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I swore I was going to cut down on tradeshows, etc… this fall, but that always ends up not happening.  However, during the next few months I have a very different tradeshow and speaking schedule.  If I am in your town or you are going to be at the show, I would love to meet with you.   Here is the final schedule with probably no more stops, cities or shows,,,unless a really cool or productive one happens and I have time to go or can speak.

Click the link on the name of the show to find out more details if you want to attend.  I have discount codes and offers for a few of them if you would like to attend so make sure to leave a comment or write through the contact form on this blog. 


Washington DC SEO NetworkingDC SEO Meetup – Friday September 12, 2014, Washington, DC.  This is our first official SEO and Online Marketing meetup for the DC area.  It is about education and growth through online marketing.  By attending you can learn to grow your business and meet the right contacts to help with your marketing, listen to speakers that can help you to grow your business and have a great time talking to your peers.  We have some amazing speakers from across the country and it is opened to almost everyone.  It is also free so there is absolutely no reason not to check it out.

Share a Sale Think Tank 2014 – October 19 – 21, Charlotte, NC.  Think Tank is a show I haven’t gone to in a few years because I was speaking at Pubcon.  Although I love both, ShareASale got to me right before Pubcon did so I agreed to do this one instead this year.  Although I am not speaking at Think Tank, I do have a table and a ton of amazing handouts from all of the clients listed in our “client’s with affiliate programs” section, plus two more clients that we have not announced yet.  If you are going to be there and want to learn about our new clients, have us create a custom goody bag for you and learn about what makes our programs safe and amazing for content sites, connect with me on Facebook or through our contact form and I’ll set up a time.

Wed Tech Summit – November 10th – San Francisco, CA.  This should be an awesome show.  It is for the B2B wedding industry space.  There are two tracks for the show and I am on the marketing panel session with some amazing marketers including Sean Dolan.  If you’re in the B2B wedding, tech or app space and can make it to San Francisco, this could be an awesome show.  It’s in it’s first year but has the potential to do well.

State of Search – Save $50 off the show by clicking my affiliate link here or entering coupon code AdamR.  November 17th – 18th, Dallas TX.  This show has some awesome speakers including keynotes from Wil Reynolds and Marty Weintrab.  I can’t say who some of the other speakers that will be there are, because they aren’t on the site yet.   This show has a ton of talent packed into two short days.  You will not want to miss it if you are in the Dallas area.  I don’t like that we are limited to 30ish minute sessions, but that means we’re going to have to really focus in and deliver.  Get your pens, notebooks and tablets/laptops ready because you’re going to fill a few gigs with data at this show.

Affiliate Summit – Although the sessions haven’t been announced yet, and voting hasn’t started.  I am very hopeful that mine will be chosen.  It is up to the attendees to vote on the sessions they want, so please look for when voting starts and if you like the session I pitched, please don’t forget to vote.

I have a few small workshops and mini trips during and after these.  If you or your company would like to have me come out for a one or two day training session, (adware, overall overhauls (affiliate, SEO, attribution, ppc, social, etc…) specific channels, etc…) please use the contact form here.  Thank you again for reading and hopefully we’ll get to meet at one of the shows.

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