How to make money with adsense in 2013 – Change your old strategies

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Years ago everyone would focus on ranking for terms like Mesothelioma in Google to go after the giant payouts with Adsense clicks. Over the last few years, Google has gotten a lot better at targeting their ads based on browsing history, search queries, etc…, so even if you do rank for some of the higher payout terms like Mesothelioma, that doesn’t mean ads for those terms are going to show up. Instead of using the content of the page as a giant trigger for ads and using on page keywords, they also use and focus on your browsing history, past search queries, re-targeting, etc… to determine what to show. Because of this, having quality and relevant content isn’t enough to get the higher payout ads to show. Here are a few things that you may want to do to help get those ads to show instead of the lower payout ads.

Quality content

This has not changed and won’t. Your content does still need to be relevant to the types of ads you want to have show up. You also need to make sure it is accurate, high quality and can answer questions that people searching online have. By having a solution for the visitor’s query, you can solve problems and the content to content relevance can help get the higher value ads to show up. You will also have content that can cause people to provide you with backlinks and get more referrals to this page and potentially more clicks, if the ads are relevant and well written.

Create the end of the search path and experience

Because of retargeting, instead of a huge focus on the content of the page, think about how to get people to your site after they have hit the site’s that rank for the phrases that are high value clicks. Look through the top 5 sites and read their content. Think about what they didn’t answer, think about what solutions or information they didn’t provide and create pages that solves these missing things. Chances are you aren’t going to rank for the term Mesothelioma, but you can still have the ads show up on your site. If the top ten results are just lawyer’s sites or lead collection sites, the people looking for specific details about cancer or the trust fund aren’t going to find it. By being the second or third site they hit after running a couple of search queries and those visitors being on the sites that rank for that term before hitting your site, chances are people will have shown Google why Google needs to show these higher payout ads based on past browsing history, and your SEO work will be much easier because there is less competition for the terms that can still drive traffic that will see these ads.

Build relevant backlinks

One thing that is important is to build quality and relevant backlinks from topic related sites. Instead of random and generic links, or links from relevant posts on news sites, etc… focus on high quality, content relevant sites. The content to content and theme to theme relevance will help to show Google that your site is very specific about the topic you want the ads to show for. By having users who have the same topic and theme hitting your site, your site may show the relevant or topic relevant ads more often. The backlinks aren’t for SEO here, they are for driving very relevant visitors to your site about the topic you want your ads to show for. If it’s Mesothelioma, then work with sites directly related to them, don’t worry if your links are all no follow, etc… You are only concerned with bringing in visitors who are tagged with a browsing history and who are looking for something about Mesothelioma.

Use Video

This is awesome for Adsense in 2013. By adding video into your posts or on your site you can allow YouTube to include ads on and over your video for a rev share basis. I don’t know for sure, but the content of the video, keywords around the video and link pointing in from your channel dedicated to the copy could help bring in the higher paid ads over your video as well. The link back from your site to the video in the channel will also help it to rank higher in the video search results and on YouTube. You’ll also want to make sure you keep your channel relevant to the topic and only add relevant videos into your channel dedicated to the topic. You could also try adding Viewbix to your videos which I personally love and use. I also manage their Affiliate Program. I included a link in this post for tracking purposes.  The Viewbix player won’t interfere with your YouTube Adsense ads either which is good for you, your SEO and for your Adsense revenue.

 Make sure you follow their guidelines

One thing you really need to make sure of is that you follow their guidelines.  If you have three ad blocks on your site and you add in a YouTube video that has Adsense on it, you could be in violation of their TOS because you now have 4 ad blocks showing.  Being removed from Adsense isn’t fun because competitors with the amount of targeting they offer is very hard to match.  You can try Facebook, Chiquita or others, but nothing even comes close the targeting that Adsense provides.

Putting up content about a topic and getting ads that are relevant can still happen, just not as frequently or as easily.  Now you need to design a path and pattern as well as create a site that people will find after they’ve already run a few relevant search queries or visited a few topic relevant sites.  What’s nice is you don’t have to go after the extremely competitive terms like Mesothelioma and you can focus on easier to rank for terms and still have the same ads show up with the higher payouts.

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