Share a Sale and Bowling for Boobies

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I have to say, Affiliate Summit this year has been unbelievably the most successful and educational one to date.  Not only is there a huge group of people I have never seen before, but there is a whole flock of new sites, new merchants and new industry vendors which are really pushing the boundaries of what we consider traditional Affiliate Marketing.  Before I get into all of the new vendors and Merchants I have met this trip, I wanted to focus this post on thanking a couple groups of people.

The first one is Share a Sale and their under the stars party last night.

Share a Sale completely had the most amazing event on earth last night.  They took a boring ballroom and turned it into the most amazing birthday party on earth.  They not only set up huge flat screen tvs with wii and bowling, an arcade with some seriously cool racing games, an ice cream bar, pizza bar, fondue fountain, cupcakes, (fruit and healthy food), and most importantly a Moon Bounce.  The party was amazing, until the Moon Bounce Bounced out of control but when the Karaoke DJ started the party kicked into full gear.  After having a few top shelf cocktails on the house, it was time to move onto the highlight of the night.  Bowling for Boobs, a breast cancer fundraiser put on by GTO Management and, Things from Another World and some other companies.

Not only was this an amazing event, but I am pretty sure that the sponsors were able to raise nearly $3,000USD for Breast Cancer.  This was an amazing event, an amazing time and The GTO Management team put on a class act which ended the Share a Sale party on a perfect note.

I just wanted to thank them all for an amazing night and if you are not currently working with GTO’s Clients and you are an Affiliate and you are not on Share a Sale, you are all missing out.  They have some amazing programs and both companies put on great events lastnight with amazing networking, a great time and they really showed that this industry is still strong and the most fun one out there.

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6 thoughts on “Share a Sale and Bowling for Boobies”

    1. No problem Wade. You all put on an excellent event and raised a ton of money for a great cause. I changed the link out as well for you guys.

    1. Dale, you and your partner are amazing. I wasn’t sure of the official url for Things from another world, especially because you don’t carry Tank Girl, ;-). think tank 2006 so I didn’t include the link. Adding it in now! TFAW is an amazing company with an amazing program!

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