10 Places To Monetize Your Newsletters & Emails (You didn’t know about).

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Most of us send newsletters monthly, when we have a new blog post or when we want to push a product or service.  What we forget is that your email is list is an amazing way to drive revenue without even using the email itself.

Here are ten ways that you can monetize your newsletter list or email campaigns by using these missed opportunities.  Btw, if you don’t have or use a newsletter, you should start now.  It is the difference between success and failure for a ton of the largest companies, websites and bloggers I know.  I use this service and highly recommend them.

By @ArsGera / purchased from DepositPhotos.com
By @ArsGera / purchased from DepositPhotos.com

How to monetize emails and newsletters.

1.  The confirmation email

This is a huge missed opportunity to make money with email marketing.  These emails are usually basic, plain and only have a link on them to click to verify.  Once they’ve clicked the link, use the rest of the space below to make money from your email campaigns by offering products or services, getting them to follow you on social sites or by cross promoting with another similar companies or websites.

On their confirmation email they just have to click a link to verify, and under that link you can place a banner, visit our advertisers and sponsors, or even cross promote by selling space and saying “after you click the link to verify, check out XYZ site or blog”.  This is one of the more commonly missed opportunities to make money with your email campaigns. 

2.  The confirmation redirect page

Once the subscriber has clicked the link to confirm they want to subscribe to your newsletter or email list, you can either let them stay on the confirmation page or redirect them to whatever page you would like.  You can easily set up the redirection page to wait for 20 seconds or whatever time you’d like, and have a link at the top that says if this page doesn’t redirect in 20 seconds, click here.  Instead of showing them a blank page while they wait to redirect, show them a banner ad, your social media profiles and let them click through to open a new page (so they still redirect to your site) and now you have more chances to make money.

3.  Your landing page after signing up 

Once someone signs up for your newsletter, if you have them land on another page because they don’t use a simple form like the one from the service I mentioned above.  Use this page to have your social profiles and you can also provide links to the best places within your site and have a few ad spaces available for sale or for Affiliate Links.  This is wasted space if you have it blank or only tell your subscribers, click to go back to our site.  You can also use this page to guide them to popular pages or posts and show the subscribers some of your sponsors.  Since they already signed up for your newsletter, they have an interest in you so this is also a great opportunity to have your follow me on XYZ social sites.

How to monetize your actual emails and newsletters.

4.  On the email in the copy with text links 

One thing that many of us forget is that we write amazing copy in our newsletters and emails.  That is why people subscribe to them.  One thing we normally forget is that when we mention a lot of products or services or resources and we don’t link to them or monetize when we mention them.

By thinking about what products or resources you mention in your newsletters and that you talk about them because they add value to the content, link to where the person can buy or find out more information.  If they have an Affiliate or Referral Program, this is a great place to earn money when you would have sent your traffic to the vendor for free anyways.

5.  Banners within the header, footer and middle section

One popular place to make money with emails is to place banners within them.  Depending on your design, you could use a header banner or a footer or a horizontal one in the middle.  One thing I do that tends to work very well is to place a small grid of images where some may be regular image links and others could be ads.

I clearly label the ads as ads so my subscribers know the difference and because I think that being honest with them is a better policy and will hopefully keep them around longer and possibly clicking through more.  I don’t have any data to back this up and probably won’t test it so please don’t ask if it works better.

6.  On a co-reg page

Almost all of us have another company or Blogger or someone with a similar site or complimentary service that we work with and are happy to cross promote.  One great thing you can do is after the subscriber fills out your form, offer them another newsletter list for those companies that you have a close relationship with.

You can either trade the sign up with the company or sell it to them and you can also place an ad on this form to get extra impressions, click throughs and sales.  They’ve already subscribed to you and if you are already doing a co-reg after, don’t be afraid to place a relevant banner and sell it as ad space or use a relevant Affiliate banner ad.

Other places to make money with email marketing and email campaigns.

7.  The view on the web link that points to a webpage

Many newsletters and email campaigns have a view on the web link.  If yours does not, you may take your newsletters and place them within your site or have them automatically upload to your site for people that like to view your email campaigns as a website.  If you do have them on your site, change the view on the web link to point to that page and tie in Adsense, Affiliate Ads or other things that could help you to make money with your email marketing and campaigns.  They’re already coming to these pages and if the only thing that exists is your email, you are missing out on pageviews that you could use to increase your total impressions, click throughs and hopefully drive more sales.

8.  Selling follow other accounts and social sharing icons on landing pages

A lot of companies and some Bloggers set up landing pages for their email campaigns.  If they are already including social media sharing and follow buttons on these pages, why not sell the space after your subscribers Share the landing page and deal with their followers and fans.  Some sharing buttons will allow you to include a one or two profiles that you recommend following after the share is complete.  You can either sell this space or trade it to someone else if they add you to theirs.  This is a great missed opportunity to make money with email marketing campaigns and landing pages.

Here is where you can do it on the Twitter sharing icon as an example.  If you open up the settings on the plugin it asks for a default recommended Twitter user.

how to tell twitter to follow someone

9.  Selling sign-ups or space on an impression basis for other newsletters after they subscribe to your newsletter (i.e. offer would you like to sign up for xyz as well).

Create a co-reg and sell the space to companies or other sites you trust and know won’t spam your subscribers and readers.  Make sure you only do a co-reg with companies you trust since you always want you readers and subscribers to trust your opinions and recommendations.

10.  Archiving newsletters on your site for content if they aren’t blog posts

If you have an indexable and searchable archive of your newsletters, these are amazing opportunities to make money.  If you aren’t creating an online archive of your quality content, then start.  You are sending these emails because they add value and if they don’t exist anywhere else, add them into a newsletters section on your site or on your blog.

Now you can use it for a reference or inspiration for new newsletters, you can have your newsletters indexed by the search engines and also keep all of your ads on them in tact and getting attention and click from new visitors from other channels.  Having new visitors find your newsletter archive could also inspire them to want to sign up and join your newsletter as well.  You also now have a ton of new content for your site for the ads that already exist within it which can hopefully help you get more impressions, click throughs and sales.

Email marketing has always been a great way to make money online.  There are almost always places that you can monetize your email marketing or monetize your newsletters better.  Think about the entire process of how a person signs up, what appears after they do, what emails you send them to confirm they want to opt-in and even the co-reg pages, landing pages and your newsletter archives.  These are all amazing places where you can make money with email marketing and not have to add anything else into your actual newsletters.  You also want to remember that when you mention products or services, use your Affiliate links to point to them or even show a banner or product links within the email.  It can add value if done right and help you to make more money with your email marketing and newsletter lists.

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8 thoughts on “10 Places To Monetize Your Newsletters & Emails (You didn’t know about).”

  1. Great advice and strategies Adam. I’ve been building a list for several years now and these tips are spot on. I especially liked your idea of archiving newsletters.

  2. Thanks for the tips and advice. I’m about implementing email sign ups on our voucher site, definitely these tips will come in handy

  3. Hey Adam,
    I really enjoyed reading your article.
    Some very useful tips that that i never would have thought of and to keep in mind for our next emails!
    Thank you for the great Advice!

  4. Hello,
    In “5. Banners within the header, footer and middle section” you mention placing ads in the email. Are these your own banners or other outside ads? If they’re outside ads, how do you sell that position?


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for the comment. You can sell them however you’d like. You can also use whatever types of banners you want. It’s your newsletter so you have to determine what is the best fit. If you want to add it to your media kit, a great way is to create a sample newsletters and show large outlined boxes with the spaces, what they’re called and how much they cost per drop, a series of newsletters, etc…

      I hope this helps,


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