My 365th post & almost my 4 Year Anniversary, Thank you for reading!

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Hi Everyone,

I went to write a post this morning about a random topic when I realized a couple of things.  The first is that this is my 365th post.  You can now start from the first the very first and read one post a day for an entire year on this blog.  I was thinking about that and it sounds insane to me that I have written that many posts and that much content.  Because it is my 365th post, I looked at when the first post was on this blog to see what it said, and I remember why I started writing it, where I was and exactly to the uncomfortable chair, the color of the rug and that the lamp was broken and how I felt.

When I looked at the date I realized another milestone for the blog, in exactly one week this blog will turn 4 years old.  Not only have I enjoyed updating this site over the last four years, but I am excited to see how it progresses over the next 4 or 40 or 400 if someone buys it and continues after I’m dead.  =0)  I am proud of the content on this site, I am proud of everything I learned and shared and I am very excited to see that other people feel the same since they have subscribed to my newsletter, shared posts and left comments and questions.

Here is the very first thing I wrote on this site almost 4 years ago and I think I have 100% kept up with what the goal of this blog was and still is today.

I wanted to welcome you to the Adam Riemer Marketing Blog at  I’ll cover everything from Online Marketing including Search, Shopping, eCommerce, Sales Funneling, Media Buying, AdWare, Affiliate Marketing and how to combine these with your traditional marketing campaigns as well.  You’ll get a first hand experience about what it is like to work with and deal with Clients, both the good and bad sides of it.  How to select Marketing firms to work on your campaigns and pretty much everything in between.

When I wrote that I was starting on my own working as a consultant for one company after being screwed royally by an OPM firm that many of you know, but don’t know what they did/do and continue to do.  At that point I was an Affiliate mostly and doing the consulting work in Canada for a US based client while I rebuilt my Affiliate sites.  While doing it I would have to fly to Canada every week and would stay at these horrible hotels and feel alone.  One night when I got back to my hotel, finished dinner and couldn’t sleep, I went online and looked to see if the .co, .net or other endings for my name were available.  The .com was taken because there is another person with my name in Boston who is also in marketing and bought the .com version years ago.  When I saw what was available, I bought both the .net and .me versions and decided to launch this site as a way to keep myself happy when I was traveling and feeling alone.  It was also a way to remind myself of things that I had learned, strategies I created and new ideas I had for what the next algorithm updates would be, next big changes in Affiliate Marketing.

Eventually I started hanging out with my favorite Canadians like Liz Gazer, Dan and Estelle (Unfortunately Sarah Bundy, Greg White, Heather West, etc…. live in the other parts) and realized that I was doing the consulting thing wrong.  I eventually realized and still continued doing it the wrong way by taking on single client contracts to figure out what I wanted to do.  A couple of years ago decided to go Affiliate and then take on some clients for my marketing firm but on a smaller scale so I always had revenue coming in no matter what.  Now both my Affiliate sites are doing well, my Marketing Firm had become stable and even though it can be tough to run your own company, work with contractors, my clients are all amazing (I honestly do not have a bad one out of any of them now so I can’t say it’s tough dealing with them), and competitors that are friends, competitors that are enemies and learning to weed out fake companies looking for free advice, I would never go back to the corporate world again.  I absolutely love what I do, love this blog and am excited to grow and build a full team so I can help other people enjoy the same type of life away from co-workers who stab you in the back, HR people who play games with your mind because it is fun or egomaniac bosses that give promotions based on who can kiss their ass instead of who does a good job and deserves it.

Thank you all for supporting this blog, helping it grow and supporting me over the years.  Because of this blog I have gotten to interview celebrities, travel the world, speak at tradeshows like Pubcon and make a ton of new friends.  I owe a lot of my growth to a lot of people like Pat Grady, Missy Ward, Shawn Collins, Brett Tabke, Tony Wright, Kevin Adams, Lisa Picarelli, Sarah Bundy, Kim Salvino, Kevin Webster, Haiko de Poel, Murray Newlands, Robert Glazer, Matt Wool, Mr. Mackin, Gail from, Wade Tonkin, Karen Garcia, Kellie Stevens, Brian Littleton,  Rexanne Mancini, Scott Campbell, Todd Farmer, Eric Schwarzer, Eric Nagel, Tricia Meyers, Rae Hoffman-Dolan, Melissa Canepa-Murphy, Greg Hoffman and a million other people who have either given me a chance to prove myself, tested me, gave me advice, talked me through tough times, inspired me to push myself and were/are great friends.

Thank you everyone who I didn’t mention and everyone who reads this blog.  Without your support it wouldn’t have grown and I probably wouldn’t have either.  I hope to see you all or get to meet everyone who reads at a show like Affiliate Summit, Pubcon or Think Tank sometime.   Thank you again for reading, commenting, sharing and everything else you’ve done to make it succeed.



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2 thoughts on “My 365th post & almost my 4 Year Anniversary, Thank you for reading!”

  1. Congrats on your 6 year milestone, Adam! I am lucky to call you friend and have learned a lot from your willingness to share and give advice to others. Thank you!!

  2. Congratulations, Adam. I didn’t realize your blog was even older than mine. Great to hear you came over to the light side 😀 and are continuing to work for yourself and small businesses. Wonderful that you’ve achieved success in a diversified way.

    One of these days I’m going to talk you into sharing your story on GrowMap for others to learn from and apply. Being successful in affiliate marketing or consulting are both accomplishments many aspire to who can learn from your experience. Let me know if you can ever make the time. Your clients are lucky to have you on their team.

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