What do you need to bring to Affiliate Summit?

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So you’ll see a million posts on what you need to bring to Affiliate Summit, and although most of the obvious things are covered, there are a lot of things most people don’t realize that they should bring which includes personality traits and knowledge.  You also need to put your ego aside and be opened to the fact that not everyone knows everything and Affiliate Summit is the perfect place to not only learn something new, but also get to teach things that you know.

Anyways, although there are the obvious things you should bring to Affiliate Summit, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran, here is my list of what I think are the most important things to bring with you when you are going to Affiliate Summit.

1.  Bring an opened mind and no ego.  Even if you have been to Summit before, if you don’t feel you got anything out of it last time, you may want to try the Mentor program ran by Jen Goode.  Not only will you know someone when you get there, but the Mentor can help you map out which sessions to go to, make introductions for you and help you adjust to the show and get the most out of it.  I was a Mentor for the last few shows and loved it.  It was not only rewarding but I got to help some people feel welcomed and make the most out of probably one of my favorite shows.

2.  Bring ways for people to contact you and just so you know, at this show business cards are definitely not enough.  After getting to attend my favorite show on earth, Share a Sale Think Tank, I saw a ton of the top Marketers in the world playing and using these things called Poken.  Now everyone in the Affiliate Industry is starting to buy them and getting them ready for Summit.  Not only are you going to be a bit behind the times of everyone else if you do not bring one, but if you have gone before, you’ll know that you usually almost always run out of business cards at some point or ruin them if they are in your pocket so by having a Poken you will not only reduce the amount of cards you have to carry, but you will also be able to use your Poken and get to introduce other people to what they are.  Your poken will not only be a conversation starter, but it will also be a great way to keep in contact with people you wanted to meet.  If for some reason you don’t want to use a Poken or buy a Poken, you can always use business cards but if you are an OPM or an Affiliate and a Manager or other attendee who has multiple roles in this industry, bring two sets of cards or a card for each program and one general card with all roles so you can further target your services for the person you are talking to.  It sounds like complete overkill but when you have a million cards and you forget who is who and why you were talking, targeted cards are like targeted traffic, more easy to remember and convert into a relationship.  One other thing I learned is to bring a fake set of cards too for people you really don’t want to keep in contact with.  This becomes great when you have a million CPA Networks and Parasites trying to talk to you.

3.  Knowledge on adware and toolbars.  Come knowing who uses adware, who can use it to steal from you and who you should avoid.  A great place to read about this is the parasite and adware forums at ABestWeb.com.  Not only is there toolbar Affiliates attending the show, but many people there will never know they are using adware which can and in my opinion does steal from you.  If you want me to look through your program for this, please contact me for a free program review adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.  We can do it at the show as well.

4.  Come with a ton of rest and takes lots of Vitamin C.  Affiliate Summit runs around the clock and the parties last until 5 and 6 in the morning, even though the sessions and meetings start at 8 and 9.  Remember to either rest well or buy lots of coffee since the show goes on with or without you and if you are not at the parties as well as the meetings and events, you will miss out on all of the networking and bonding that makes the difference between a successful person in Affiliate Marketing, and someone who cannot keep up.  The Vitamin C is something I take with me because I think it helps keep the Affiliate Flu away.

5.  Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes.  Not only will you be shaking hands with a ton of people who may not wash their hands, but you will also want to keep your hands clean from spreading more germs and bacteria.  This is something you will thank me for when you get to have clean hands all day long and not feel completely dirty.

6.  Bring a pack of cigarettes and a non white lighter.  Although I don’t smoke, tons of top Affiliates do and being able to give one of them a cigarette when they ask is a great way to start a conversation.  Not only will you see tons of people outside in the cigarette area during the entire show, but even if you don’t smoke you won’t feel akward and can bum someone a cigarette to start up a conversation and make a new contact.  For the lighter, white lighters are bad luck and you never know who will believe the superstition so to play it safe, but a regular one that is not white.  Sounds crazy but hey, you never know if you are talking to someone who is superstitious.

