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I can’t believe PubCon South is only a few weeks away.  (There are still Pubcon South tickets available if you want to come).  Last October was my first PubCon and it quickly became one of my favorite shows ever.  Not only did I love getting to speak there, but I am completely excited to get to go to PubCon west 2011 in Las Vegas this year again.   However, before the Vegas show there is PubCon South in Austin Texas.

As you know, PubCon is the leading show for Search Engine and Social Media Marketing.  They have also added on additional tracks like Affiliate Marketing and Live Site Review Sessions.  The nice thing about PubCon is that just like Affiliate Summit, the speakers are there to share knowledge and not to pitch their own companies and services.  Both shows are incredible for learning and what’s nice is that they are spaced out far enough apart that you can do all four Affiliate Summits and Pubcons without burning out.   Anyways, I am completely excited for PubCon South and am speaking on two panels.

How to Start an Affiliate Program.

My first panel is on How to Start an Affiliate Program and is a great session for new Merchants as well as established Merchants that want to learn about things they can do better with their own programs.  We’ll be talking about everything from terms and conditions to Adware and Parasites as well as the types of Affiliates and which networks might be right for you.  This is a great session to attend if you have question for the panel members as well.  This will be my fourth time in the last year speaking on this topic and it always ends up being one of my favorite ones to go over.

Site Review – Focus on Affiliates.

My second panel is moderated by one of the most qualified and well known people in the Affiliate industry, Shawn Collins.   This will probably be my favorite panel to speak on at the show.  Everyone is encouraged to submit their sites ahead of time or during the session and we will give them a live overview and review.  We will go over things that we think they could do better, give advice on everything from SEO to conversion rates, monetizing their sites, any errors that we notice and anything else that can cross our minds.  I am very excited for this panel as this is one of my favorite things to do.

During the rest of the show when I am not speaking, I’ll be live blogging the sessions that I attend as well as helping to recruit some new publishers for the Jobfox Affiliate Program exclusively on Share a Sale.   As you know from the post, Jobfox is one of the fastest growing job sites online and our program pays out a $3 lead and 25% commission on resume sales.   It is a definite winner!

If you are coming to PubCon South 2011 and want to meet up, either leave a comment here, email adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me or come to my sessions and come talk to me after.   If you are not able to make it to PubCon South 2011 but want to know what is going on in the sessions, come back and read my blog.  I’ll be live blogging the show and hitting the submit button every ten or 15 minutes during the sessions so you’ll get an almost real time seat at the show.  See you all there!

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