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I’d like to introduce you all to our newest affiliate client on Share a Sale, is one of the largest collections of PowerPoint templates online.  With more than 13,000 professional designs, unlimited downloads and a low quarterly, yearly or one time fee, this is an awesome service with a huge market and almost no competition.  If you want a clean useful and unique niche to jump into, try this program.  Also, this post is massive and full of a ton of strategy.  I highly recommend reading it, even if you don’t plan on joining the PPTStar PowerPoint Template Affiliate Program.

Why you should promote’s PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program:

Besides being a clean program that doesn’t work with trademark bidders, sites ranking for trademark  or url + coupons or adware, and that we are exclusive to Share a Sale, this is a huge niche with a ton of potential.  There are tons of long tail keywords with little to no competition and it can be relevant for almost anyone or any site.  One of my favorite things about working with Power Point Template Affiliate Programs is that they are also perfect for marketing offline and still making money as an Affiliate.  Here are the program details and also ways to help you make money with the Power Point Template Affiliate Program on Share a Sale.

  • 40% base commissions
  • 90 day cookies
  • Attentive Affiliate Management and support.
  • Parasite, trademark bidder and coupon SEO theft resistance
  • Custom banners and creatives
  • 13,000+ professional designs
  • Low subscription fees
  • Huge targets and demographics to go after
  • A full datafeed
  • And more!

There are a ton of reasons and ways to want to promote Power Point Template Affiliate Programs and there is no better time than right now to start.  Q4 wrap up meetings are starting, Q1 budget meetings are being prepared and conference season for numerous industries are all starting now.  You can try everything from a newsletter mailing to a dedicated blog post about getting the most from your presentation or show, and even a couple of tweets and shares on Facebook to let people know about a new resource for professionals, non profits or local groups looking for PPT templates.  Click Here to join the leading Power Point templates affiliate program.

How to promote PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs.

There are a ton of great ways to tie PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs into your current websites and marketing channels.  Think about how many people use and need powerpoint slides.  Speakers, business people, college students, local groups and organizations like the PTA or meetup groups, non profits for galas, annul meetings, pitching donors, etc…  Because of this, it is an easy way to make money with PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs like  Here are some of the types of sites and people who could make great Affiliates (and a few ways to promote power point template affiliate programs).

Types of sites and partners for the PPTStar Power Point Template Affiliate Program:

  • B2B Blogs & Websites (Accounting, Marketing, SMB, Large Business, Strategy, Operations, Internal, Client/Investor pitches, how to guides, Interior Designers, etc…)
  • Resources for Conferences and speakers
  • Conference & speaker attendees
  • College student & studying sites
  • Marketing sites and blogs
  • Resource sites for Non Profits and/or Fundraising
  • Resources for teachers
  • Local groups – PTAs, meetups, sports teams
  • Design blogs
  • How to use Power Point sites or instruction guides
  • Wedding, part and events sites
  • PPC Affiliates
  • Social media Affiliates

Here are a few of the banners you can use for the PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program.

power point templates

power point templates
power point templates


Power Point Template Affiliate Programs
Power Point Template Affiliate Programs



How to make money with PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs:

There are a ton of ways to make money with PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs.  Below are some ideas to help you get started.  You’ll find a few types of sites and examples for articles.  A way to rank for long tail terms with SEO to make money with the PPTStar PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program and a resource for PPC Affiliates.  I’ve also included a couple of ideas for Social Media Marketers and how to make money promoting Power Point Template Affiliate Programs offline for speakers and conference attendees.

How to add the PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program into your own site.

There is a fit for the PPTStar PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program on almost any site.  Below are only a few niches.  If you read through the rest of the post you’ll also find more niches that I don’t cover in this section and strategies to work with them.

