Affiliate Summit 2010 East NYC Checklist

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I cannot believe Affiliate Summit 2010 East in NYC is only a couple weeks away.  Summit East came way to fast this year and I am lucky that all of the pre show spam had started because it reminded me to make sure that I have everything I need for the show.  If this is your first time attending Affiliate Summit then this list is for you.  If you have been a few times but want to know what the newest trends are then this list is also for you.  If you are a long time veteran and need a reminder of what to bring, then this list is also for you.  I basically create my list each Summit and check it to make sure I don’t forget anything and if I actually stick to it I usually end up not leaving anything behind.  So if you need a check list of what to bring to Summit, please feel free to use this one.

1.  One dressy outfit or suit for the party.

This is an invite only party so I highly recommend promoting them and getting some sales as it is one of the do not miss events of the show.  Share a Sale is also an amazing party and usually comes on the next night.  The Share a Sale party is usually opened to most people though and not always dress up but at the same time I do recommend business casual because even though it is fun and a party, it is still work.  You should also definitely take a look at them as a network, they are above and beyond one of the best!

2.  250 business cards.

It is important to bring more than enough cards to a show.  Many times you’ll sweat or they’ll get bent and ruined.  Keep enough in your hotel room each day so that you’ll be able to have crisp and professional cards for the people you’ve meet.  I usually only go through about 50 or 60 but bring a couple hundred just in case.

3.  My Vampire Poken.

I love Poken and in Vegas everyone had them.  Click the link above to find out what they are and where to buy them.  I’ll have my Poken there with me.

4.  Hand sanitizer.

You will be shaking a ton of hands and be in contact with a ton of people.  Bring hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean, especially before you eat and during meals when people walk up and shake your hands.

5.  An extra foldable bag for handouts.

There are some cool trinkets and giveaways at Summit so bring an extra bag with you to carry them home in.

6.  Throat Lozenges.

If you talk a lot or are going to, you’ll thank me when you keep your voice from going and your throat from hurting.  I always bring throat lozenges and drink lots of tea when I go to Summit to try and keep my voice for as long as possible.

7.  Advil, Tylenol or Headache medicine.

If you go out to the parties or you just don’t do well in crowds, you may end up with headaches.  Bring something with you so you don’t have to pay NYC prices or hotel prices for headache medicine.

8.  An extra phone charger for the show.

If you are meeting people by phone or calling to set up places to meet, don’t let your battery die on you.  Bring a charger to the show so you can keep in contact with everyone you need to.

9.  A business card holder for cards I cannot lose.

Sometimes I meet people I definitely do not want to lose contact with.  For them I either put their cards in my badge or I put them into my business card holder.  I save those for the people who I need to be in contact with after the show.

10.  A pair of dress shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops and slip on shoes for meals.

Guys, this is for you especially.  Dress shoes can be important but so can comfort.  If you aren’t staying at the Hilton then pack shoes to walk to the Hilton in and check your tennis shoes when you get there.  That way when you walk back home it won’t be in uncomfortable dress shoes.

11.  Two or Three pullovers.

I always end up wearing tshirts but I like to make an effort to at least be somewhat business casual.  I always pack two or three pullovers and try to wear them to the show.  Most Affiliates dress in tshirts and shorts.  Merchants wear business casual and Networks dress up.  It is ok to blend in but also make sure you are properly dressed for the company you are representing and how you want yourself to appear.

12.  Clothes to go out clubbing in that are also business casual enough for the show or dinners with Clients/Affiliates/Vendors.

A ton of us will go to dinner, then a networking event and then off to the parties.  After the parties or during the parties many of us will also end up going out clubbing because when else do you get to party in NY.  Wear clothes that are business appropriate but also able to be trendy enough and fun enough for a club.  You are technically working and having fun so find an outfit that works for both.

Other than that I think I only pack the basics like a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Affiliate Summit is one of my favorite shows and one of the only ones I’ll go to each year.  Also, don’t forget to stop by my session at the Merchant table during ask the experts on Monday night.   See you there!

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8 thoughts on “Affiliate Summit 2010 East NYC Checklist”

    1. No problem. Let me know if you would like to meet up at the show.

      BTW, your website looks amazing. If you do have some time I would love to talk to you about it. Please also feel free to give yourself a backlink from here. A lot of people could learn from your design and social media integration, especially with Video.

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Thank you for posting. It came from some random vendors that looked it up and probably found my email listed on this blog. Affiliate Summit is above and beyond one of my favorite shows and I have never received spam mail from you guys. Some of the people attending scan sites for emails and then write without knowing what we do in the industry. That is what I was referring to. I fully trust you guys with my email and know it is safe from being spammed by you.

      Can’t wait to see you in a couple days!


    1. Hi Rhonda,

      No problem at all. Comfortable shoes to change into at the show or after the show will be your best friend if your show shoes are painful. I’m more than happy to meet up. Send an email to adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me and we can set up a time.

      Looking forward to meeting you!


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