100% Accurate SEO & Affiliate Predictions for 2019

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Q4 is now upon us, well in about a week or so, and with this happy time that makes marketers want to scream comes a plethora of predictions, analysis and hopes for an exciting new year.

Below you’ll find some of our predictions for SEO and Affiliate Marketing in 2019 and we feel confident that a majority of these will in fact come true.

seo and affiliate marketing trends for 2019

  1. Posts with accurate predictions for marketing trends will be starting in 2018 – because people are totally able to see the future, including experiments by algorithm engineers which haven’t even been thought of yet.
  2. SEO is Dead posts are going to appear.  Because what would a new year be without someone, especially a past “in the know, guru, ninja, genius, rockstar” be without someone who no longer competes or has moved on saying it’s dead.
  3. Affiliate Marketing is Dead.  Because what would the above be without the same for Affiliate Marketing…except this site will sell you an ebook that guarantees you a way to get rich quick, overnight and with little to no effort…because that is totally doable…but only for you and only for a limited time and that way you can survive the crash of the industry also known as the affiliapocolypse.
  4. Algorithms and Oracles – Google just updated and here is how to fix it posts will pop up immediately as rumors of an algorithm change happen.  This will occur even though there is no data and no way to prove what the changes or updates were looking for or penalized/rewarded sites for.  Because don’t forget, SEOs are totally like Ms. Cleo and psychic.
  5. The Hot New Channel & Strategy Comes Out.  A traditional form of marketing will get a new buzzword and become the new thing your boss, CEO or client insists you begin doing.  Because don’t forget, content marketing was totally never a thing before last year and influencers never existed, especially on tv ads, in print media and on the radio.  (sips Britney Spears Pepsi while wearing my Air Jordans).
  6. You will be asked to make your website more mobile friendly to meet modern demands, and also include at least one of the following onto your homepage, category pages or product pages…because they are all totally speed and mobile friendly:
    1. Video
    2. Huge leaderboard images
    3. Social media mentions and shares with high res images
    4. Live streams of anything from comments to images or mentions
  7. Amazon is beating Google for SEO.  Much like Google is there to answer questions and YouTube is for demonstrations, Amazon has always been and always will be a product search engine with an additional ecommerce platform, services section and ad network added on.  It’s just going to get another name now.  And yes, they are a channel you should be in, just like you would have listed in comparison shopping engines when they were big.

    It isn’t that they’re beating them, you’re just reading a report or article written by someone who is skewing information or simply pretends to be knowledgeable on the concept and got something from PR to comment with for an interview.

    Double check what the data they’re using is.  If it is product based, people are there for shopping whereas Google is about answering questions and also finding local businesses, local products and products.  So of course you’re going to see a big skew when you’re only looking at one particular kind of search.

And those are our top predictions Affiliate Marketing and SEO trends in 2019.  Feel free to leave your own ideas of what we’re basically guaranteed to see in the upcoming year.

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