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I’m very excited to announce the we are now managing the Affiliate Program on Share a Sale.  This is a very established program with more potential that you could ever imagine!  With a 15.2% commission, 90 day cookies, auto deposit, a very well tested site for conversions, a full datafeed, new creatives being uploaded shortly, widgets and now us managing the program, you would be insane not to join, especially after we just cleaned it out and our value adding partners are enjoying earning more sales because of the removal of the adware we found, trademark bidders and coupon sites ranking for the trademarks + extensions like coupons, etc…

There are a ton of sites that could be a good fit for this program.  Anything to do with weddings, parties, gifts, girls nights out, GLBT blogs, gag gifts, article sites, lenses, top ten list sites, adult oriented sites, honeymoon sites, dating sites, lingerie sites, mommy bloggers who want to do posts about spicing up a night and more.  The best part is that there is always a demand for the products and depending on how you write your posts, you could easily enter into this not very competitive niche and start making money.  The program is also perfect for PPC because of the high conversion rates on the site and the 15% commission structure.  We do allow direct to merchant, but we do not allow any trademark bidding including urls + extensions. also offers one of the largest selections of bachelorette party supplies online.

  • Adult candies
    • male and female shaped lollipops
    • cake molds
    • mints
    • pastas
    • gummy candies
    • jaw breaker ball gags
  • popular party games
    • pin the macho on the man
    • adult shaped pinatas
    • the male stereotypes game


  • gifts for the bride to be
  • accessories
    • shot glass diamond rings
    • tiarras
    • sashes
  • bachelorette party supplies like
    • adult shaped sipping straws
    • decorative party plates
    • balloons
    • centerpieces
    • tableclothes
    • shotglasses
    • adult shaped ice luges
    • invitations
  • gag gifts
    • furry handcuffs
    • naughty toilet paper
    • inflatable sheep
  • things you may not have known you could buy like:
    • portable stripper poles
    • 6 foot punching falicies
    • adult shaped cookie cutters
    • light up ring pops
    • underwear for two people
    • and more!

There are tons of ways to promote this program and we are here to help you make money with it.  This is unfortunately a short term contract, but during this time frame we are here to manage it, we will get it going and get you making money!

The program has been online since before 2007 and even if we part ways will continue to run.  We have now cleaned out all active and inactive adware that we could find, removed all trademark bidders and sites that were poaching sales by ranking for trademarks + coupons.   Our content sites and PPC Affiliates  are enjoying the boosts in sales and this makes it probably the only clean wedding program out there for you to promote.  Find out why this is the number 1 Bachelorette party affiliate program and join today by clicking here!

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