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My travel schedule is finally done for the most part for the rest of the year and I cannot be happier.  I hate flying and traveling now so having this done is a huge relief for me.  Although this list won’t include smaller workshops I’m doing, webinars that are off site, etc…  It is where we can meet in person, do site audits, reviews, grab a drink if you’re a current partner or meet as a potential client if you want to talk about working together.  Anyways, here is my show list and I hope to be able to add to it if SMX approves my session and pitch.

Pubcon New Orleans:

I am very excited to be invited back to speak at Pubcon New Orleans and have Pubcon Coupons for 20% off your ticket price.  You don’t have to click my link to use these Pubcon coupon codes, just enter the coupons as you are checking out and it will save you 20% off your ticket price to Pubcon New Orleans.  Here is my personal speakers Pubcon Coupon Code – “rc-1257520”

Pubcon is one of my favorite shows for SEO and Social Media.  I always learn a few cool tricks and sometimes go to beginners sessions for a refresher.  They also tie in a few fun sessions like PR and have an entire track dedicated to Live Site Reviews which I love doing.  The Affiliate Track can be tricky.

You get a couple of white hat speakers like Myself, Robert Glazer or David Naffzinger and then you have a ton of grey and black hat that you need to be cautious of.  Even if they are pitching why you should allow certain behaviors and they make a good case for it, or why you should work with specific types of partners, remember why you don’t in the first place and evaluate the two.  Just because myself or someone else recommends something, you have to determine how it can benefit or hurt your company.  It can be very tricky.  By listening to the grey and black hat Affiliate Tactics which will be presented as white hat, you can also learn what to look for and how to find it in your programs so you can remove it and not allow your company to be stolen from.

My Pubcon Sessions:

Moderator – Interactive Site Review on Organic.

This is an awesome session where you have some great people doing live reviews of your website and help to find out what is potentially harming your organic SEO.  You’ll also get advice on how to fix it.  The panel is made up of some awesome people and I am very excited to be a part of this session.  Even if you don’t want your site reviewed, you can still come and you will more than likely learn a lot from many of the people on the panel.  This should be an awesome session.

Affiliate Research, Surveys and Case Studies.

This is a session of veterans that I really enjoy speaking with.  We all have different opinions and strategies and you will definitely get a lot out of it.  Each of us are presenting on a specific topic and then there will be time for a question and answer afterwards.  If you want to learn to monetize your site, help your program or even how to find programs to join, this is one you will not want to miss.

Moderator – Interactive Site Review with a focus on Social Media

I’m very excited about this panel as well.  You can submit your site, FanPages and social media strategies and have a panel of experts go over everything from what you are doing to your landing pages and even help drive more traffic, sales and make the most out of your current campaigns.  If you don’t want your social media programs reviewed, you can still learn a lot by watching as others submit their sites and have live reviews done of their social media strategies.

AM Days London

I’ll be at Affiliate Marketing Days in London speaking on Affiliate Theft and Fraud.  This is a solo presentation that I am very excited to talk about and teach who is adding value, who is not and how you can help to resolve these issues by implementing a few simple strategies.  This is one of my more informative topics and I hope many of you can make it.   I’m also happy to do a live example if someone would like to hand me their business card at the session and we can find out what is going on and make recommendations to help resolve issues and grow their program.

I’m also moderating a panel of Affiliates at the show called “What Affiliates Want”.  The session will have time for discussions and a questions and answers session as well as mini presentations.  The panel is made of myself, Jim Banks and Graham Jenner.  It should be a pretty decent talk because all three of us are from different backgrounds, run different types of sites and will be talking about what we want and need.  The thing that gets tricky is that what one person may want, could be the thing that causes the other partner to not want to work with you.  This should be a very interesting panel where you can learn a lot and help figure out how to grow or clean your program.

I have workshops in Paris and Amsterdam while I am over there, but they are not opened to the public.  I am however happy to meet up with you if you’d like after the workshops for a drink, dinner or sightseeing.

Blog Her:

Although I would love to speak at BlogHer, they tend to shy away from men from what I have been told by others.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the sessions can be ok.  The main reason I am going is for the networking with other bloggers.  There are thousands of content sites looking for everything from growing their blogs, to building relationships and also learning to monetize their sites, and the awesome gift bags and giveaways from the merchants and vendors.  You do need to be cautious as there were adware companies with toolbars in the exhibit hall last year and by promoting them, you may end up hurting your own revenue if they have adware and that adware can overwrite your cookies and take credit for your sales.  Last year was my first BlogHer and it ended up being one of the best shows I had been to to find new content sites to work with, new Affiliates and also places to guest blog.

Affiliate Summit East:

This is one of my favorite shows.  You can learn everything from black hat Affiliate Marketing to White Hat, growing a program, growing your sites as an Affiliate, SEO, PPC and pretty much anything else.  One session, besides mine if it gets selected is the live SEO panel.  You’ll find a ton of experts doing live SEO site reviews and you will learn a ton of information.  I highly recommend it.  Affiliate Summit sessions are all selected based on votes from people attending, the board and Shawn and Missy.  Here is how to vote for Affiliate Summit East Sessions.  You’ll also find my Affiliate link on the page for passes to Affiliate Summit East and I hope you can make it.  This is an awesome show that you must attend if you can make it.

Pubcon Las Vegas:

This is a much larger version of Pubcon.  If you want Search Engine, Social Media, PPC and Affiliate overload, this is the one for you.  I just sent in my speakers proposal so hopefully they’ll have me back again.

SMX Advanced:

This is a show I have always wanted to go to but would prefer to speak at so I can save some money on travel.  I just submitted my speaking proposal based on the post I wrote for @Sugarrae on Affiliate Adware and Search as well as the post for Search Engine Journal.  I’m hoping they like my session idea and also invite me to come speak.  The show is supposed to be amazing and at the Advanced show you are going to go into Search Engine overload with tons of advanced strategies.

Those are the shows I’m planning on going to.  Depending on when Share a Sale Think Tank is this year I might try to go there as well.  It will depend on costs, speaking and who else is attending.  If you are going to any of these shows and want to meet up, either leave a comment below or just use the contact form on this site.  Thank you all again for reading and hope to see you at these shows.

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2 thoughts on “Tradeshows I’m Speaking at, Going to & Might go to (If they have me speak)”

  1. Hi Adam,
    Although BlogHer has a female majority when it comes to most things, we definitely don’t shy away from men as a part of our network or any of our events. We have had lots of wonderful male speakers and panelists at our conferences, and I would encourage you to submit your ideas the next time we put a call out!

    Social Media Researcher, BlogHer

    1. Thanks Melisa. I had a great time at your show last year. I did submit a session that was lacking, then they added it, didn’t respond to me and gave it to someone else. Then I heard a rumor that some of the top SEOs that are male aren’t allowed to speak there. That was why I thought that. It’s good to know that you do allow and have male speakers. =0) I’m going to submit a proposal.

      Thanks and can’t wait until your show!


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