Blocking a Merchant from your Bridaluxe Store

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So one thing that I found when I had installed the Bridaluxe php store onto my site was that there were Merchants that I purposely do not partner with because they partner with adware companies through other networks.  Others I didn’t want on my site because they have severe differences of opinions than I do not want to and I would frankly never want to see succeed and don’t trust them with my readers and site visitors.  So I ran into a common issue for many Affiliates, how do I block a Merchant and their datafeed from my site when I don’t know a think about programming.

I am way to busy to work on my sites (I rarely ever update them) let alone have time to learn how to program and code a site or edit other people’s codes.  This is why I love Bridaluxe.  Not only do Jeff and Jennifer take amazing care of all of their Affiliate partners, but they also make things so simple for us so that we can focus on our daily lives and not having to worry about how to code.

I thought that blocking Merchants was going to be a huge hassle but in reality, Jeff was able to explain it to me in just one step.  Well a couple to get to that one step.

1.  Log into your website.

2.  Open up where the store is.

3.  This is the message I got directly from Jeff.

api/settings.php file and at the bottom add “merchant ID here” to the “Merchant Exclude List” so that it looks like this:
> $exclude_list = “merchant ID here”;
> The pagination may be a little “off” but they will no longer show up on your site.

That’s it.  You just add the Merchant ID to the exclude part and they are blocked.  I love the fact that Bridaluxe is so easy to use and when I get confused with their products and their services they are always there to help me find an answer.  If you haven’t tried out the Bridaluxe Wedding Affiliate Network yet then you should really check it out.  They don’t convert amazingly well for me but the service is above and beyond one of the best and if they catch adware in their network they remove it.  This doesn’t mean their Merchants are clean by any means since many of them have programs on other networks, but they are an amazing company to work with.

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