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make money with viewbix list app
make money with viewbix list app

If you read this blog or follow me on social media sites, you’ll know that I am obsessed with one of my client’s products.  The product has played a large part in the success and growth of one of my blogs and if you aren’t using it, you can click here to create a free account and use the list app on Viewbix to get started and see how it can help your website, blog or business to grow.  Once you have your free account with Viewbix, then here are three different ways to use the list app to help make money and help to grow your business.

1.  Create a product/property/donations list.

The most obvious way to use the Viewbix list app to make money is to create a list of the products you mention, properties you show or charities you are trying to support that are relevant to the video in the player.  If you talk about products in the video, you can show the product image, provide a clickable link (Affiliate, direct, tracking, etc…) and write a custom description below the link to get people to click.

If you are a real estate agent, travel website, etc… you can show the properties in the video and let people make a reservation.  Another option is to sell tickets to the different things to do in the city your video is about and sell tickets for tours, make hotel reservations in that city if you mention a hotel or even earn commissions by selling reservations at restaurants, gift shops or shows at a large resort.

If you’re a non profit with multiple programs, you can link to the donations page for each program so people can donate to the one they want.  Think of what is relevant to the video and what people watching the video want.

In the example below, you’ll see that I have a video from Disney’s movie Frozen.  I only used the list app in it to sell products with Amazon Affiliate links.  I also used the free version of the player which means that although I am not able to upload a professionally designed background, I can change the colors to match the theme of the video.  I used a light blue and light yellow for it because it made me think of winter and the movie.  I tried a white button but it didn’t look as nice.  I also made it responsive for different devices.  Now as you watch the video, you may see the shopping cart icon and click on it.  If you do you’ll find a product list with merchandise, MP3s and a way to buy products from Disney’s Frozen.  You can also click on the button that says Buy Frozen Here and you’ll be taken to an amazon landing page.

Next click the Facebook or Twitter sharing buttons on the bottom of the player.  Share it to your news feed or a group or page real quick.  Now go to Facebook or Twitter or wherever you shared the ideo and click the video image.  You’ll see that the list app is still functional with the Affiliate Links in place.  Now everyone who watches will be able to see the video and shop through the trackable links for the products.


2.  Interviews, Webinars, Blogs, Downloads and B2B spaces.

customize YouTube and Website Videos

The second way that you can use the Viewbix list app to make money or grow your business is to include the people you mention, did an interview with or that contributed to the post.  By using the list app to show their faces, a link to their ebooks or their social media accounts, or even their blogs, you now have a way to motivate them to share the videos and the player.  This sharing gives you and everyone else exposure to their audiences.  If you would include the newsletter sign up app and also the follow me on social media app, as the people from the video are sharing the player, people can now find your site, social media accounts where the original content is located.  They can also join your newsletter and become a fan of your site and work growing your business or website.

3.  Link through in a series of videos

If you do a series of related videos or mention different videos in the one you use in your Viewbix player, you can use the list app to reference them.  In the original video playing, you may say that something exists in video 2 from series XYZ.  You might also say that if you want more information about blue widgets, please watch video Blue Widget 123 which goes into detail about how to use it.  Then have the list app open after you mention it or after the video plays so that people can now easily access your other videos without having to scroll through a channel or feed.

By writing a custom title and using the wording from the video to explain which video in the list app is which, you can now provide clear navigation through the series or you can help your viewers find the videos that go into more detail about specific topics.  Once those videos play or are displayed, you can now get more views, likes and shares on those videos. If you are running adsense or monetizing them, you now have more people watching and having your ads display giving you more chances to make money.

There is a YouTube app that can stream a channel through the player and display your ads while the videos stream through, but I prefer the list app so I can give a clear direction to blog posts, the exact video I mention or help people find other relevant things like infographics which can help build backlinks as well.

The Viewbix list app gives you a ton of ways to make money using video.  You can sell products, downloads or merchandise through the app.  You can list properties if you’re a real estate agent or hotel to let people set appointments and you can also add in other people’s social profiles, books and encourage them to share since it may help to increase their following and your own.  Because you can customize the lists any way you want, even to show infographics to generate backlinks that are relevant to the topic in the video or better explain a section of the video, there are a ton of different ways that the Viewbix list app can be tweaked to help you generate more revenue, help to increase your following and help you to grow you business or website.

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  1. Thanks for the post about us Adam. We actually just released a pre/mid roll feature meaning you could have this app (or any app) appear at time in the video that you choose

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