Let’s Make Money This Q4 – Part 5 – Marketing Tools & My Clients

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One thing that you can do without having to spend any money this Q4 and make money is use some of the free marketing tools that are out there for you.  Two of my clients  in particular offer free marketing tools that you can use which are able to help you earn extra money online.  In this post I’ll go over a couple of them and then the Affiliate Programs I am managing on Share a Sale, and how you can use them with these tools to help you make money this Q4.  All of the companies mentioned are related to my company and all have exclusive content based programs on Share a Sale.  Feel free to leave a question about them and join their programs and if you need anything for them, let me know.

Webs/Pagemodo – Both are part of the same program on Share a Sale.

Webs is the largest free website building solution online.  You don’t have to know any programming or coding and you can have a professional looking site built in minutes for free.  Although many people don’t think that you can drive sales using free sites based on someone else’s subdomain, it is possible, it just isn’t as good or effective as having your own url which you control, can build backlinks to, etc…  Although webs does offer you to use their templates (they have some really good ones) on their subdomains for free, they do encourage you to have your site on your own url which is where you earn your commissions.  What I am going to talk about though are there free webs subdomains.

What I love about these are that you can create a ton of them and use their templates to build some really nice looking landing pages to drive traffic from other sources to and have your Affiliate links exist on them.  They are free, look professional and you can host whatever banners, etc… you’d like.  If you don’t want to spend money on a url, but you do want to have a site to land people on and give them somewhere to come back to so that they can shop through your links again, this is a good option.  It isn’t a substitute for having your own brandable url, but if you need a quick and free landing page, webs.com is the best option I’ve seen and can work well for you.  I even see some of them getting thousands of visits and some of them are generating sales in my programs so they can actually work if you have someone who knows what they are doing building them.

Pagemodo is a great tool that helps you to monetize your Facebook page.  Now that Facebook has timelines, you have four tabs across your FanPages.  What Pagemodo lets you do for free is add a template to one of these tabs.  Two that I like and use are the ecommerce layouts and the contact layouts.  I usually keep the like count, and one other tab and then I replace the other two with a tab that says shop now or on sale and change the icon and the next one I use as a contact us form where I show all of the ways to contact my client.  I think they have an actual contact template as well that you can use.  What’s nice about this is that even if you don’t have a website, you can still drive sales from your fanpage to merchants and monetize your current fanbase if you do have a website. The free version of Pagemodo lets you have one template and tab for free.  They do have packages that are always going on sale as well.  The deals and packages are uploaded to Share a Sale for you to promote.


Viewbix is a tool that I am obsessed with.  I use their video tool on all of my sites that use video and it has worked awesome for me.  You can basically take your own videos or videos that the owner has given permission to embed and share from most major sites and you can add on a ton of apps.  I did a post here about how to use Viewbix to make money and show you an example of a player.  I don’t want to repeat this so that is why I am moving on to actual examples.


This is a program I haven’t announced that I manage yet.  It is exclusive to Share a Sale and is perfect for Q4 because of some of the unique features we have.  The first is that this program is the only gift, chocolate, wine, fruit and other gift basket program that I could find as of today that doesn’t work with either adware, coupon sites poaching the cart or trademark bidders.  If you are a content Affiliate, Blogger, PPC Affiliate, etc… your commissions are in my opinion better protected from Affiliates that go after the Merchants’ site, coupon code box and your traffic.  Although some of the prices may be higher, our database makes us unique and is what you can use to drive more sales this holiday season.

With the GiftBasketsOverseas.com site, you can select the country you are in (180+), then the country you need to send a gift to (180+) and the occasion or type of gift and our database will pull products that are able, non offensive and are appropriate to be delivered within that specific country.  Think about all of the military families, families that immigrated, have friends or family members studying or living overseas, etc…  One of the biggest issues they run into is being able to ship overseas affordably, find products that are allowed to enter that country and that can be delivered safely and on time.  This is a giant opportunity for Affiliates because of the massive amounts of people all over the world that are looking for these solutions, especially now during the holidays and for birthdays at other times of the year.  Because the database is set up for 180+ countries, all of your traffic that is international or needs to send gift baskets, flowers and other gifts internationally can now do it simply and easily.  We also have a few tools coming out that are unique to us that will help to further increase your conversion rates.  The first of the tools was built last weekend and is in testing.  Sign up now so when we announce our new tool you can take advantage of this unique marketing tool for gift basket Affiliate Programs.  For another example of how to use Viewbix and GiftBasketsOverseas.com as a way to make money, click on the link for the example above or read post 4 on how to make money online.


