Lets Make Money This Q4 – Monetizing With Video – Part 1

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I am getting stumped from writers block so I decided to do a series of posts and use real life examples of how you can begin to make money online this holiday season using different marketing techniques, channels and more.  For the first post of this series about making money online, I am going to do a post using Videos to make money.  I’ll teach a few techniques and what to think about as well as use a tool that I love and am the Affiliate Program Manager for, so that you can use them to try to make money with your own website or blog with videos this holiday season.

The tool I am going to use is Viewbix which you can see below.  I have set up the player and loaded it with Affiliate links.  In this post I’m going to go through how I am using it to make money selling products with videos online.   Here is what I did and what my thought process is.  (I am also using GiftBasketsOverseas.com as an example with links because they are a brand new client.  We are currently cleaning their program to make it more Affiliate friendly and I hope you all join them on Share a Sale.).  The first thing I did was think what type of site or readers I have.  In this case it would be a crafting, DIY, gift, Mommy or Daddy blog, Military family blog, sending gifts to troops overseas, etc…  I then think about what people would be looking for around the holidays and ways to provide them with solutions.  I eventually decided on creating Giftbaskets.  Here’s how I take the idea of giftbaskets and monetize them with video on my websites.

1.  I log into Viewbix (they have free accounts as well) and then I search for a gift basket building video that I think my readers would like.

2.  The first thing I always do is add on my newsletter sign up tab so I can get sign ups from people watching the video on my site, social sites, etc…

3.  Now I take the video and look for the products they use in it and add the list app to my player.

4.  I go find a store that carries everything you would need, I chose Amazon for this example, and then link to all of  the products that would go into the gift basket from the video.  Since this is just an example and not a real video I would use, I used links to gift basket products that wouldn’t make sense or aren’t mentioned in the video.  I also include links to where you can buy already made giftbaskets and products and a service where you can ship already made giftbaskets overseas to family, clients and friends.  (I left the app called list instead of naming buy supplies here so you can see what the icon looks like.)  This way I can provide multiple solutions for people who want to learn about making a gift basket but maybe didn’t realize how hard it was all on one app and in one place.  They can buy the materials or if they think it is too difficult they now have somewhere to buy an already made one and can send it anywhere in the world.

5.  Two other things I usually add on are my RSS feed so that the people watching the video can see that I write similar things so I can get them to click through to my site.  (Unfortunately this is my adamriemer.me feed so it isn’t relevant to giftbaskets or creating a gift basket.)  The other thing I do is to add in my twitter feed, or the company who created the videos twitter feed so that the viewers can see what the creator of the video is up to and ask questions.  (I also usually give the creator credit by including their YouTube description with the details app.  The owner of the video also approved the use of it and embedding it as of right now and every view in a Viewbix player from me or whomever uses it also counts towards their view count which helps their video seo.  They can also run their own AdSense ads over their videos which helps them to make money as well.  By using Viewbix and choosing the video they have allowed enabling on, they are now able to profit off of your work as well.)

6.  Add in a clickable call to action on the top and a phrase to sell the products.  With this button you can either sell supplies, products or take someone to a post on your website where you can sign them up for your newsletter, give them a new destination for information that they may be looking for and where you can sell them more product.

7.  Now I publish the Viewbix video on my website and hope that my readers will enjoy the copy and content that they find in it, as well as click the social share buttons on the actual Viewbix player to share it so that when their friends and family watch the video on Facebook, Twitter, etc… they can all shop through my links and sign up for my newsletter.  You should try clicking on them and seeing the player on Facebook and Twitter, it’s pretty cool.

8.  The last thing to do is to write copy onto your post.  Try to make sure it is at least 35o unique words (try to make your minimum 500 words if you can) and talk about how to create your own gift basket.  Mention products like the crinkled paper strips for support and decoration and link to them off of the keywords with your links.  Talk about styrofoam and what you’ll need for support depending on the types of baskets you use.  You may also want to create a part of your post about which types of baskets are good for which types of products and what they’ll need for them.  These are all great ways to make money off the content around the video you’ve placed on your site.  Another thing you could do is help to match colored ribbons and products to the colors of the baskets and show color combinations of crinkled paper, etc…

Things to think about when choosing or making a video:

1.  Does the person appeal to your readers?

2.  Are they showing ads over your ads and their video?

3.  What is the solution you are trying to provide.  Does your script or the script in the video solve it quickly, easily and provide a way that all of your readers could use it for a solution.

4.  Does the video pre-sell the products needed well enough to get someone to shop?

5.  Does your copy sell why they need the products and why they should shop through your referrals?

6.  Do you thank the viewers for watching and ask them to visit your site and do you mention your url or show it across the screen?

Video is the perfect way to make money during the Q4 season.  If you have the product on hand you can demonstrate it to show it works and use Viewbix to tell people where to click to find the best deals.  You can also load coupons for specific stores into the list app as well to help close even more sales (especially on social media sites).  In your video you should pre-sell the product, why they need the different things to create it and also provide solutions on where your readers can find what they need.  You should also try to get your url stuck in the viewers’ heads so that you can build more traffic and drive more new readers as well as build your brand with them.  You should also try tools like Viewbix which have a free option to monetize your videos and sites.

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2 thoughts on “Lets Make Money This Q4 – Monetizing With Video – Part 1”

  1. This is awesome! It will definitely be something I implement as I’m trying to use more video in my online marketing.

    Thanks for sharing such a thorough post.

    1. No problem at all. Each Monday for the next few weeks I’ll be doing another part in the series. Wednesdays are other topics and Fridays are now giveaways. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get them by email. Thanks for reading.

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