Executive Gift Shoppe Commission Increase & PPC Tips

We earn commissions if you shop through the links below.

I’m pleased to announce that ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com on Share a Sale has a new Commission Tier that has been implemented to help you earn more with one of the leading Gift Affiliate Programs.

The new commission tier is set as follows:

12% up to $499.99
13% $500+ in gross sales for the current month
14% $750+ in gross sales for the current month

The tiers reset each month but we do have an incentive for those who reach the top tier on regular basis.  Want to find out what the incentive is, then start promoting The ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com program on Share a Sale and when you have hit the 14% tier regularly we will send you a message with the surprise incentive.

Ok, so now that we have increased the commission tiers and made our program have a much higher earning potential, I wanted to give some tips on promoting ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com on Share a Sale via PPC Marketing.

Now I would like to mention that we do not allow Trademark Bidding or extentions, but we do allow you to bid on our products, accessories and product extentions.

For this example we will use Money Clips:

PPC Tip Number 1.

Choose your keywords to match the category you are working with.  If you visit the Money Clips section of ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com you’ll see we have everything from silver to stainless steel and even gold money clips.  If you decide or think that Silver Money Clips are the ones that are going to sell the best for you, then you will want to pick keywords relevant to silver money clips and only silver money clips.  Try phrases “sterling silver money clips” “silver money clips for groomsman” “men’s silver money clips gifts” “engraved silver money clips” or even more general like “mens silver money clips”.  If you are good with negatives, you may try “money clips” or “silver money clips” but those can be risky if you are not good.   Choosing the proper keywords to describe the page you are landing your traffic on and making sure that the keywords are as targeted to the products on that page is key to helping it convert.

PPC Tip Number 2.

If you are promoting silver money clips then you need to think what people are searching for that may not be relevant to your landing page.  If you are only bidding on silver clips and have a couple of general terms in there that could go for other things, think about what those are and add them to your negatives list.

If you are only promoting silver money clips, then they are not gold, they are not steel, they are probably not magnetic and they are probably not colored like black or pink.  They probably aren’t leather and you may not want to include them with wallets since many people think of a wallet as an accessory that is a bit bigger with pockets.  You may also want to look at the brands and if they don’t carry designer than add the designers to your negative list as well.

If you can stop the traffic that is not relevant to your landing page and keywords, you have a much better chance at getting more targeted traffic through your links and have a better chance at converting your traffic into sales.

PPC Tip Number 3.

Drive the PPC traffic to your site instead of to the Merchant Site.  Sure your conversion rates may not be as good by doing this, but if you have relevant site to the Silver Money Clips and gifts that are relevant to it, you are building awareness for your own site and may get some of the customers coming back.

There are also a few other benefits of driving the end user to your site directly from PPC.  You can offer a variety of Merchants, (preferrable ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com first),  if you have a newsletter you can encourage sign ups and remarket back to those visitors as well as increase overall traffic and get a small SEO boost.  You can also help to promote other products and show the wide to selection to hopefully increase sales from that term across other products and with multiple Merchants.

PPC can still be an extremely profitable way to promote a Merchant like Executive Gift Shoppe.  Especially because we have over 10K products in price ranges from under $20 to over $3,000.  I do have to give a warning though before you try PPC.

Read and study before you try promoting any Merchant with PPC.  You can lose a ton of money fast and not make a single sale.  It is important to set a small budget and read as much as you can before you try using PPC Marketing.  The advice in this post is here to help you in your strategy but is not a total strategy.  You run the risk of losing a lot of money if you are not careful so please do your research and do what you feel is best.  This post is just my opinion and not a solution and may not make you rich, however it can help you with your strategy and if you have any questions or want help creating a strategy for PPC for this program, your own company or any of my other Client’s programs, please feel free to write me at adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.  Again, this is not a solution so if you only do what is posted here, you may make money but you may not.  Take your time and do some research but more importantly, keep your campaigns under control and be prepared to lose money if it doesn’t work.

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