Merchants Don’t Forget to Put Your Name in the Subject Line!

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I cannot believe how sloppy some Merchants have gotten this holiday season.  Most Marketers, especially who have been with a company for a long time or who are brand new don’t really remember something that is seriously important in Email Marketing and in communicating with not only your Customers, but also your partners like your Affiliates and that is to tell them who it is from, not just with your email address, but also in your subject line.

Not only do your Customers and your Affiliates get tons of emails from tons of Merchants every day this time of year, but they also have to be selective of who they actually open them from.  If you don’t make it easy and give them exactly what they need within three seconds from opening or even within a two second glance at the subject, then chances are you are missing out on people who would have opened your email and who may have bought something or added your banners to their sites.

Soo anyways, before you send your next Newsletter, make sure you use this checklist because if you do not, you’ll look either arrogant or amateur to your Customers and to your Partners and Affiliates.

  • Put the company name in the subject line
  • If it is a newsletter to Affiliates, include your company name, the links with their ids in the email, which network you are on.  The rest is just fluff.
  • Your messaging inside the email campaign should be able to be understoofd within seconds.  If the Sale cannot be understood within a glance and the end user seeing a call to action, guess what, you just got deleted.  If the Affiliate opens it and cannot find what they need and just copy and paste, unless you are Walmart, they will move on to your competitor who did do this.

There are a lot of other things that go into making Holiday Newsletters and Email Campaigns work, but these are the most important in my mind.  Short messaging, give them what they need with no fluff, make it clear how to use and do what you want them to do, make sure you give them all the information.  Affiliates use tons of Networks and promote hundreds and thousands of programs, they cannot remember every program and which Network they are on so do your job and go that extra step for them, and during the holiday season they will appreciate this even more and hopefully will also help to go that extra step for you and add you into their sites. Communication during Q4 is key and if yours is all fluff and not very usefull, or you make more work for the end user, then guess what, they will move on to the next one.

Put in the extra effort, double check your work and you and your Customers and Affiliates will have a much easier Q4.

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