Conferences and Shows to Attend in 2014 – & Musical Monday

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I’ve decided to cut down on travel, tradeshows and speaking a lot this year.  Instead of going to a million shows, I went through the ones that I get the best ROI on and those are the only ones I am planning on attending.  There are plenty of other shows out there that are great like SMX West which has an awesome line up of speakers, so this list isn’t all of the shows that are worth going to.  The list is only Marketing tradeshows that I have been to and turned a positive ROI, and am speaking at this year.  I highly recommend them and recommend you go.   Below you’ll find my Affiliate Links if they have a program or coupon codes if they give them out.  However, before we get into the shows, I felt like sharing a couple of showtunes for Musical Monday with you all.

The reason I’m doing Musical Mondays today is because these are all showtunes that helped me at some point in my career or motivate me, and they are just awesome songs to listen to while you work.  Here are 5 showtunes for this week to help motivate, encourage and help you get everything done.  Feel free to skip them to find the conference list and what marketing shows I think are worth your money this year.

Marketing conferences worth attending in 2014

Pubcon NOLA in March.  The thing I love about this show is that it isn’t as big as the Vegas show and you can get a lot of individual attention from speakers at networking events.  This show is where I go to learn more about SEO, Social Media and Blogging.  I’ve learned more from networking and attending sessions at Pubcon during one show than I have at any of the other SEO shows I’ve gone to combined.  If you are opened to traveling to New Orleans in a couple weeks (over St. Patricks Day) then I highly recommend going.  I also have a 20% off coupon code for Pubcon NOLA “rc-5644020”.  If you do go, I have a spotlight session on adware and attribution.  It is adware inclusive of everything from Media Buying companies to PPC agencies that use it and not just one channel.

Shortly after Pubcon is AMDays UK.  I spoke there last year and had an amazing time.  The thing I really like about it is that it runs next to SMX London so you get to talk to Affiliate Managers and Merchants as well as some amazing SEOs.  You get a ton of great people all together and some awesome networking and ways to learn about the channel you work in.  I also got a lot of leads from this show so I highly recommend it if you are an Affiliate Manager and can go to the UK.

marketing conferences to go to 2014
marketing conferences to go to 2014Buy tickets to Affiliate Summit Here

Affiliate Summit East NYC in August – Everyone knows I am a huge fan of and supporter of Affiliate Summit East and West.  I even wrote this post about 100 reasons to go to Affiliate Summit.  Affiliate Summit is the leading, best and number one all inclusive Affiliate Marketing show.  You can learn everything from Blogging and SEO to PPC and Conversion Rate Optimization.  Because Affiliate Marketing uses everything from Adware to Social Media, the sessions and information are for almost everyone from every field and every niche.  That is only one of the reasons you need to go to Affiliate Summit.  The networking is also unbeatable.  You’ll meet a ton of people with different opinions on everything and get an awesome feel for how amazing the Affiliate Industry is and why it is my favorite marketing channel.

After Affiliate Summit I have a couple of small sessions I am doing as favors for friends and private workshops.  These are private so I cannot post them or where they are.  If you are at one, please feel free to say hi.  If you want me to do one for your company, please feel free to use the contact form.

Share a Sale Think Tank – This has always been one of the top shows for me.  It is for Merchants, Affiliates, Vendors, Agencies, Industry Veterans, etc… that work with Share a Sale.  If you don’t work with Share a Sale right now, here’s 50 reasons why you should and why I think they are the best affiliate network.  This is a must attend event if you work with Share a Sale.  I highly recommend this one.

Pubcon Vegas – This will be the first year in a long time that I will not be at Pubcon Las Vegas.  I have another show during the same time so I won’t be able to make it to Vegas.  However, if you want an amazing line up of speakers on SEO, Social Media and other search channels, this is the show you need to be at.  It’s also right before Halloween so you get to have fun in Las Vegas while they are starting all of their Halloween parties which are always insane.

The shows above are the ones I am going to or highly recommend you go to.  I have almost always turned a positive ROI from them and always learned something new to help my career.  I hope you all can make it to at least one of them and if you do, come say hi.  Thank you again for reading and hope to see you at the shows.  BTW, feel free to leave your own favorite song or showtune to listen to when you’re working in the comments section.  Also, sorry about not including the Idina Menzel version of Let It Go from the Oscars last night.  I couldn’t find the official one when I searched since I wrote this before it aired.

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2 thoughts on “Conferences and Shows to Attend in 2014 – & Musical Monday”

  1. Musical Monday love it! Hey you added a clip for Linda Eder, well here’s another one. She’s amazing!

    Adam can you give a short list if other UK conferences worth attending? It think it’s worth going there if you can get to attend a few in one trip if schedule permits. I was seriously thinking about attending Linkshare London in April and am curious to what else is out there around the same time.

  2. Aprile, I don’t know of any UK affiliate marketing-related shows in April, but just as last time, in May we are going to collocate Affiliate Management Days London with SMX London. Identical dates (May 13-14), same venue, same exhibit hall and joint lunches (for maximum networking). So, I would certainly love to see you at

    In late April (on the 29th), there are also going to be Performance Marketing Awards in London.

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