7.  Throat Lozenges or Tea.  Bring something to help sooth your throat.  You might end up loosing your voice and you will more than likely get a sore throat from all of the talking so if you prepare a head of time and bring things to help your voice and your throat, you will not only thank yourself for remembering to take care of your throat, but you’ll thank yourself as well for being able to speak through the entire show.

8.  Bring comfortable shoes.  This is one show that I will wear tennis shoes at and dress business casual.  Affiliates normally dress comfortably while Network Reps dress formal and Affiliate Managers dress business casual.  One thing that I learned is to go business casual so you don’t feel out of place and the Affiliates feel more comfortable around you.  Sure you won’t look as professional, but at the same time you will be more comfortable and after being up for three days, you will thank me.  Ohh and btw, wear comfortable shoes and change your socks at least once a day so you not only have non sweaty and smelly feet, but your feet won’t hurt or get as many blisters from standing and walking all day.  The show is always a really long walk and you will thank your shoes for not killing your feet after walking the hall five times a day.

9.  Bring an extra bag for gifts and trinkets.  Affiliate Summit has some of the coolest giveaways and you won’t want to miss out on them so bring an extra bag for giveaways and souveniers from Las Vegas.

10.  Do not go to get laid.  You can definitely cause a permanent bad image for yourself in the minds of the people that matter most by using the parties as a way to hookup and flirt.  You can flirt and get laid on your own time.  I remember at the Under The Stars Party in Miami some guys stripped down to their underwear, did cannonballs into the pool and grabbed women’s asses (I’m not going to mention the company name though) and at a Party in the Palms in a two story suite people making out on the rotating beds and in the massage room and guess what, they not only lost the respect of many other Affiliates, but Vendors, Partners and Managers and I know that a lot of us will never work with those people again.  Sure you have been drinking and sure you are in Vegas and there are a ton of very good looking people, but leave the sex at home where it belongs and keep Summit a classy event.  This is a business meeting and you need to keep it professional.  All you need is a picture of yourself hooking up with someone showing up for your boss on facebook to not only get you fired but also damage your career for a long time.  Affiliates love social media and you don’t want to screw up your job and reputation over a one night stand.  Use your brain and leave the flirting at home.

There are a few more things to remember when coming to Affiliate Summit and if you look around at other blogs and forums you’ll be able to find even more advice.  If you are going and want to set up some time to meet, please feel free to comment here or to write me at adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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5 thoughts on “What do you need to bring to Affiliate Summit?”

  1. I hope the smoking affiliates appreciate your willingness to hang out in the smoking area. Your post gave me an idea for non-smokers interested in following your sixth tip.

    If you’re going to carry cigarettes and a lighter why not make yourself really memorable by making them distinctive? When you follow up with someone you offered a cigarette or lighter they will remember something sharp and unique.

    There are a ton of really distinctive collectible Zippo lighters and Cigarette Cases and both can be personalized with engraving.

    If you follow up with them by phone after Affiliate Summit all you have to do is mention the case or lighter and they’ll instantly remember you.

    1. That is a good point. If you have a memorable or fancy lighter, or something that stands out like the Sarah Jessica Parker lighter from Sex in the City or a Harley Davidson or a unique one you can definitely use it as a way to make yourself more memorable for after show follow ups.

  2. That is why I mentioned those two particular items – they also reflect your style and come in so many styles, materials and colors that anyone could find something that fits their image.

    For those who are overly sensitive to cigarette smoke like I am they can apply the same concept to whatever they carry with Business Card Holders being another distinctive item they can use in the same manner.

    I often recommend that business owners in overly saturated industries like insurance or mortgages use logos or designs reflecting their hobbies or interests on their business card holders.

    If you’re at an event handing out business cards “you’re interested in golf too” is far more likely than “oh, you sell insurance – I really want to talk to you”. People buy from people they like – and they often instantly bond with people who share their interests.

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