Free Giveaway – Win 3 Months of Brandverity Trademark Poaching Software $700+ Value

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I’m excited to announce this weeks free marketing tool giveaway.  This week’s giveaway is from Brandverity and is worth roughly $750.  Brandverity has given me a 3 month subscription to Poachmark Lite for your company to use to monitor your trademarks in PPC on the search engines.  Here is some more information on their products and PoachMark Lite.

Brandverity’s products are all designed to help you detect theft from your Affiliate Partners, media buying agencies and to be able to track where and when your competitors, and their partners, are trying to capitalize on your own company’s trademarks.  The Brandverity PoachMark tool is an extremely powerful one that does random searches on your keywords from random places at whatever time intervals you set.  Then it pulls back the data and url streams of who is bidding on which keywords and will also gather Affiliate and Tracking IDs.  This way you are able to find out which network the trademark poaching is going on from and exactly which Affiliates are the ones doing it.  You’ll also know which competitors and companies are trying to poach off of your trademarks.  Brandverity also offers you a database of well known trademark bidders and their Affiliate IDs so that you can go through and help to clean up your program without having to wait for these guys to come in and rip you off.

I am not a current user of Brandverity, but I have used them a lot in the past.  I am happy to recommend them at a majority of the tradeshows I go to and when I speak as I really think they have a great service for PPC monitoring.  I encourage you all to enter this giveaway every day so that you have a better chance to win a 3 month subscription to PoachMark Lite.  Once you see how valuable this tool is you’ll never want to lose it.

The downside:

Unfortunately this contest is not open to current customers, past customers (which means me) or their beta testers.  It is opened to agencies, OPMs, Affiliate Managers, Media Buyers, PPC companies and anyone else who would want a tool that would help to monitor and manage what is happening with their brand on the different major search engines.  I’ve set this giveaway up so that you can enter multiple times and so that you can come back each day and get more entries.  Thank you all again for reading and entering this giveaway and don’t forget to check out Brandverity, even if you don’t win the giveaway.  They do have an awesome tool for monitoring your trademarks on the search engines and with PPC.

With your PoachMark Lite subscription you will get access to:

  • Monitoring in 20 countries
  • Twice daily monitoring frequency
  • 15 search terms to monitor
  • Ads on the first page of Search Results
  • $246/month value
  • a Rafflecopter giveaway

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