7 Best Speakers to Listen to at Affiliate Summit

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Affiliate Summit is coming up soon, and the only thing that comes up short at this show is time. You have incredible networking opportunities, tons of meetings and parties, not to mention a crowded expo hall.  But something else you won’t want to miss are the speakers.

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Affiliate Summit speakers are almost always on point, or ready to help.  They provide you with information, entertainment, and some let you know when you’re making money.  That is one of the best things about the show, you get all the networking in the world, and also access to some of the most informative speakers.  That’s why I’ve created this list of my favorite speakers to listen to at Affiliate Summit.

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If your favorite speaker from Affiliate Summit is not on it, I apologize, but this list is kept for the top 7 only.  It may change from show to show, but these are my personal choices and the reasons why.


best speakers at affiliate summit

  • 7. The Top Speakers at Affiliate Summit (and most inviting)

  • top affiliate summit speakers
  • These are the top and most inviting speakers you will find at Affiliate Summit.  Not only are the on the “top” of the entrance way, but they play you music to welcome you to the hotel and conference.  By welcoming you to the hotel and to the show, they are also the most “inviting” speakers you’ll find.
  • 6.  The Most Fun Speakers at Affiliate Summit

  • most fun speakers at affiliate summit
  • This one is a questionable choice, especially since I hate beer and cold weather, but these speakers lead you up to the beer garden where you’ll find a ton of people in the evenings and at night before the parties.  You can have bar food, fried food, and a ton of beers.  All of them are at an affordable price making it a double win if you’re on a budget.  Although it is not my idea of fun, others will disagree and clearly state these are the most fun speakers at Affiliate Summit.
  • 5. Best Speakers at Affiliate Summit in the East

    affiliate summit east speakers
    These are the best speakers to listen to at Affiliate Summit in the east.  They’re closer to the eastern part of the building than some of the others, and when they’re on stage, they entertain you.  Because they’re entertaining, but also give you quiet time to talk, that makes them some of the best speakers to listen to at Affiliate Summit in the east.

  • 4.  Best Speakers at Affiliate Summit in the West

    affiliate summit west speakers

    We couldn’t possibly talk about the best for the east without also talking about the best speakers at Affiliate Summit in the west.  If you walk westernly from the east ones, you’ll find these.  They are always playing music as a background noise.  You may here rock music, classical, relaxing, or party music.  Because they are there to create the perfect ambiance, and they’re west of some of the other speakers, they are clearly the best speakers at Affiliate Summit in the west.

  • 3. Speakers at Affiliate Summit

    affiliate summit speakers

    These are speakers at Affiliate Summit.  They aren’t part of the show, they aren’t going to be in the show, they are just at the show.  That makes them Affiliate Summit Speakers.

  • 2.  The Ones to Listen Too

    speakers to listen to at affiliate summit

    Want to know which ones to listen too?  These would be some of my choices.  When they’re on, they mean music and fun.  You’ll hear them entertain, play music and blast singing.  They are almost always entertaining when they’re on, but sometimes they’re just there to relax and help you mellow out.  That’s why they’re my choice for the ones to listen too.

  • 1.  Speakers to Make You Money at Affiliate Summit

    winning speakers at affiliate summit

    If you want to know which speakers at Affiliate Summit mean you’re making money, these are your go to options.  When they go off, it means that you’re making money.  Now it may not be as much as when you came in, you could even have less than you started with, but it definitely means you’re making money at the point in time they go off.

And those are my choices for the best speakers at Affiliate Summit.  If you have a particular favorite, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

Ohh, and before you think this is an original idea, it isn’t.  I saw a similar post a while ago on WTFSEO.com and decided I wanted to help my friends in the affiliate industry have a laugh too, especially since this is a crazy time for marketers, so I decided to post something similar.  And if you haven’t bought your tickets to Affiliate Summit yet, click here to buy them now.

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