25+ Blog Post Ideas to Make Money Before Valentine’s Day

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I was looking through my clients with Affiliate Programs and alot of them are having one of their busy seasons right now.  Because of that there are a ton of opportunities with blog posts to make money for valentine’s day and articles you can write.  To help you come up with some valentine’s day articles and blog posts to make money, I’ve included a few of the Affiliate Programs I manage (as of today) and some article ideas that you can use to help make money before and with Valentine’s Day.  Before I go into the post ideas, I want to give you a couple of things to think about when writing your Valentine’s Day blog posts.

(If you need help with placing links and finding a way to tie these into your sites, join my programs and then reach out to me and I will help you.  Also, this post is from 1/20/2014 and I may no longer be managing these clients.  If I am not then you need to find and talk to the current manager.)

How to write Valentine’s Day blog posts to make money.

  1. Write to hit a positive memory with your readers – By mentioning classic cars, favorite movies that have cult followings or even incorporating time frames, tv shows, music, etc… in your Valentine’s Day blog posts, you can build an emotional bond with the reader.  By following up once you have hit that bond with relevant products and images of products, you can help to get them to buy these products because you have bonded with them over things they feel attached to and by using positive memories.
  2. Make your readers want to experience your ideas –  If you write or create imagry or scenes and scenarios that would be appealing to them, you can begin to write Valentine’s Day blog posts that can sell products through Affiliate links.  If it is about family and making memories, you want to build in trust and emotions by using adjectives like amazing, memorable, bonding with your grandchildren or even fun filled and long lasting, etc…  The goal of using adjectives is to get their imaginations going so that they can picture what you are writing and want to experience it with their friends, families or the person they love.  Since Valentine’s is coming up, you could try to get them to picture themselves in certain scenes with their significant others and use sensual words like exotic, erotic and also try to tie in scents as descriptive words like lavendar, vanilla, deep roasted coffee beans swirled through the air while…. or the smell of fresh mint and merlot coming off of the dinner table while he slowly dipped a strawberry through a pool of thick, rich dark chocolate to create an image of something they would want to try.  If it is about romance on Valentine’s Day, then you also have a sense of urgency since Valentine’s in a few weeks away and you can let them know that they need to order now.
  3. Try to get them to improve on your ideas by inspiring or empowering them.  By helping your visitors or readers to picture how fun it would be to use your ideas and then think of ways to take your ideas and improve them, you can help to get them excited to create their own versions of your ideas and want to try them out.  If you mention products or how to do things, they may also click through your links to find the products and purchase them.  You can also give other variations and link to the other products as well.

The important thing to remember when writing any of these posts is to be to the point and try to create a relationship or emotional bond with the reader so they can trust your post and then come up with how to do it safely and have fun doing it on their own.  If you can get them to want to use your ideas then you have their interest.  By adding in links to where they can buy the products or things they will need, you can use your Affiliate links and hopefully generate some revenue from them.  Always make sure to add in disclosure if you are mentioning anything dangerous or that could hurt someone as well.  You never want to give advice or ideas that could hurt your readers or someone else.  Here are a few of my clients and basic ideas for Valentine’s Day blog posts that you can hopefully make money with.


1.  5 body shapes and the perfect style of lingerie for them – Talk about what pieces of lingerie work best for which types of bodies.

2.  3 ways to feel confident your first valentine’s night with your new partner – This is a great one for couples who are about to have their first intimate evening.

3.  1o ways to include chocolate into your Valentine’s romance – You have to be cautious of food allergies and using food in places it shouldn’t be, but this can also be a good one to help get people to find fun ways to have a more romantic evening.

4.  5 ways to have your partner find you ready for fun on Valentine’s Day – You can talk about ways to decorate your room, a table or even yourself for your partner.

5.  The top 10 romantic accessories for Valentine’s Day – Talk about fun products that can make bed time more fun with your partner.

6.  5 styles of wedding lingerie for the newly engaged – Bachelorette season is huge right now so going through wedding lingerie or even fun gifts for new brides can be a great article.

7.  How to pick the perfect wedding lingerie for a newly engaged couple – Wedding lingerie can be tricky.  Talking about body shapes and also what is easy to access on your honeymoon night as well as take off can be a perfect post.


8.  10 party supplies for an at home bachelorette party

9.  15 must have accessories for bar crawl bachelorette parties – Try to make sure you pick things that are easy to move and wear and safe to bring to different bars.  You may want to avoid anything that wouldn’t be allowed in a bar as well.

10.  5 bachelorette party themes and supplies for brides on a budget – There are tons of gift packages and supplies that are for adults or people who don’t like in your face adult supplies.  You can write about 5 themes for each type of party and the party supplies that help to decorate and create the perfect bachelorette party.

11.  10 gifts to surprise a new bride with when she gets engaged

12.  Things to remember when planning a bachelorette party in (enter city name here).

13.  5 ridiculous bachelorette party games you didn’t think of

14.  10 uses for your adult shaped cake mold after your bachelorette party is over


15.  10 valentine’s gifts for your college student or kids studying abroad (You can include the fun novelty pajamas and boxers).

16.  Supplies to have an amazing and romantic evening at home (You can talk about the bathrobes and slippers or even chemises and underwear).

17.  25 pajamas perfect for Valentine’s Day (You can talk about chemises, footed pajamas, novelty prints, etc…  A list of the top 25 styles or funny prints, etc… can also be a fun post that gets shared).

18.  A singles valentine’s pajama meet and great  (A party for singles where everyone wears their favorite valentine’s pajamas).

19.  Comfortable and flirty alternatives to lingerie (You can talk about robes, silk pajamas or even novelty prints and ways to make them more flirty for Valetines).

20.  5 fun ways to surprise your partner with clothing under your robe


21.  5 valentine’s gifts to send to your partner who is overseas (They have champagne, chocolate and flower delivery locally and around the world).

22.  5 ways to make flowers mean more.  (You can talk about using their favorite color or flower instead of roses or other things that they would normally expect).

23.  10 alternative Valentine’s Gifts to roses, toys and stuffed animals  (Picnic gift baskets, romantic gifts, etc… are perfect).

24.  How to surprise your partner who is over seas or on a business trip.

25.  8 valentine’s gifts for people with special needs for diets or religion (Mention gluten free, kosher, etc…)

26.  10 things to remember when sending a Valentine’s gift overseas (talk about being culturally appropriate, importing issues and solutions or things to remember when sending things to other countries).

Most of these Valentine’s Day blog post ideas can use multiple programs from above and can help to drive revenue if you can get your readers excited enough to want to try them.  Remember to make sure everything you recommend is safe and to always give alternatives in case of allergies to certain foods or possibly risks to their health or safety.  If you would like help with these, please join the program and then send me an email or use the contact us form on this blog and I’ll be happy to help generate ideas for a custom article for your site that includes my clients.

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