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I’m very excited to announce that we have renewed our contract with GiftBasketsOverseas after helping clean and fix their program.  We are now taking over full management of the Affiliate Program on Share a SaleJoin Here.  We’ve made a lot of changes over the last few months and are now ready to take this program to the next level.  (The landing page is still under construction as a heads up when you get to Share a Sale).  With our program, you will enjoy one of the only clean gift basket and gift affiliate programs online.  With everything from as seen on tv products to $200 bottles of champagne, gift baskets, flower and candy delivery to teddy bears and more, our products can be shipped from 180+ countries to 180+ countries giving you a ton of opportunities to make money.  I can almost guarantee you’ll find something that is a fit on your site.  If you don’t think you can, send me a note or leave a comment and and I’ll find a fit for you.

To make this post easy to navigate through, I’m going to break it out by what the program offers, what the facts and selling points of the company are and then some of the different sections of products (they have a lot more than gift baskets) for you to choose from based on your niche, and then give you another link to join.

What the best Gift Affiliate Program online offers:

  • 10% commissions
  • 90 day cookies
  • Auto deposit
  • Higher commissions for top performers
  • A full datafeed
  • Attentive management
  • Cookie protection from coupon sites, trademark bidders and adware

Selling points to use when talking about why people should shop at

One of the best ways to drive a sale is to pre-sell a product or company.  By knowing what makes the company unique and what can create trust and confidence within your readers or visitors, you can help to increase conversions and hopefully drive more sales.  Here are some key selling points for this gift basket affiliate program.

  • We have gift baskets (hampers), flower and plant delivery, candy, gourmet foods, designer chocolates & candy towers, wine baskets, single bottles, beer gifts, spa baskets, stuffed animals, as seen on tv products and more.
  • We ship from 180+ countries to 180+ countries and also ship locally within the country you live in.
  • Many products are available for same day or next day delivery almost anywhere in the world.
  • We have an amazing track record with review sites and provide amazing customer support.
  • Business clients or people who need to send multiple gifts to multiple locations can use our bulk upload sheet.  This helps with numerous things:
    • You can order everything at once by typing in their shipping addresses and only need to enter your own once.
    • You can pay for everything at once, with one card and one time instead of having to go through the checkout process each time to load a different address.
    • This is a huge time saver, especially around the holiday season.
  • Our gift baskets are non offensive (we sort our database to remove all of the offensive products like steaks to India.  Sometimes one may slip through but you should be good to go with our system).

Niches that are perfect and unique types of gifts.

  • Mommy & Daddy blogs – perfect for gift guides, recommendations for gifts to send to kids or family overseas (study abroad, military, etc…), advice on traveling or having kids getting married overseas, toys and game gift baskets for kids, arts and crafts baskets and more.
  • Health sites – We off gluten free baskets, healthy food baskets, spa baskets for relaxing and more.
  • Jewish sites – We have an entire selection dedicated to Jewish holidays, kosher baskets and we can ship to every major country with a large population.  We also carry flowers for all occasions for synagogue websites (Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, funerals, weddings, etc…).
  • Christian & Church sites – We carry baskets and gifts themed for every major holiday and flowers for sadder occasions like funerals.
  • Cooking & Foodie sites – We carry gluten free gift baskets, gourmet food and accessory gifts, designer champagne and chocolates and more for foodies.
  • B2B sites – Because of our corporate gifts and ease of sending multiple gifts to multiple clients and needing to save time, this is an awesome solution.
  • Holiday and Geographic (cities, states, countries, etc…) sites – we have baskets dedicated to most major holidays in most major countries.  These are awesome sells.  You can also get a widget or storefront with products that are ready to ship to that country.

I haven’t found a site yet that couldn’t benefit from this amazing gift and gift basket affiliate program.  If you want one that doesn’t work with adware (when we find it we kick it out), coupon sites ranking for our trademarks + coupons that can overwrite your cookies when someone sees a coupon code box, or trademark bidders going after the people you referred and are coming back to shop later, this is the perfect program for you.  Join here and find out why we are quickly becoming a favorite with tons of content site and non trademark PPC Affiliates.

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