If You Thought Q4 Was Profitable, Here are 3 Niches to Promote for Q1

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With Coupon Sites and many Affiliates rushing around like crazy because of Q4, some Affiliates who have thought ahead and done their prep work are getting ready for a less competitive and equally as profitable Q1 season.  Because most companies are stressing out and overworking during the Q4 shopping season, they burn out after New Years and want a break.  Because of this the Q1 Affiliates have a lot less competition and can dominate a few Markets which have their peak season during this time frame.  So which ones are they and why are they big during Q1?

1.  Wholesale, Resale and Returns.

Retailers, wholesalers and thrift stores go crazy after Christmas.  These groups buy as many store returns as possible during early Q1 (mainly because the returns from holiday gifts that sucked are great condition returns compared to other times when they have scratches or are damaged) because there is a huge influx and variety of quality returns that stores have to move.  Because of the overstock and need for reverse logistics, these buyers get awesome deals and retailers don’t mind a break even or small loss because if they have to keep returns in their stores they lose valuable retail space and end up with a larger loss.  In some markets they actually aren’t even allowed to resell so they have to find wholesalers, eBayers, Amazon stores, etc… to buy this stuff in bulk lots so they can have space for product that they are allowed to sell.  By targeting eBay buyers and finding programs like the eBay Resellers Marketplace you can not only make money on these high ticket value bulk buys, but you will also be able to take advantage of a niche and time frame that many Affiliates don’t even think about.

2.  As Seen On TV.

Who doesn’t love As Seen On TV products?  I always get suckered in and buy them too.  Most of the things I have bought actually do work, the issue is how well they work.  Regardless of anything though, Q1 is a huge season for As Seen On TV Affiliate programs because of the hike in Media spends and the captive audience.

Most people think that media gets cheaper after the holidays because major retailers are pulling out their holiday ad budgets.  The reality is that media actually increases in cost during Q1 and As Seen On TV companies have to spend more.  The reason why they are ok with spending more and running more media during Q1 is because of the weather.

Because it is cold out in much of the US people stay inside.  While they are home they watch TV and retailers, especially As Seen On TV companies love this captive audience.  People shop for tons of As Seen On TV products because what do you love more than an addictive infomercial while you are trapped in your house?   You not only have a captive audience, but you have one looking for a friend or a relief from being trapped inside.  You get more eyeballs on your show and you get a better reach which usually means better sales.  As Seen On TV Affiliates programs like Keniks on Share a Sale are great selections to get a large boost of income during Q1.  I would be cautious of joining any in house or multiple network programs though.

3.  Jobs and Careers.

The job market booms after the holidays.  Companies have money to invest in new talent from holiday sales and Non Profits and Associations are looking to invest in talent with their holiday donations.  There are multiple reasons that Q1 is a huge job market and promoting job Affiliate programs is an awesome way to earn extra money during Q1.  Jobs and resumes also go hand in hand during Q1 as well.

Some unemployed people make get extra cash for the holidays and they understand the value of investing in getting a new career by having a more professional resume.  By having a bit of extra cash and seeing more jobs available, you may not only get an increase in leads, but you have a great chance at getting the cross sell of a resume.  This is a great opportunity for Affiliates.

There are plenty of other Markets like Relationships, Engagement Parties and even Breakup Merchants as people fall in love, feel lonely or get engaged during the holidays.  While everyone is scrambling during Q4 and competing with each other for the increase in traffic and spending, you could be preparing for an equally as profitable Q1 shopping season by looking to the reverse logistics, Job, Infomercial and other post holiday niches.   Q1 can be just as profitable and you’ll have a few weeks with little to no competition since everyone is taking a break from the stress and workload from Q4.  One of the secrets to being a successful Affiliate is finding the niches and seasons without a ton of competition.  The early part of Q1 is one of those seasons and one that you have to be crazy to try and pass up.  Q1 is your Q4 for many smart Affiliates.

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