  • B2B/SMB/Business Blogs and Resource sites – No matter what your business site is about, your readers have annual reports, quarterly meetings, client pitches, etc…  All of them need a resource for PowerPoint Templates so it is easy to tie in the Power Point Template Affiliate Program.  Below are a few types of business blogs or niches to help you get started.
    • Marketing – Marketers always need to stand out. By displaying 5 or 6 PowerPoint templates perfect for internal or external pitches, why they are effective and how to use each, you could easily sell this service.
    • Accounting – Choose a few designs that cleanly, clearly and easily display numbers, figures and earnings and explain why and how they will help people understand what is happening within their department.
    • SMB – SMBs have to give tons of types of presentations. By walking your readers through what makes a good design for investors, customers, local community talks to promote your business or even to print as flyers for promoting their store, powerpoint presentation affiliate programs are the perfect sell to SMBs (especially because of the low fee and unlimited downloads.)
    • Interior Designers/Event Planners/Cake Decorators/Catering Companies and more – Their job isn’t just to make a space, event or dish look nice, they have to pitch their book and portfolio, speak publicly to build business and present in a B2C and B2B space.  B2C templates can be goddy, gorgeous  and fun while B2B should be clean, creative and professional.  By providing examples of both and the low fee so they could have options for any type of client, you can easily make money with the Power Point Templates Affiliate Program with designers, cake decorators, wedding/event planners, etc…
    • HR/How to guides – If HR people are training new employees, talking about new policies or need to clearly define benefits from rules to how to function and find resources, especially to different level employees, you’ll want different slide styles, books and something that is easily recognizable for that topic or level of employee.  Not only are benefits different for executives than part time employees, but you don’t want everyone seeing each others compensation packages.  By walking HR people through the importance of different designs and colors so there is no confusion on which presentation to give, you can pre-sell the need for a service like  You can also talk about how they can use the slide designs and the different aspects of them, why it is important to have a color theme for each type of presentation or level of employee, and then you can easily sell them again on why they need to subscribe to and you can make money with the Power Point Templates Affiliate Program.
    • Operations/Strategy – Operations and Strategy Professionals need ways to clearly define, present and deliver complex concepts so everyone can understand them.  By showing them the design aspects and flow charts (including arrows, fonts, etc…) you can easily show them which slides are great for their needs and why.  By talking about the different types of slides and having a subscription to an unlimited download PowerPoint templates site will help “streamline” their jobs making them more efficient and productive.  This is probably one of the easiest sells for PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs.
  • Meetings (Client, internal, annual, etc…)  – Everyone has meetings.  PTA groups, neighborhood watches, Businesses, Non-profits, Event Planners, and more.  Whether it is a non profit’s annual gala or just a pitch to donors, a PTA group trying to gain community and school support or a business that is pitching or even presenting at an event to gain exposure to an audience base, all of them need great looking PowerPoint Templates and not all of them can afford a designer.  That is why helping them find templates through the PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program can be a great resource and an even better way to make money online.

An easy way to rank for terms to promote the PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program.

If you’re a writer like me and would prefer long term success over short bursts of income, you may want to try ranking for keywords and phrases to make money with PowerPoint Affiliate Programs.  Here are a few article ideas that you can use as a guide (replace the XYZ or Blue Widget with the niche or theme).  After I’ll go into PPC keywords you may want to use as a starting point for promoting the PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program.   One thing to make sure you do when writing these it make sure you name your images right, work on your internal linking structure, use your H tags, alt tags, keyword density and everything else that goes into on site SEO.

What makes a good Blue Widget slide – If you use this topic,  you’ll may want to write a large and informative post about Blue Widget slides.  The Blue Widget can be marketing, accounting, Q4 cost analysis, motivational speech, etc… By changing out the main phrase you can focus on the types of slides and who they are geared towards, when they are good to use and which slides to use for what level of audience and which type of audience you are speaking to.  Use examples and sample slides in your post, show what is good in the design, what is bad for that specific group on the slide and also make sure you use synonyms or other modifiers for good like effective, cool, interesting, etc… You also want to think about modifiers after the slide like for an XYZ presentation, an XYZ fundraiser, event or other things people will place after the keyword or phrase when using a search engine to find ideas or information.

Ten tips on effective XYZ slides – You can talk about using images, graphs, jokes, consistency, the amount of content, bullets vs. phrases and other things that make an XYZ presentation effective.  You can then share or recommend some of the designs from and use your links from the PPTStar PowerPoint Template Affiliate Program.  XYZ can be replaced with anything from a profession to event type or even college student terms like final grade, thesis, etc… presentation.

