3 Money Making Affiliate Strategies for January

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January isn’t just the start of a new year, it’s when people have extra money from the holidays, aspirations they are going to attempt to conquer and many are ready for romance.  If you are looking for how to make money with affiliate marketing in January, here are three ways to do this based on people’s current wants and needs.

  1. New years resolutions
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Goal setting

affiliate strategies to make money in January

New Years Resolution Monetization

This one is easy.  People start the year energized to do everything from losing weight to eating healthy or getting fit.  You also have people who want to save money, travel to at least XY new cities/countries and create countless other bucket list items.  Capitalizing on this is easy and incorporating affiliate links to monetize it is even easier.  The trick here is to create evergreen copy and use modifiers to provide specific solutions and shoot for repeat revenue.

We’ll use fitness or weight loss as an example.  My fitness affiliate program ProSource can be great if you try this approach.  The trick here is to go niche or do something different.  Instead of sharing a few random exercises or saying where to buy product, go one step further.

If you have professionals who read your blog, talk about 8 exercises that you can do while at work.  Mention why they are work friendly (the gear doesn’t take up much space, they are not noisey so it won’t bother co-workers, etc…) and break your content out into sections like “can be done while typing, while on a call (not being out of breath or loud) or to help clear your mind (if you need to take a break from staring at a screen).

Maybe the resolution you’re going to focus on is weight loss and learning to cook.  (My cooking affiliate program Panna is a perfect fit for this.)  Instead of just saying to diet and give diet tips, give healthy recipes and exercises that are aimed directly towards the goals you set forth.   You also have to remember to use modifiers and go niche.

You probably won’t show up for terms like “learn to cook” or “diet recipes” in Google, but what you could try to do are “Easy-to-Make Diet Friendly Asian Recipes” or “Low Calorie, Chicken Appetizers for Bridal Showers”.   The traffic volume is lower than the generic terms, but by focusing in your content, using the right images and providing awesome content, you may be able to attract social media traffic year round from niche Pinboards as well as try to gain some organic traffic from the search engines.  You can also try adding in numbers like 8 or 11 before the recipes to help them standout a bit more and show there is a variety.

In both of these examples you are creating evergreen content that helps provide a solution for someone looking to stick to their new years resolutions, can also be relevant at other times during the year and you’re going after potentially less competitive traffic in the search engines and on social media.  You’ll still need to do work to rank and bring in traffic, but it may be easier than the big generic and high volume phrases.

Valentine’s Day Affiliate Programs

You have everything from flower and candy to lobster delivery programs, but what about the other parts of valentines?  You have everything from kids parties where you could talk about fun supplies like valentine’s cards and candies to the romance side with sexy attire for the adults.  That’s where my clients like Hips&Curves lingerie affiliate program (for the romantic posts) and Beau-coup favors (for the kids parties) come in.  But how do you make these unique?

Everyone has posts about lingerie or sexy costumes when it comes to romance and valentine’s day.  To be unique here you can try creating a theme for your audience instead and give step-by-step instructions on setting it up.  For example, if you want to be a sexy french maid, create a post about a romantic french themed valentine’s night or date.  You can start by having music and a glass of Bordeaux wine for when your partner arrives.  You can then serve french food or even prepare it using one of Panna’s recipes from the program I mentioned above.  After you can tie in setting up a fun themed path to the bedroom and talk about having your partner find you wearing a sexy french maid costume from Hips&Curves.  Giving a few examples of lingerie like balconette bras or even the accessories to complement the outfit can be a good tie in.  Hips&Curves features some great feather dusters and costume accessories as well.

A second way to create valentine’s content that can make money with lingerie is to create content about picking lingerie that meets your reader’s body shape, their specific problem area’s needs and match that to the theme or type of night.  For example, maybe you want to take things up a notch and use some novelties or accessories like a crop or massage oils.  Some of these items may require specific styles of clothing which can reveal body parts or cover others.

If it is a crop or paddle or even massage oils where you need the person’s back exposed for a massage, providing three styles of lingerie designed to fit body types like pear, banana or hourglass that also reveal the right places is what can make your content stand out.  By providing images and links to the specific styles and examples, you have now pre-sold the product and provided where to buy it while being able to earn a commission.

Goal Setting

This is a bit different than New Years Resolutions.  Goal setting can be corporate goals with the start of a new fiscal year.  It could be professional growth and it could even be things like learning new skills.

If you’re catering to businesses and their goals are to grow their company by XY or XYZ% over the next year, talking about strategies and incorporating tools to help can add value to them.  The more specific and niche you get with your modifiers, the more long tail traffic you may be able to get.

If I was writing about growing my agency, I may tie in tools that I use or will be using that also have affiliate programs for scheduling, invoicing, reporting or even monitoring and providing more capabilities for my clients and business.  I already do that throughout this site when I share affiliate links for tools like this one and this one.

By providing the how those tools provide solutions and also including strategies for that specific niche (marketing agencies or blogger traffic growth), you can naturally tie in the tools and hopefully earn some affiliate commissions.  Another example could be an individual advancing trying to advance their career.  There are a ton of affiliate programs that offer courses, guides and classes to learn new skills from HTML to software, design or even baking.  Just make sure you only recommend quality courses or you may lose the trust of your readers.

January is a great time to make money with affiliate marketing.  You have new years resolutions which are driving people to try new things (and possibly spend money).  There are holidays where people shop for gifts and apparel like Valentine’s coming up and you have fiscal years starting out which could mean peoples’ budgets are refreshed.  Each of these gives you opportunities to create evergreen content that can bring in traffic and revenue either year round or as each season begins again.

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