make your company a lot stronger.

67.  If you are just starting to add Affiliate Marketing as a channel or service your firm offers, you can find Affiliate Marketing Management companies like mine that you can hire to come in and teach your team how to manage programs, find and remove adware and theft.  We also teach how to recruit, manage and provide support or strategies for Affiliates.  This is one of the nice things about the show, even if you are going to offer a competing service, you can find firms that know how to manage and run programs and are happy to come do workshops to teach your employees and help you build a team.

68.  You can gain access to a lot of unknown resources.  Lots of Affiliate Management companies talk to each other and many of us are in private groups where you can find data on trademark bidders, adware, etc…  By going to Affiliate Summit and other shows you can meet us and hopefully be invited to join.  The information in the private groups is something that can make your life a lot easier since you won’t have to research and waste hours trying to find something we have readily available.

69.  You can bring your other employees to the show to learn how Affiliate Marketing can grow and possibly hurt their channels.  By going to Affiliate Summit, your employees can have a better understanding of the channel and how they can work with your Affiliate Manager to add value across your marketing firm and stop theft with some of the cross over.

70.  By bringing other employees you could help them learn new strategies from relevant sessions within their channel, generate ideas for their own work and build friendships and partnerships that can boost their own careers and help with your company.

Why Recruiters and Staffing Agencies Should attend Affiliate Summit

It might sound weird that I would recommend Recruiters and Staffing Firms go to Affiliate Summit, but it is the perfect place to find passive and growing talent.  Passive job seekers are people with jobs that aren’t necessarily looking to change companies.  They are usually the hardest to find and sometimes the most expensive to find.  By going to Affiliate Summit East and West, Recruiters and Staffing firms can meet people in online marketing that are growing and learning their career, experienced professionals and grow their databases of talented candidates.  It can also help with their clients that need hard to find skills with contractors and programmers.  They get access to tons of professionals to grow their database of talent including hard to find people like:

71.  SEOs

72.  Programmers

73.  SEMs (PPC Marketers)

74.  Email Marketers

75.  Content Writers

76.  Social Media Marketers

77.  Business Development Specialists

78.  Designers

79.  User Experience and Conversion Rate Specialists.

80.  Affiliate Managers

Why Email Marketers should buy tickets to Affiliate Summit.

81.  You can find new tools, strategies and ideas for your lists.

82.  Discover new offers, new partners and build relationships with new Merchants so that they may try working with Emailers because they have met you in person and now trust you.

83.  You can find new services to build you lists like cross registration tools on confirmation pages, etc…

84.  You can meet lead brokers and the owners of the offers and better negotiate payouts vs. having to go back and forth with emails or over the phone.  It is sometimes a lot easier to get a better payout in person than through email,

85.  The CPA parties for some of the Email Marketers are awesome networking events with really cool sessions.  You can learn a lot about what they are doing before your competitors and start using the tools and systems before they get a chance to try them.

86.  You can find new vendors that can help you with solutions like emailing video, etc…  This company that is a client of mine has a pretty cool work around for sending video in email.

87.  You can meet with the vendors that create the websites or landing pages and show them examples of what works and doesn’t work with your lists to help get them to create landing pages and sales paths to work better for your audience.

88.  If there are offers that you want that are only open to specific Email Marketers, you can talk to the person that runs the offer and hopefully be able to show them why they should let you have the offer as well.

89.  Many advertisers picture Email Marketers as spammers and won’t want to work with you.  By being there in person and showing you are human you may be able to get them to let you run their offers and help to show that you can add value and drive sales without Spamming.

90.  You can find large sites with audiences that are perfect for your list and work on creating partnerships with them to grow your list by having people double opt-in from their sites.

Other reasons why you should go to Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West.

91.  Affiliate Summit is an incubator for small business.  They offer scholarships for new Affiliates and Bloggers, sometimes deals on limited amounts of Booths for start ups (although I do not know this for sure) and they encourage and help you grow your business.

92.  Affiliate Summit East and West gives smart people an opportunity to speak at a reputable conference and show off that they are an expert within their niche.  This is a great way to launch your self into the speaker circuit if you want to try speaking at different trade shows.

93.  You get to meet me.  Ok, it’s a little full of myself, but I love getting to meet the people who read this blog.  I also get to find new topics to write about or redo posts when you let me know that something was confusing or you want to hear more about a specific topic.  You can also ask questions if you didn’t understand something I wrote.

94.  No porn, no adult, no gambling.  The merchants for the most part are actual stores with actual products and services for the main stream population.  That is one thing that makes this show unique.  I would prefer they kicked out the adware booths and advertisers, but they do prevent a lot of the things that make other shows less appealing to content sites and main stream Affiliates.  This is just a preference and one of the reasons that I like Affiliate Summit over other Affiliate Marketing shows.

95.  It’s a fun show.  Many shows you go to everyone is wearing a suit and it can be a bit stuffy.  Affiliate Summit is about growing your business, learning how to make money online and at the same time continues to be fun, casual and a great place to grow your business without all of the stuffy suits and attitudes.

96.  It’s affordable.  Compared to other shows that don’t require speakers to sign agreements that they cannot pitch their company’s or services, the prices for the quality of the sessions are extremely reasonable.

97.  The sessions are all voted on so it is based on merit, past sessions and talent.  Before a session is added to the show, the people attending get to vote for the sessions they would like to see at Affiliate Summit.  After the sessions are voted on, the board votes on what they would like to see and then the sessions go through one more round with the owners of the show voting on which sessions should be at Affiliate Summit East and Affiliate Summit West.  This also helps to keep the quality of the sessions good and relevant.  If they get bad reviews, they probably won’t be back again.

98.  Affiliate Summit has a scholarship program to help small businesses and new Affiliates get to go to the show and learn how to grow their business.  This is a great resource for newer companies that can’t afford the show but want to go.

99.  Affiliate Summit has a newcomer program that pairs a new attendee with a veteran from the show to help with networking, finding which sessions to attend and also make the show a lot more productive for a first time attendee.  Your mentor will help with everything if they are good and you will hopefully be able to get more out of your first Affiliate Summit and find the people that you need to meet to help grow your business.

100.  They do a ton of charity work and encourage good health.  Affiliate Summit has a contest called “Race to Summit” where for each mile you run, bike, walk, etc… they will donate $1 to a breast cancer charity.  You do need to sign up for it and get approved, but it is a great way to get into shape and also help to raise money for a great cause.

101.  If you haven’t been and aren’t sure how to grow, launch or start within the Affiliate industry, this is the perfect show to go to since they have everything for everyone at every level.

Buy Affiliate Summit Tickets Here!
Buy Affiliate Summit Tickets Here!

Affiliate Summit has been an amazing show that has helped me to grow my career, make friends that I love and also build a network to help other companies find people and talent that they need.  Without Affiliate Summit I probably wouldn’t have this blog or have my career or company.  It is an amazing show and I highly recommend you go.  The banners and links in this post are my Affiliate Links so if you found this post helpful, I encourage you to shop through the links and also to say hi if you go.  I hope you all decide to go to Affiliate Summit East or Affiliate Summit West and I look forward to meeting you there!

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