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I’d like to introduce you all to one of the coolest Affiliate programs out there, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm exclusively on Share a Sale.  A Worm Farm sounds like an odd type of thing to promote, but when you actually “dig” into the Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm product lines and the uses for his products it becomes a lot more clear as to why this has so much potential and can work in a few niches that still have little competition with high search volumes and demand.  So let’s “dig up some dirt” and get to “growing” some results from the “ground” up.  (Sorry I couldn’t resist).

What does Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm sell?

Uncle Jim’s most famous product is his worms.  Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been in business for over 40 years and has appeared on Oprah and been given fantastic reviews by many happy customers.  Besides the Red Wiggler Worms that many people use for fishing, feeding pets like lizards and fish farms and the other types of worms that Uncle Jim’s sells, he also has an entire line of eco friendly and worm friendly products.

Uncle Jim’s is a leading seller of indoor and outdoor composters.   Not only is composting a quick growing trend, but worm composting is also becoming insanely popular and highly recommended by many composting websites.  Besides composting, you can use the worms to help improve the quality of your soil.  Because worms can help give you healthy soil, if you have a gardening site you can recommend buying worms to the people who read your site and show the benefits.  If you think they may want more than worms for their gardens, Uncle Jim’s also sells tomato seeds, books and even vermipods or Earthworm eggs.  With all of that said though, one of the more popular products for kids and educational sites is the mini worm farm.

Not only will your child learn about how worms help the earth, but they can also learn valuable lessons about gardening, planting and other things that worms do to help make their lives even better.

Who should promote Uncle Jim’s and what types of Affiliates are accepted?

Everyone who wants to earn money with an eco friendly program.  We are perfect for sites about fishing, animals and pets that eat worms, gardening, composting, green sites, educational sites, PPC Affiliates, Couponers and Loyalty Sites (some limitations apply), article marketing, social media sites and more.   The only things we do not allow are bidding on our trademarks and extensions and adware including reminderware, ppv, loyaltyware, toolbars, bhos, or whatever you want to call it.

Uncle Jim’s pays a 7% commission, will have a full datafeed shortly, a great selection of banners, 30 day cookies and of course attentive and dedicated management.  Join the Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Affiliate program on Share a Sale today and find out why this is a fast growing and very high earning potential program.

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