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I am very excited to announce that I have now launched the Affiliate program which is exclusive to Share a Sale.  (Share a Sale is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year!  Congratulations Share a Sale!)  So what is the Jobfox Affiliate program and why should you be excited about it?  The Affiliate program is one that is easily going to take over its niche and is a great fit for virtually any content site out there.  The Jobfox Affiliate program is not only versatile and not to mention that is an Alexa 10,000 site, but while I am managing it it will remain Exclusive to Share a Sale and will also be Parasite Free.  It doesn’t matter if the adware is inactive in Share a Sale, it will not be allowed in our program.  So what does the Affiliate program pay, why is it so versatile and why would it be a fit on your site?

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Jobfox Affiliate program is a program that helps your website visitors find a new career and improve their resume.  Focusing on Manager level and up Careers, we are happy to pay out a lead for each US based job seeker that successfully signs up for a free account on  Even though we have a focus on Manager level and up jobs, we still feature tens of thousands of jobs that are non management because we do understand that everyone has to start somewhere and we want to fulfill the needs of each job seeker.  We also still pay out the same lead for non management and executive level sign ups.

The thing that makes unique is that instead of letting people search randomly through thousands of job listings, we start by sending them through our job matching questionnaire.   It’s sort of like a dating site except instead of getting matched to a person, you get results with multiple companies that are a match for you and you for their open positions.  If you don’t like any of the matches we set up, once your traffic is logged into their accounts, they are then able to search through our entire database of open positions. is also one of the largest resume writing services in the world.

Just like with our job matching system, instead of handing off a job seeker to a random but experienced resume writer like many of our competitors, each resume customer talks to one of our in house resume specialists who will pair them with a professional resume writer that has experience in your website visitor’s particular niche.  This is important because having someone who has experience hiring, working and writing resumes in your traffic’s field not only helps to get a better resume because the writer understands what their peers are looking for, but they also know how to make your resume stand out to their peers by featuring job specific qualifications that only someone in your website visitor’s industry would know.  The professional resume writers have on average at least 10 years of experience and each are certified as professional resume writers.  These are only two of the things that make unique and our Affiliate program one that you should definitely check out.

The Jobfox Affiliate program pays:

  • $3 for each US based job seeker that successfully completes a free profile.
  • 25% commissions for resume sales. (AOV of $400)
  • 60 day cookies.
  • We gladly create custom creatives for your sites.
  • Job datafeeds, 70,000+ management and up level jobs. (Coming soon)
  • Video creative. (Coming soon)
  • Parasite resistance.  (We have a zero adware tolerance policy).
  • Attentive management.
  • Bonuses based on performance and quality of leads.

How is the Affiliate program a fit for my site?

The thing that I love about the Jobfox Affiliate program is that it is amazingly versatile.  No matter what type of site you have, chances are that some of your traffic is probably unemployed or maybe not happy at their current company.  Because we feature a huge selection of jobs and we also have a ton of categories including cities, fields and career level, you can really target it to your audience.  Lets break it down some more.

Niche Industry Sites.

If you have a niche site about Marketing, Graphic Design, Hospitals or Healthcare, even Insurance policies and leads, we can create banners and will soon be able to divide the feed up to show only relevant results for you.  This means that while people are looking for Marketing advice on your blog, you can tempt them to look for a new career in Marketing by signing up for a free profile.  You’ll eventually be able to feed in live Marketing Job listings as well.

If you give away tips on how to use Photoshop or other Graphic Design Tools, why not show freelance Designers or even Graphic Designers with full time jobs what else is opened in their area and how much more they could be making at a different company.  Show Nurses looking to vent about their day or who are reading about new treatments what hospitals or private practices are hiring and show Insurance Sales People what other great opportunities there are.  You could also show them why they may want to switch from outdoor sales to indoor or move into sales management and then use a widget to show open positions in their field.  We will gladly create the custom creatives for you and when our feed is ready for Share a Sale, we’ll work at creating job widgets and custom feeds specifically for your niche site.

Niche City, Town or Travel Sites.

One thing that is great for tourist traffic or even sites about the weather in local cities is that the Affiliate program is perfect for you as well.  Not only do we have job searches by city, but you’ll be able to break up our feed by city as well.  If you have a website about the weather in Atlanta for example, you’ll be able to show a banner for Atlanta Jobs.   You will also eventually be able to display a widget with actual live job listings in the Atlanta Area.

If you have a site about events and social events in NYC, why not also show live listings for jobs in NYC?  Not only is it a great market with tons of people looking for work, but by having a diversified advertising portfolio you will be adding more value to your visitors and be giving them reasons to come back to your site.  You may even want to create a page or section specifically devoted to NYC Jobs and use our full NYC job feed.   That is a great way to not only get people coming back to your site by adding value, but also a great way to earn extra money with our Affiliate program.

Life coaching, job hunting sites and job boards.

Although this is an obvious fit for Jobfox Jobs, another great option is to promote the resume side of the business.  Not only are resumes a huge part of getting called in for an interview, but professionally written resumes using the proper keywords are what get your resume passed automated screening tools.  When you are going through executive training and life coaching they teach you about changing the things that are not going right and how to properly plan for reaching your goals.  One of those things or at least something that can easily run alongside that is a properly written and professional resume.  If you are using the same resume format that you used to get your first job or even a Managerial job, chances are that it is not right for a VP or even a Director level position.  Part of executive and life coaching is correcting things like this and that is why using text links and banner ads for our resume writing service is a perfect fit for these types of sites.

If you have a job board, why not feature a professional resume writing service as a cross sell?  They are great compliments for each other.  We’ll even help you create copy or a new page to help cross sell our resume writing services.  You can also incorporate our job feed into your current results to expand your reach and help provide a better job search with more results for your website visitors.  The Jobfox Affiliate program is perfect for this type of site.

The Affiliate program is perfect for newsletter lists, article marketing, PPC (because of the tons of long tail keywords and ways to geotarget your search terms and results) as well as many other types of sites.  It is brand new so there isn’t much competition in it yet and because Q1 is one of the busiest job searching seasons of the year, now is the perfect time to join the Affiliate program and start helping your website visitors find their next career.

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