3 Evergreen Halloween Content Ideas for Bloggers

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creating evergreen halloween content for blogs

Halloween and Q4 shopping has started.  That also means new Affiliates and bloggers are looking for ways to make money.  This post is meant to help you get started by giving you three ways to create evergreen content for Halloween or other holiday posts that can be monetized fairly easily.

The trick is to create useful evergreen content that launches at a relevant time, is optimized to bring in long tail traffic and has products that will almost always be available.  The content should also use the products you incorporate in to provide a solution for the website or blog visitor.

Even if you don’t make sales right now, you can potentially make money as the holiday season approaches each following year.

Here are three different types of articles to help inspire you with ways to begin to do this.  It won’t guarantee success or that you’ll make money, but it is a good starting point for you.

Idea 1:  Candy Buffets for Halloween (frugal and fun!)

Candy buffets are perfect for Halloween party solution posts, and there are a lot of great talking points you can provide your readers with to sell them on the idea of setting one up.  A big one is that they’re frugal (you can reuse the apothecary jars year round to justify the cost).  The next is that everyone at the party is happy since they get to pick their own treats.  Because there is room for a variety of snacks, you have something for everyone including snacks based on dietary needs, not to mention guests can make their own party favors by filling a bag to go.

You can also talk about using traditional candies in bulk (which we have at Beau-coup) or you can theme it.  For zombie themes you can do gummy worms, eyeballs and brain shaped candies.  Standard Halloween parties can be done by incorporating Orange, Black and Silver candies like jelly beans, candy corn and jordan almonds.  If you want to do a Vampire themed candy buffet, mention using wax teeth, candy corn bats and other fun themed sweets.

Idea 2:  Classic Party Ideas with Alternate Decor

When planning a Halloween party many people immediately go for black and orange decor.  Although we sell prepackaged balloons and party kits in this classic color combination, a great series for a week of Halloween party posts could be classic monster themes.  Below is a sample week you may want to try.

  • Monster from the Blue Lagoon for Monday
  • Masquerade Tuesday
  • Blob Wednesday
  • Spirited Thursday
  • Frankenstein Friday

For each of these you can give your website visitors ideas for decor that aren’t traditional Halloween.  If it’s the Blue Lagoon or Frankenstein, use our Blue, Silver and White or Green and Black party decor kits.  You can also incorporate fun candies and treats like eyeball-decorated, chocolate-covered oreos or even our monster versions including Frankenstein which come back each Halloween.

This also gives you time to make fun themed foods.  If you go to Pinterest you’ll find everything from finger shaped finger foods to gory zombie desserts and even crazy cocktails and shots that use gelatin to make them blob like.  Try making these and take step-by-step photos of how you created them.  The thing to remember here is to also add your own twist or customized version to make them unique or more original.

Some ways to think about this could be making them more gory with edible fake blood or guts?  Think about how can you tweak it to add special effects like fizz, pus or creepy dips for the foods.  Can you replace items to make them lower in calories, gluten free or remove allergens?  All of these can make perfect unique evergreen content for you to make money with each year.

how to make money with halloween blog posts

Idea 3:  DIY Favors & Edible Crafts

The third evergreen holiday content idea is to do tutorials on edible Halloween party favors, gifts and crafts.  Beau-coup carries an awesome selection of mason jars, printable labels and favor boxes.  They also have ribbon, twine, burlap and pretty much everything else you’ll need.

To get started, come up with about 3 to 5 different ideas for edible crafts that can be fun for kids or adults to create.  Pinterest and list posts are awesome for coming up with inspiration here as well.  You can also add in modifiers to help bring in long tail traffic like teachers, school, slumber party (instead of only using the word party), spooky, zombie, green, etc…

Now take good pictures and draw out how to create the project step-by-step.  As you mention and show the products and tools being used (from the candy dirt to the containers) and include your affiliate links.

At the end of the tutorial, do a wrap up of where the person can buy each product so that they don’t have to scroll through the entire post again.  If multiple products are available from the same store, mention tips to pre-sell why they should shop at those stores.

Shipping might become free or larger discounts could become available if they spend over $XY.  Beau-coup normally has a deal running where the more you spend the more you can save.  Encourage the reader to click through your link to see the current offer on the merchant’s website.  This is a great way to help encourage the reader to take action and set your tracking cookie so you can hopefully earn a commission if they make a purchase.

Halloween (as well as other holidays) is an awesome holiday to make money with while having fun.  The topics can be evergreen so that you can try to build a passive income for many years.  Creativity is almost unlimited because you have everything from fictional characters to real life events like the Olympics and even celebrity costumes.  If you haven’t join the Beau-coup program yet, you’re definitely missing out.  Click here to get started.

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