Things I learned from people at Affiliate Summits.

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I’ve been to almost every Affiliate Summit to date.  This show has helped me not only grow my network, but also my company and career.  Each time I go I learn more and more for myself and for my business and new things that I can do.  Although I have met hundreds of people who have given me advice.  Here are ten things from ten people I have met at Affiliate Summit that have helped me to grow my business.  They are amazing people and I hope that you can find use for their advice as well.

1.  Kim Salvino – Kim has taught me to be more organized, to be loud, not be afraid to talk to new people and if you don’t see anyone you know in a lunch room, go find a table of strangers and find out what they do.  She is amazing for getting contacts, organizing them and following up.

2.  Tricia Meyers – Tricia has taught me so many things over the years.  One of the most important things is to make a list to accomplish every day.  Although it sounds dumb, it really keeps you going and lets you know what is realistic, what isn’t and how you can change your schedule to actually accomplish all of it.

3.  Eric Nagel – Eric taught me about working from home.  Instead of staying in pajamas all day, if I can dress up and get ready like I had a real job, I can actually focus better and get more done.  It is amazing the difference in the quality of work and amount of work you can accomplish by dressing professional, even at home.

4.  Karen Garcia, Angel Djambvoz, Joel Garcia, Kristin Kinsey, Robert Glazer, Mike Nunez and a couple of other OPMs.  Even though we are all competitors, every time I see them one of their first questions is how is business.  Even though we all compete for clients and work, we can all trust each other.  We may not agree on management styles or how to handle certain Affiliates, but if one of us was ever hurting or needed help, the others will always pitch in.  They have taught me that you actually can trust some of your competitors and we can all grow by working together.

5.  Missy Ward.  Missy has taught me that you shouldn’t always invest in everything, but you should give it your all when you do.  Not only has she been correct with almost every bit of advice she’s given me about my business and personal life, but she is someone that is the ideal person to go to if you need solid, honest and good advice.

6.  Shawn Collins.  Shawn taught me over the years to be confident in myself.  He helps me calm my nerves, gives pointers on how to keep your stress down and how to really maximize your experience at shows, when networking and when you have to speak.

7.  Connie Berg and Lisa Picarelli.  These two ladies are some of the smartest and most wonderful people I have ever met.  They have taught me to be tough and lead a conversation while also remaining professional.  They’ve taught me to speak my mind when it is appropriate and also about how to run a company with a no bs attitude.  They are amazing business people that I can’t thank enough and try to model my own public self after.

8.  Scott Campbell.  Scott taught me that even if you are a small guy and around huge companies with giant businesses, don’t be afraid to be the first one to go and reach out.  The only thing that keeps you back is your own fear.  If you are too afraid to even approach a large company, then you don’t have enough confidence within yourself and your own abilities.  If you know you’re the best and you can build your confidence then you can win those large contracts too.

9.  Rae Hoffman.  Although we are only recently friends within the last year or so, Rae has taught me that you need to say F it.  You can always move on and if someone or a client isn’t treating you well, don’t be scared, fire them.  There are tons of clients and there is tons of business out there for people who can actually do the work.  Rae is also all about loyalty to the people she cares about and it is one of the most important characteristics you can have to become successful in the long run.

10. Everyone else.  There are hundreds of people who I cherish and learn from at these shows.  Jim Kukral, Todd Farmer, Pat Grady, Nadia Levine, Jim Banks and many more.  I wish I could write what I have learned from each, but there wouldn’t be enough space.

Affiliate Summit has been one of the most influential pieces of my career.  Without it I would not be able to do half of the things that I can do today and my network would be much smaller.  If you have never been then you have to go.  Registration for Central and East is now open and you can buy tickets by clicking on the banner to the right or this link.  I highly recommend the show and encourage each of you to go.  You will not regret it if you prepare ahead of time and go in with a plan and leave with your checklist complete.

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5 thoughts on “Things I learned from people at Affiliate Summits.”

  1. Thank you for the mention Adam.

    I really enjoying spending time with you at the show and talking to you.

    I get a kick out of your enthusiasm for Sex and the City slots and your boundless enthusiasm.

    Sadly, won’t be at the Central Affiliate Summit. I am a judge at the Performance Marketing Awards and the ceremony is on 15th May (and my wife’s birthday is 14th), so need to be here in the UK.

    But will catch you soon.

  2. Great post Adam, thank you for sharing what you have learned form these awesome pros!

    How about a post on “how to really maximize your experience at shows, when networking and when **you have to speak**”? 🙂

    1. Hi Kush,

      No problem at all. I’ll probably do the post about getting the most out of them before ASE12. I also usually do a where I’m speaking post about a month before I speak. I’ll be at Pubcon paradise speaking on maximizing your blogs and sites for travel, tourism and in general if you can make it.

      Thank you again for reading. =0)


  3. I’m glad to see that with as much as I talk, some of it actually has some value. LOL I appreciate you including me here when I know there are so many amazing people in our community. I would have commented earlier were I not trying so hard to get through my “to do” list today!!

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