The 20 best PowerPoint slides for XYZ – Lists are always great.  Choose a set of numbers and a theme like for Charity Balls, Quarterly Meetings, Pitching Investors, etc…  They are easy to do, fun to write and if you make it interesting, you can potentially go viral within social media sites.  You also don’t have to focus on slides.  It can be 20 things to give the perfect XYZ presentation for Blue Widgets or about Blue Widgets, etc…

PPC Keywords to help make money with PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs.

  • Modifiers are the important things if you want to work with long tail keywords.  I highly recommend building your first campaigns out and using dedicated landing pages within that topic.  If you use adwords editor, you can copy, paste and replace campaigns and keywords to speed up your campaign builds and save time.
  • PowerPoint is also spelled Power Point, PPT and some people use the company’s name before it.
  • Don’t forget business jargon and abbreviations.  Accounting is Acct, the person looking could search for terms like “for accountants” instead of accounting and they could be looking for graph or chart designs instead of templates.

Here are some base keywords you can use.  Please make sure you add all of our trademarks and urls to your negative list as trademark bidding is prohibited in any form.

  • Power Point Templates
  • PPT slide designs
  • slide designs for XYZ presentations
  • PPT slide design templates for XYZ speakers/speeches
  • Best PPT design for pitching investors
  • Power Point slide design services
  • PPT templates for XYZ (XYZ is a type of company or profession)

Using these as base keywords can be a good starting point.  It won’t guarantee that you will make money with the Affiliate Program, but if you tweak them enough, add a solid negative list and work with the variations, you may be able to make money from long tail keywords and some general terms.

Social Media Strategies for PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs.

There are a ton of ways you can use social media to make money with PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs.  Below are a few of the ways I would start my campaigns.  Feel free to use these and then modify them to match your own audiences and strategies.  If you use links on social media sites, I do want to remind you that you need to have an FTC disclosure on the post or share.  If you don’t then all commissions will be reversed and you may be removed from the program.

Facebook – Go into your groups for business professionals, speakers or conference attendees that may be speaking.  If someone is asking about slides or designs, you can use your links or you may want to let the other group members know that they can find templates for their presentations at and share your link with them.  You may also want to recommend specific templates and explain why you recommend them.

Twitter – Tweet out your blog posts about XYZ slides and designs, or the post name, and use hashtags that people may be looking for.  You should avoid using trademarks like show names since the owners of the show will probably get mad since we are not sponsoring the show.  You can however use more general hashtags and keywords.

Pinterest – You can create a ton of relevant boards based on the topics of your site.

  • Products to be successful in accounting –  You can include everything from software and programs Accountants use to for meetings with your boss, other departments, etc…
  • Cool presentation tips – Having pins about how to give presentations, resources for stage fright and also PowerPoint Presentation Templates and infographics.
  • Resources to Ace a college presentation – Create boards based on classes or majors and then pin resources for each.  The PowerPoint Template Affiliate Program can be a great fit for all of them.

Social media is an awesome way to generate traffic and hopefully sales.  Make sure you use FTC disclosures if you use your affiliate links on the social media site so you remain within the Terms and Conditions and don’t lose your commissions.

Make money with PowerPoint Template Affiliate Programs Offline.

Speakers and Conference Attendees – By using a link shortener that doesn’t overwrite your Affiliate Links and plugging it into your presentations while speaking, you can easily tie in products like the PowerPoint Templates Affiliate Program.  If you are at a conference with a ton of other speakers, groups about public speaking or how to become a speaker like Toast Masters or even for people who give presentations like Motivational Speakers, Match Makers, etc… you can print the shortened url onto your business card and let them know where you find your PowerPoint Templates.  The redirect will set your Affiliate Link and you will be able to make money as an Affiliate offline by using a card to hand to people who need this type of service.  Make sure to tell them to use your link so you get credit for the sale and so that you have properly disclosed the relationship.

The PowerPoint Presentation Templates Affiliate Program is an awesome program to promote.  It has high commissions, a great sales funnel and a huge market that is opened with little to no SEO competition.  If you want a custom strategy for this program or any other that we manage, please use the contact form or leave a comment below.  If you would like to join the PowerPoint Template Affiliate Program, click here.  Thank you again and we are excited to have you as a partner.

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