Paid Advertising on Facebook for FanPages and Converting the Traffic.

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So if you have worked with me, you know my feelings on AdServing and my feelings on Facebook Advertising.  Although I only recommend it for a few niches, there is one thing that I think could do very well with Facebook advertising.  Using the interactive banners to sign people up for your fan page.

Not only will they be signing up for your fan page, but you can start showing them what your customers or your clients are saying about you.  Show them that you are legit.  You can also then remarket to them numerous ways to help start making your Facebook advertising not only profitable, but also build your own internal email lists, customers and fan bases.

The first thing is to get them to your fan page to see that people like you and work with you or shop from you.

By showing them you are real and other people use and trust you, you not only build their trust, but you also begin to engage them and get them to pay more attention to you.  You can also start to get them to want to check out your products or services by providing things they may want like coupons, tips on your service or how to do things, or even show new products and services that aren’t available anywhere else or on the Market yet.

Once you have your fans paying attention to your updates, your next step should be trying to get them to come to your website.   Once they are on your website the hard part begins, converting them into sales.

It doesn’t sound like this is hard, but from a Social Media point, you have then engaged, but they aren’t necessarily a customer yet.  You still have to have a site that clearly states the message you used to bring them there and also one that your customers trust so that they are more likely to shop on it.   You also need to try to get as much information from them so you can remarket to them over and over.

The first thing to do is to capture their email address by either annoying them with a pop up (I hate these and do not recommend them in most cases) or by doing things like making sure you have a visible newsletter sign up box.

Once you have them on your Newsletter, you now know that they do have an interest in your company and you can also start remarketing to them over and over to start making your money back from the advertising expense on Facebook.  (Measuring this and tracking it is something you’ll have to contact me directly for.  Same with remarketing through Newsletters).

Now, the next thing after getting them to sign up for your newsletter (You could also wait until they are in the checkout process, but since they came through Social Media from your AdServing, there is a pretty good chance they may not be in shopping mode yet; but are probably looking around to find out more about your products and services which is why I recommend going for the email address first) is to get them to convert into an actual customer or into a sale or whatever your end goal is.

To create the conversion you have to be bit more creative and also be an expert with carrying the messages across that brought them to your fan page in the first place.

Think about the reason they came to sign up for your newsletter and your Facebook Fanpage in the first place.  Match that message when they get to your site because that is the entire reason they clicked through in the first place.  You can do this a bunch of ways (including the landing page, the creative, the layout, etc…) but make sure you keep it going and keep it consistent through the checkout process because that is why they found you and if that message breaks, they may lose interest.   You may also want to keep them in a separate database so you can relay that same message back to them with your first newsletter or email campaign.

Anyways, there are a ton of advertising options on Facebook and a ton that could be great for your business.  The one that I recommend the most is to use the Fanpage ads where they can sign up for your Fanpage directly since it has the longest potential rate of return and highest potential ROI in the long run.

These are just my opinions, but for me, Fanpage advertising is the first paid Facebook Advertising I would recommend and probably one of the only ones I would recommend for paid advertising on Facebook.  If you do decide to advertise there, make sure you know about Ad Serving and the risks associated with it before hand because if you don’t, you can lose even more money and a lot faster than you can with PPC.

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