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I wanted to give you all a heads up on a Newsletter for ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com on Share a Sale.  Click here if you are not promoting this program yet and want to join one of the best Gift Programs and Men’s Gift Shop programs available.

Hello Affiliates.

I wanted to send an update to you all to let you know we have some tools for you all to help you promote ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com on Share a Sale.

1.  Coupon Codes

2.  New Commission Tiers

3.  Articles (ideas and a pre-written article)

1.  Coupon Codes.

SAS-5 will get your website visitors 5% off their order over $100.  This coupon expires on 3/5/10.

2.  Commission Tiers.

We are about to launch a new commission tier structure for you all so that you can earn more with the ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com Program on Share a Sale.

I’ll be sending a Newsletter with the update in early March after the commission tiers are live.

3.  Articles.

I wanted to give you all a couple of Article Ideas for promoting Executive Gift Shoppe and I also pre-wrote an article for wedding sites that you are more than welcome to use.

Business and Motivation site:

Summer is coming and with Summer people want to be outside.  It isn’t always easy to keep your employees motivated when the weather is nice so why not create an office contest with a reward, or even let them go outside by forming a company softball or kickball team.  At the end of your article, don’t forget to plug our awards and trophies for the end of the contests or sports seasons.


Wine, Picnic and Gift Sites.

Summer and Spring are coming up and people are ready to get out of their houses.  Wine is also coming back full force and a great gift you can give to someone.  It is perfect if you are planning a romantic picnic or getaway with your lover, great for Picnics and Beach Days, so why not buy a wine carrier to not only look and feel classy, but also give a gift that is practical for Spring and Summer when people start to eat outside, picnic and go to barbecues.


Wedding Sites:

The links in this article will need to be set with links and products that you feel your audience would want to see as example products.  I put in a couple links that I like, but my tastes may be different than your website visitors.  I also recommend changing out some of the content so you do not end up with duplicate content on your site.

Father of the Bride Gifts from Executive Gift Shoppe.

Sometimes telling your Future Bride’s Father that you are marrying his daughter can be a very scary thing.  Even if you get along well with your future Father in Law, you may now (in his mind) be competing with him for the love of his little girl and he could also feel like you are taking her away from him.  No Dad wants to know or think that someone else will be taking care of his little girl, or know that another man is now providing for her, but to make it easier on him I always recommend having a talk with him one on one where you also give him a gift that shows you care and you will take care of his little girl.

Proposing in front of the family is one thing, but asking his permission before hand in private is a respect thing.  Having a heart to heart conversation to ask for her Father’s permission should be something you do one on one to show respect to her Dad and also to show him that you are man enough to take care of his little girl and also that you respect him enough to have the talk with him instead of blindsiding him.

Every Father In Law is going to be different and will react different, but there are a few gifts that we think have appeal across the board for a majority of Father in Laws.  We’d like to share some ideas of things that we think work well across the board so that you can worry about how to talk to your future Father in Law and not about what to bring him.

Locket Cufflinks.

url – http://www.executivegiftshoppe.com/rr-321.html image – http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/executiveengravables_2090_2013700333

url – http://www.executivegiftshoppe.com/rr-146.html image – http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/executiveengravables_2090_109654700

Cufflinks aren’t something that most people wear on a regular basis.  Especially since most companies have gone business casual.  However, cufflinks are completely appropriate and look great with clothes for weddings and formal wear.  Taking the standard cufflink and having it engraved is something that everybody does.  Why not take the normal and also take it up a notch and give him locket cufflinks with a picture of the Father’s daughter and him in them.   It not not only makes it more meaningful for him, but it shows you respect your new wife’s Dad and shows him the good job he did raising his daughter.  The two I featured here are two of my favorite locket cufflinks and ones that I always recommend for Gifts for the Father of the Bride.

Pocket Watches with Photos

url – http://www.executivegiftshoppe.com/picturewatch.html – images are available via the site.

Another great affordable and classy gift you can give to your new Father in Law is a Pocket Watch which also acts as a locket with a picture of his daughter.  Pocket watches are completely out of style, but when you are dressed for a wedding and it is traditional and formal, pocket watches just somehow work for weddings.  The Pocket watch you buy him will definitely be kept somewhere he can look at and he will definitely appreciate the thought you gave into showing him that you respect and appreciate him with a classic and “timeless” gift.  He’ll love it even more because you picked out a pocket watch locket and already put a picture with him and his little girl in it.


url – http://www.executivegiftshoppe.com/cigarhumidors.html image – http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/executiveengravables_2090_1933577304

Now, even if your Father in Law doesn’t smoke cigars, Humidors make excellent gifts. Men love them and they love to be able to keep a good cigar fresh for a long time.  Humidors aren’t necessarily a traditional gift, however when you give one to someone who enjoys a cigar, even every once in a while, it shows you have taste and class which is something many future Father in Laws will respect.

Now if your new Father In Law is an ex smoker or ex cigar smoker, you may want to rethink this as it might still be good for him, but it may anger your future Mother In Law.

Buying a unique and meaningful gift for your future Father in Law is very important and Executive Gift Shop features over 10K gifts that would be perfect.  Click here to visit ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com and find the perfect gift for your new Father In Law, your Groomsmen and everyone else in the wedding party.

Thank you all again for promoting the ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com Affiliate Program on Share a Sale and if you ever need anything for the program, please write adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.



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