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One thing I have noticed is that not enough Affiliates and Marketers are using Video within their campaigns.  Sure video can be intimidating and many people hate or think their traffic will hate when a video automatically plays on your site but the reality is that video can be one of the most important parts of your campaigns.

Online Marketing can be one of your very best friends and one of the most effective tools for driving revenue but one thing it lacks is the ability to really interact with your audience when you have a static landing page.  Sure you can hire a video spokes model or you can place an expensive but not seo friendly flash piece on your site but in reality, many people don’t have the budgets for these which is why I love video.

Not only do some of the Affiliate Networks like Share a Sale and offer tools for you to upload your own video content, but they also allow Merchants to upload video to their account for Affiliates to use with the Share a Sale video player.  It is also seriously easy to not only install but also to use.  There is absolutely no reason that people should be intimidated with including video on their sites since the Networks are making it seriously easy to install it on your site.

Video allows you to speak with a voice to your readers and visitors.  Video allows you to show the product or vendor you are recommending in action and how to use it.  It allows you to show real people using the product and real testimonials with people talking about the product which is one of the strongest ways to presell the product and help to close the deal for the Merchant and earn a commission.   I believe heavily in using video when you can so I wanted to share how to find and install Affiliate videos with the Share a Sale video tool.

How to get a Merchant uploaded video if you are a Share a Sale Affiliate.  For this example I am going to use a Legacy Learning Video.  (I hope you don’t mind Matt.  =0)).

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on get a link/banner under the Get links menu.
  3. Select which Merchant you want and click view creatives and click get links.
  4. Now if they have videos available you can click video creatives.
  5. Now select get video code for the video you want to use.
  6. Copy the video code in the opened window.
  7. Paste the code into your website html code and you are done.

That is all it takes to use and install a Share a Sale Merchant provided video on your website and here is a sample of Merchant Uploaded Video that Matt has available for his Legacy Learning Affiliate Program on Share a Sale.

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