Creating a Rejection Hotline with Poken

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So I was thinking something really funny to do with your Poken is to create a rejection hotline with it.

Do you remember when you were in college or used to go out to clubs or to bars and everyone would eventually get or hear the urban legend about the rejection hotline that you would call and it would tell you not only that you got a fake number, but then go on and insult you for a few minutes.  Not only was this number real because a few of my friends found it and we called it, but it became one of the funniest things to call and hand out at least when I was in college.

Anyways, Poken are made to help you keep in contact with people you meet or want to keep in touch with without having to find a piece of paper or a napkin at the bar and find a pen, but at the same time if you are in a group of people or someone sees you have a Poken and you really don’t want to have to give out your info to them, why not have a second Poken where it is the wrong contact info, but not only the wrong info, but a facebook or myspace account you set up which tells them they have been rejected or got the bad Poken or Fake Poken info and kind of mimic the rejection hotline we all heard about or called when we were in college.

Poken help to make it so you don’t have to search around for numbers or cards, they let you keep in contact with who you want to keep in contact with, but they can also be a funny way to give out a fake number, except since everyone gives out social media instead now, it is taking the rejection hotline to become a social media hotline.  Sure it will take a little bit to set up the accounts, but it will be seriously funny and a really creative way to reject someone, without have the awkward I don’t want to give you my phone number moment that we have all had.

I think it is a much better and more polite way of rejecting someone then telling them no in public or in front of their friends, and I’m not saying be mean or rude I your fake Poken pages and social media pages, but do something funny or write a poem about how there are other fishes in the sea, but unfortunately this Poken said no for you and me.

Anyways, I was just thinking about the rejection hotline when I was looking through some old websites last night and thought that this would be a funny idea to share.

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