Voting for Affiliate Summit 2012 Sessions – Please Vote

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Affiliate Summit has started their voting for their sessions again and this time I have three sessions.  Before we get into my sessions and who else you may want to vote for, here is how to vote for sessions.  Please read through each of the instructions and then vote.

1.  Go to voting registration and enter in your username and email address.


affiliate summit voting
affiliate summit voting

2.  Now check your email and get your password to log in and click on the link provided or click here to log in.

3.  Now come back here and click on this link to find the sessions.  (This link takes you to my sessions.)

4.  To find more sessions, either sort by experience or use the search box in the top right where you can search by speaker name, topic, etc…

5.  Now when you see a session you like, like mine if you click here, click on the name of the session and you’ll be taken to the next screen below.

vote on affiliate summit sessions
vote on affiliate summit sessions

6.  Now all you have to do is click the yellow and blue box so that the number increases by 1 and it says voted.

7.  Now you can leave a comment, find more sessions to vote for or tweet out the session so other attendees can vote as well.

Sessions to vote for:

There are tons of sessions that would be great to see at Affiliate Summit.  Here are a few of the ones I’ll be voting for, but not all of the ones I am voting for.

My sessions – they are all about recruiting Affiliates and testing to see if your Affiliates are adding value.  Please vote for the Adding Value One if you only vote for one.

Tricia Meyer, Todd Farmer and Eric Nagel’s Mastermind group session.    Although Mastermind Groups sound complicated and mysterious, they are an easy way to network with other Internet marketers regularly to grow your business. Learn why and how to start your own.

Affiliate Improv starring Daniel, Eric, Trisha Lyn and Mike Buchele.  This is always a fun one!  Five industry veterans brainstorm marketing ideas for items/services with audience participation. Ideas to actionable solutions in one fun, lively hour. Come get your creative juices ?owing!

25 ways you can improve your website by Vinny O’Hare.  Top 25 things webmasters should look at when building a site or evaluating their website performance. Attendees will leave with actionable items to improve their sites with easy to implement steps.

SEO Site Clinic with Rae Hoffman and the regulars.  This is a must attend session!

Earlybird Whiteboarding with Eric Nagel.  This is a great session where you can submit sites and have a room full of people comment on them for you.  It is way to early in the morning for most, but a must attend if you can get up early enough.

Doing it wrong with Kim Salvino, Liz Gazer, Eric Schwarzer, Eric Hom and Daniel Clark.  Consumers drowning in false claims & spam are wary. Quality brands hesitate to invest in affiliates. Panelists will engage in open discussion with insights on why it pays more to sell with integrity.

Thank you everyone who votes and lets get some good sessions up and running!


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