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Hi Everyone,

Let’s start off with what some of you are here for, PubCon Coupon Codes.  Yup, some conferences have coupons available and PubCon coupons are available from speakers.  Here is my pubcon coupons code: rc-4777915 and I highly encourage you to use it….hint hint lol.

I guess I should start saying where I am speaking because I got a few comments asking where we can meet or which conferences I will be at so I figured why not start with a big one called PubCon.  So what is PubCon and why is PubCon a show that you should probably attend.  To be honest I have never actually gone, just like I have never actually gone to BlogWorld, but it is a show that I have always wanted to attend.

PubCon is a Search Engine Marketing conference that is hosted by the Webmaster World Search Engine Marketing Forums.  Not only was Webmaster World one of the first places I fell in love with when I wanted to really become a solid SEO, but Webmaster World had become a second home for me for many years.  I always knew that they had a show each year but because most Marketing shows are in the fall, Affiliate Summit, CJU, SES, AdTech I think has a fall show, BlogWorld, PubCon, ThinkTank, etc… I had to pick and choose because traveling is not one of my favorite things.  Unfortunately PubCon always lost out because by the end of the fall I needed a break.

PubCon is one of the very last real Search Engine Marketing shows.  Just like Affiliate Summit you have speakers there who are there to help you instead of just to pitch their companies.  I have looked over the speakers list and can tell you first hand that I will be glued to my seat and actually attending many sessions (which is very rare) as there are some amazing people who will be there.  What is even better about PubCon is that as PubCon grows and as they see their need for new tracks coming in, they expand their reach and expertise and have now turned what was probably the best Search Engine Marketing conference in the world into an Online Marketing Conference to die for including three tracks with Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.  Although there is no substitution for Affiliate Summit, PubCon has 100% passed any other Search Engine Marketing show that I have seen and the speakers are ones that will teach you how to actually do things.  That is what I love about how shows used to be.

Years ago some of the bigger shows (I am not going to name names but there is a reason I never attend them anymore) taught you how to do things.  You would learn about SEO or Email Marketing and walk out of there able to actually do something instead of knowing how the speaker could help you do it.  That is the beauty of shows like Affiliate Summit and PubCon.  Unlike some of the other large shows, the Speakers here, at least some of them, understand that they are there to share knowledge, not pitch their services during their sessions.

With people like Lisa Riolo, Matt Cutts, Rae Hoffman, Rhea Drysdale, Will Reynolds and a ton more, you are bound to leave with your head spinning full of amazing knowledge and some really helpful tips about how to grow your Search Presence, make Social Media work for you and how to get an Affiliate Program going or to become an Affiliate, (But watch out because I don’t think there are sessions covering adware and adware theft yet which would be a huge and vital session for them to have.  I am sure that the panel I am on will go into it at least if the moderator will allow us to.)

Anyways, I am very excited to be able to speak at PubCon this year and if you are looking for PubCon coupons, please feel free to use PubCon Coupon Code: rc-4777915 when checking out.  Thank you again for reading my blog and can’t wait to see you in Vegas.

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