This program which is exclusive to Share a Sale is also unique in that it is one of the only pajama Affiliate Programs, the only one I could find of as this morning, that doesn’t work with either adware, coupon sites poaching your sales from the coupon code box or allow trademark bidders, which helps to protect your commissions.  What is cool about this program is that you can take virtually any of the holiday pajamas we are uploading or cartoon character pajamas (including a surprise that will skyrocket holiday sales) and talk about waking up and taking photos for Christmas or holiday albums in your favorite holiday pajamas.  You can then talk about how easy it is to use Webs to build a family holiday site so that they can save and share all of their favorite photos to.  You can also talk about how they can share with everyone by making their site public or keep them private for their own family and give everyone passwords.  After you are done selling the emotional part by creating images in their head of why they should build their family site, and talking about remembering their favorite photos opening gifts from when they were kids in their holiday pajamas, place a make a page or a widget from the FunKidsPajamas.com Affiliate Program that we have created for you under the post.  Now you have two opportunities to make money off of one post.  The first one is having the website for memories and sharing (not to mention they can have a Cafepress store built in to print products with their favorite images) and because you pre sold and mentioned pajamas enough, they are ready to buy cute holiday pajamas for kids which you now have in the post as well.  This should be one of the easiest double sales for Bloggers, Parenting sites and anyone else who has family traffic.


This is probably the most exciting of the programs on Share a Sale because there is little to no competition and a huge market for this type of site.  Autism and Aspergers are two of the largest disorders in the world.  They are also extremely well known, but unfortunately there aren’t that many stores out there as dedicated to helping families not break their budgets and still be able to get the gifts and products that will help people who have these disorders function.  That’s why NationalAutismResources.com is an awesome store.

The founder Bonnie has been an advocate for more than 12 years and she has hand selected each of the 1,400+ products for effectiveness.  When she talks to customers and in some of her articles, she actually recommends that people don’t freak out and spend tons of money when they first find out their kid has Autism because they need to save money for therapists, etc… later in life.  The trust that she has built around her store by being honest, selling effective products at fair prices and by being an advocate in the Autism community, makes her store unique.  If a product gets complaints for not being effective, she pulls it and doesn’t place it back in the store.  This has also helped her store to gain the trust of thousands of people and become one of the leading resources and stores for people who need products or information on anything related to Autism. Aspergers or Sensory Disorders.  The way that you can use this to help people this holiday season is to talk about the benefits of shopping at National Autism Resources and by linking your Affiliate links with deep links to the free articles, posts and resources on the site.

From there your traffic will be able to move to product pages or search the site and because of the quality content and articles on the site, they are already informed and sold on what they need for the gift or learning aid, how it will be effective and they’ll be in good hands since this is one of the only stores that cares about the people who get the gifts and not getting as much money as possible out of the people shopping.  The competition for terms about autism gifts is not very strong and it is a huge and growing market.  By providing your readers and the people searching for this information with an actual Autism friendly solution that they can trust, you will build the trust and confidence of your readers, gain new readers and exposure, and be able to make money year round since people need birthday gifts, holiday gifts, learning and therapy aids, and more.  You may also want to try creating an Autism gift guide which could help your readers who have to shop for someone with Autism, and generate more sales because you have a specific guide for them that is more targeted and the gift guide doesn’t take much time to put together.

These 5 solutions create a huge opportunity for you to be able to market products for free, to huge somewhat untapped audiences and be able to begin making extra money during the holiday season.  You can create free landing pages to drive sales, monetize your Facebook pages and even begin using video without having to have a video camera or know how to edit videos.  Then by combining these tools with my content friendly and Affiliate friendly clients Affiliate Programs, you are able to starting building a new channel that can help to make you more money this holiday season.

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