Hey Merchants, Here’s a Way To Get More from Affiliate Summit!

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On facebook earlier I was commenting back to someone about one of my posts about Poken and I thought of kind of a cool way to be able to stand out against the other Merchants and programs at Affiliate Summit.

Anyways, if you are looking for a way to really stand out or to really get an edge over your competitors, or you just want to do something completely different from your competitors for your top Affiliates who will be there as well as a few for Affiliates you really want to have join your program, why not order a Poken for each of them through my favorite Poken Store where I buy Poken from as well.   However, instead of just wrapping them up in a box and handing them out as a gift, even though they would be cool and good enough just like that, why not open them up and store your information on them for the Affiliates already.

Ok, so here is what I am thinking. Everyone brings samples and giveaways to Affiliate Summit.  Everyone has business cards and there are only so many stressballs and pens you can handle.  Not everyone has a Poken or knows about them or can order them before the show, but during the show everyone will see them and if you are able to have them set up for the Affiliate ahead of time, you are completely going to stand out in the crowd because you are the Merchant that was able to make it so they could participate and interact with even more people and not feel left out.  Not only that but you can open all the Poken before the show, set up your own account and then also transfer all of your contact information onto their Poken so that when they get their Poken and plug their Poken into their computers so they can set up their Poken sites, they’ll already have your contact info, program info and picture so they not only get a perfect reminder of you and your program, but also remember that you gave them their new toy.

I think this is a seriously cool idea and giveaway for a show like Affiliate Summit and it is a great way to be able to stand out from the crowd, keep you on the good list with your top Affiliates who are attending and make an even better impression on new Affiliates who you want to join your program or ones that you want an extra push from.

Being creative and offering cool gifts can really make the difference for Affiliates and really help you stand out at shows like Affiliate Summit so if you have the extra budget, this is a must for the show.

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