How to Make Money with Mother’s Day This Year

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A quick note before reading: I was originally going to publish this on Wednesday. Unfortunately a well known and very loved person in the SEO space died of Covid-19.  Even though this post is not for my SEO readers or the SEO space, it would have been inappropriate to publish then. Thank you for understanding why I did not publish when I said I would. 

Mother’s Day is our next big shopping holiday, and this year is going to be a blowout spending wise!

But why am I talking about Mother’s Day now when there is Valentine’s Day, 4/20 and St. Patrick’s Day?

Because Mother’s Day is a gift giving holiday where people buy big money items.

Last year covid was still new so Mother’s Day content was about bringing a little bit of happy in a time of fear. This year we are being vaccinated and Mother’s Day will likely be the first time people will see and hug their moms and grandmas in over a year (assuming it is safe and we’re all vaccinated).  This is what makes Mother’s Day a massive opportunity for you as a publisher!

By creating unique content with original ideas (think about the first person that developed the candy shoot for trick-or-treating) you can build your audience, grow your subscribers and make money!

As you mention a product or service in your solution, incorporate your affiliate links to help your audience create the solution.  Your readers or viewers can find the tools implement your tip and you get a commission.  It’s a win-win.

Bonus tip – once Mother’s Day is over, remove the covid references to make it evergreen and turn it into a “How to surprise mom” themed post for evergreen traffic.

Note: Instead of giving marketing strategy, please read this post about gift guide SEO and marketing list style posts.  Your content won’t be a gift guide, but it is a list and the concepts are the same.

Here’s some ideas I came up with that you’re welcome to use as your own. And of course if you’re looking for affiliate programs to monetize your posts with, contact me and I’ll see if we have one that is a fit for your content.

Give a Standard Gift But Show Up In Person

This can work with anything from a flower of the month club to a single time bouquet purchase.  The goal is to create posts with ideas to surprise mom with a gift that distracts her eyes.

Flowers for example are bright and colorful so they attract her eyes away from the delivery person’s face and they also appeal to other senses like smell and taste (to an extent). The sensory overload between the colors and desire to smell the bouquet may get her to ignore the height and build of the delivery person.

Food gifts like a large basket that shows the fruits, meats and chocolates has the same effect but for different senses. Because her eyes are focused elsewhere the gift giver (your reader) can be dressed up like a delivery person so she doesn’t recognize the person as they hand her the gift or watch from the sidewalk as she picks it up.

Now it is time to take the disguise off and give her the real surprise.  Her first hug in a year!

Send Her to a Hotel

This can be a fun one for people that like and miss travel.

Pretend you’re not vaccinated yet and give her a weekend getaway to relax since she is vaccinated.  Now as she arrives to the hotel for her Mother’s Day gift, her family can be hiding in the lobby, by the pool, or in the restaurant at a table ready to surprise her.

Not only will she have her first vacation in a year, but she’ll be spending it with the people she loves.

Set Up a Zoom Call

This one is a fun idea but takes a bit of extra planning.  The most important part is a green piece of poster board or foam board.

  1. Start by ordering a gift like a charcuterie board but leave something out like wine or a cheese knife.
  2. Tell her you are sending the board for her gift and you’ll eat a matching one on a zoom call to celebrate together.
  3. Now take a photo of your normal zoom background and set it as a custom background so it looks like you’re at home.
  4. Next set up a hotspot and make sure you have a good connection (in your car, the side of her house away from a window, etc..).
  5. On this step you’ll want to secure the make shift green screen behind you and set the background for your call so she thinks you’re at home.

Once the call begins talk like normal and then excuse yourself to use the bathroom or pretend your kids need something. Now pause the video and sound for a moment.  While she thinks you’re solving the issue you’ll sneak up to her door and ring the bell with the missing piece from her gift.

People are looking to put bad times behind them, engage with their loved ones and celebrate life.  If you can provide them with unique, creative and most important safe ways to do this, your post can go viral.  By incorporating your affiliate links into your posts to help people use your ideas, you can also make money.

In this post I could have used charcuterie kits, links for poster board and costumes to wear while the gift is delivered.  Each of these mentions could be affiliate links making me money.

Talk to your affiliate managers for ideas about monetizing your posts once they’re ready, just make sure the links occur naturally and not added only so you can make money.  If you’re in one of our affiliate programs, I’ll be happy to assist you with some ideas.  Contact me here.

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