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So if you have been reading my posts on Facebook or Twitter the last few days, you’ve seen that I have been going crazy over Poken. But someone today asked why I am am soo obsessed with these and what they are?  So basically, instead of explaining what Poken are or where to buy Poken, I figured I would just write it all down here and show you a few stores where you can Buy Poken online and see for yourself why I love Poken and think they could easily take off, not only for Marketers, but also spread into the main stream too for a fun, but short lived trend.

1.  Where can you buy Poken?

These are three online stores where you can Buy Poken, and I’d like to ask that you use my links so my blog can get credit for the sale and I can keep it in business =0).


J&J Media Poken


2.  Now that you know where to Buy Poken Online, why would you want to buy Poken?

That is simple.  Besides the fact that they are cute and actually pretty cool, they are very useful for Marketers, especially at shows.  They not only work like an actual business card so you won’t have to carry as many, but they make it easier to share your information with other marketers and people at a show, without having to worry about loosing their cards or contact info.  Not to mention we have all lost our cards or even ended up bending and ruining them during a show, with your Poken, you won’t have to worry about that anymore since your Poken is a bit more solid than a business card.

Now, if you are looking at the Sparks Collection, you’ll probably think that Poken are not professional looking and that you probably would not want to have to carry one around since they are pretty childish looking.  The thing though is that there is also the Poken Pulse line which is more professional looking and actually pretty cool to be able to carry around and show off.  Not to mention that if you are one of the first people in your group of friends, or need to look ahead of the current trends, you can use your Poken or Poken Pulse to start a conversation with a new Client or the people you are meeting at the show.

Poken are great for Trade Shows and if you are going to be at Affiliate Summit in January in Las Vegas, guess what, a ton of people there are already buying Poken Online and if you do not have one, you will miss out on everyone sharing their info with Poken and you will probably look like you fall behind the times.  Then again, that is just my guess and prediction judging from people’s posts on different forums and seeing a couple of shows this past fall where everyone started using them and loving them.

Now, you can see why they are great for Marketers, but what about for the Consumer?

Poken are actually great for everyday use and for Consumers as well.

Poken aren’t actually just for sharing your contact info for Business People, they are actually a great time saver and a way to keep in touch after you meet someone.

How many times have you met someone in a bar, at a restaurant or happy hour, at a business meeting or waiting for the metro, or even just while in store and you kind of want to keep in touch.  Or suppose you go to a party, meet someone and want to exchange info, but you don’t have a pen so you agree to look each other up on Facebook afterwards.

As we all know, when you search for someone on Facebook, you usually pull back a ton of people, especially if you spell their names wrong, or if the person uses a shortend version of their name so it becomes a guessing game instead of just being able to find them.  Since Poken actually store all of your Social Media accounts on their database and then share them with whomever you want, the guess work of remembering how to spell someone’s name or even trying to find them on Facebook or a different Social Media site, your Poken will automatically help you find them faster and them find you easier.

Poken basically help to take Social Media offline and help you share your contact information and profiles as well as keep in touch with your friends and new friends, without any of the work to try and remember each other’s screen names, spellings or having to search for them using the actual Network.  Poken are a huge time saver and a great way to keep in touch with everyone you meet.

I love Poken and even though I am rambling about them in this post, they are completely worth the $20 for the Poken Sparks which are probably going to be the popular line for most Consumers.  I highly recommend buying a Poken so you don’t miss out on the trend if it does take off like I think it will.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Poken Here – Poken Reviews – What Are Poken?”

    1. Yup, it is essentially your business card and a way to keep in contact after you have met someone as well as a virtual calendar of where and when you met the person when you log into your Poken page at the store you bought your Poken from. I love mine and cannot wait for Affiliate Summit where a ton of people will have them.

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