A tool I didn’t want, think I needed and now love – Shareist

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When someone first started to talk to me about Scott Jangro’s new project Shareist, it didn’t sound at all interesting.  I didn’t see the benefit, the value, etc…  The other week I finally decided to give it a shot, mainly because someone I was writing a guest post for is only using Shareist now, and I am actually amazed I didn’t try it before.  Shareist basically acts like your Social Media dashboard and a multi-functional blogging dashboard in the same place.  Here’s what I love about it, and for a change I don’t actually have many if any negative things to say about a product.

Benefits for blogging or using multiple wordpress sites.

Those of you who use wordpress or wordpress providers like studiopress (which I am starting to love), this is an awesome tool.  You can actually take all of your blogs and add them on as Notebooks.  Then you can add pages to your notebooks which work like blog posts.  You’ll see everything you need from wordpress inside of Shareist like your categories, tags, body copy, etc… and be able to post to any blog you’d like from the same dashboard.  What I also like is that I can invite people to be a contributor through Shareist and instead of having to teach them wordpress, Shareist is a much simpler platform and has an easy layout so that you don’t need to teach a new system.  (I did get confused at first, but it’s because I didn’t click on the + box to add a text box and because my computer was dying so it wasn’t Shareist’s fault.)  It’s a huge time saver for new Bloggers who have never used a blogging platform before.   The other thing that is nice is that you can also have other notebooks for other sites you guest blog on.  Now you don’t have to remember their urls or log ins and can have it saved with everything else and in one place.

Benefits for social media sites.

I love this because I can combine all of my accounts (like in Hootsuite) and have pretty much all of the functionality of social dashboards in one place at one time.  This is awesome because when I finish a blog post, like this one.  I can save and publish then instantly start to share across all the social channels I use, depending on the site.  This is a huge time saver because I no longer have to log into a ton of sites just to be able to share a link.  This is one of the biggest things that sold me on Shareist.


One feature I haven’t tried yet but am excited to try is for Affiliates.  With Shareist you can enter in the merchants whose programs you are in, your Affiliate ID and have Shareist automatically apply your Affiliate links off of keywords for you.  Now instead of having to have a rev. share with someone else, you can have this automatically done for you.

So far I have loved everything about Shareist except that there was no auto save when you are writing a blog post.  Luckily I posted on Facebook and within a day or two, Scott had built an auto save to help correct this.  That is one of the things I love about these tools before they get to big.  The support you get is amazing and they actually listen to and care about the things that matter to you.  This way you can get a tool that works and does almost everything you want or need it to.

Some of the other features which I haven’t used yet are the analytics, some of the app integrations and the customization you can use.  I didn’t think I’d even want to use a system like Shareist, and didn’t see a point in it until I tried it.  Now I think it is an amazing time saver and something that you need to use if you are a Blogger, Affiliate or if you do anything with Social Media.  It is an awesome free tool that you should definitely check out.

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4 thoughts on “A tool I didn’t want, think I needed and now love – Shareist”

  1. The affiliates feature isn’t quite as you describe it. What Shareist will let you do is to set up your affiliate links and ID’s in the Shareist system so that whenever you insert a link to the site that you have an affiliate relationship with, it will be converted to a tracking link. It takes a little manual set up for each affiliate relationship, but once you’ve done this, any time you drop in a link to one of the sites you’re connected to, you’ll be affiliate linked without having to worry about it.

  2. Adam-

    Thank you for the review. This is very helpful for my decision making process. One question I have with these kind of compilation tools is that I heard if you post to multiple social media sites without directly logging in to each, you are greatly diminishing the SEO benefits of your posts. I’m not sure if this is accurate information but please let me know what you think.

    1. Hi Duncan,

      As far as I know, whether you log into each site or whether you use a dashboard makes no difference on your SEO. As long as all of your attributes are in place you are good to go. It doesn’t make a difference where you log in from as far as SEO goes.

      Thanks again for reading.


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