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It is not often that I decide to mention a specific product as opposed to a Marketing Channel, a Marketing Method or a Client or a Program, but when I find a product that I really feel has a ton of potential and can cross a ton of boundaries, sometimes it is worth dedicating a post to a single product. Luckily in this case the product is actually available from one of my Clients as well. This product is called the Power Cop and it has a ton of potential for everyone to make money with. So why am I excited about the Power Cop available through the Internet Direct Response Affiliate program on Share a Sale. It is because of the solution it provides and the reach it gives into different niches.

Before I get into the product, I do want to let you know that I do have some unique articles for you to use on your sites so that all you need to do is post the article and put up your Affiliate Links and you are good to go. The articles are on a first come first serve basis so send me an email or leave a comment below and I will gladly get back to you with a unique copy of an article and you will be ready to market this product without much work at all.

The Power Cop is an electronic device that allows parents to have some peace of mind when it comes to their kids wasting time playing video games, watching tv or sitting around brain dead with their favorite electronics.  When Parents are at work and their kids get home from school before them, or when they are on a weekend getaway, they usually wonder if their kids are listening to their instructions to not spend the day watching movies or playing video games but to go out and be active.  Now Parents can set the Power Cop to only allow a certain amount of time for an electronic device to be used.

The Power Cop has a built in timer and a key lock on the top that only the Parents who have the keys can access.  You can set the timer to only allow devices to have a certain amount of time to be on and then when the time is about to end the device shuts off.  One nice thing about the Power Cop for your kids is that it comes with a warning when their time is about to run out so that they know when it is time to save their games or hit the DVR.  If a parent buys two or three Power Cops, they can gain more control and make it so that their kids can only play video games for one hour and by setting the second Power Cop for two hours they can make it so that their kids can continue to watch TV for 1 hour after the video game shuts off.  By taking control over the amount of time that their kids can waste using electronics, Parents can make it so that if their kids want to be entertained they either need to go outside and get some exercise or it encourages them to find other more challenging things to do like their homework, reading books or even social skill building things like playing board games with friends.   Another way to look at the Power Cop for your websites is the Eco-Friendly route.

Because the Power Cop shuts off after a certain amount of time, your kids (or husband in some cases) won’t be able to leave the TV or other energy draining electronics on because Power Cop will automatically shut them off.  Not only can this help to save your website visitors money on their electric bills, but it may also help them to be more energy efficient which can somewhat be looked at as being a bit more eco friendly.

There are a ton of ways to promote the Power Cop and because it is something that Parents should be able understand and see the need for, not to mention they should be able to see the benefits it can have on their household without even seeing the TV media campaigns that will be running shortly.  It is a product that should always be in demand as long as people will be having kids and those kids will probably always try to get extra tv, video game or time in with their favorite electronics.

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