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I’m very happy to announce a new client of mine which I am absolutely obsessed with. The company and tool is called Viewbix and it is definitely taking website video to a brand new level. So what is Viewbix and why is it able to help increase website conversions?

What is Viewbix:

Viewbix is a tool that takes any YouTube or other video that you upload to video channels and enables you to add in a ton of apps, calls to action and make your videos interactive. By logging in to the Viewbix Studio you can select from YouTube, Vimeo, etc… and find the video you want to make interactive. Then you have the option to change the colors of the player, add in numerous calls to action in any color, include a banner ad on the player, add in apps, etc… all within a couple of minutes and with no programming or coding knowledge needed. What’s even better is that when you share the video from your site on social sites like Facebook or Twitter, all functionality stays in tact. If you are concerned with mobile devices because you are a local business and have local search traffic, Viewbix is mobile device and tablet friendly because it is in HTML5 so mobile users can watch videos and find your stores from virtually any smart device. So what are some of the features and apps you can add?

Viewbix Apps:

Viewbix offers email address collection directly through the video with the newsletter apps for companies that we have partnered with like Chimpmail. You can add in coupon feeds, ebay auction feeds (by adding in your seller ID), live video and photo streams, maps, weather, share, specials and discounts, RSS feeds, Skype Calls, QR Codes, Stock Quotes and a lot more. Viewbix also offers you an amazing analytics package that helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of your videos and the reach you can get with them so you can show how your video marketing campaigns are performing.

How can you use Viewbix:

Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants – Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants can use the Viewbix video player numerous ways. They can provide a virtual tour allowing people to navigate through their venue with the links or via video streams. They can upload specials, deals and discounts for the week and they can also enable people watching their videos to book reservations, share specials or performers, find out what the weather will be like so their guests can dress appropriately, add in a map to give directions to their building and sign up for their newsletters and mailing lists from their video on their site as well as on Facebook and Twitter through their videos. They can even sell band merchandise through the calls to action if they would like to for fans coming to the event.

Affiliate Managers – Viewbix has created partnerships with virtually all major Affiliate Networks so that you can upload your videos to Viewbix and provide a Viewbix video creative to your Affiliates. Now their coupons will be up to date, you can have solid professional video running for them, place banners and strong calls to action on their videos and enable them to have even more tools to help promote you.

Affiliates – Affiliates can use Viewbix to better sell products through the calls to action as they are demoing them. They can use it to show new products or walk their readers through specials and deals. Demonstrate a recipe and sell the ingredients or tools to make them or use it in virtually any other way. Viewbix is an extremely powerful and affordable tool for Affiliates.

Ecommerce Stores – Ecommerce stores can use Viewbix to help sell product through their videos. You used to have to include a url when showing a product, but now you can direct the person watching directly to the product from the calls to action and they can now purchase with a click instead of having to remember and type in a url. You can also stream through other products or videos by using different apps and help to increase your click throughs and potentially your sales.

Non Profits – Non profit organizations can use Viewbix to help get their message out, encourage people to donate through their videos, adopt animals and kids by sharing videos of them and following up with photo and video feeds through the videos apps and more. Viewbix can empower a Non Profit to get even more out of their current video marketing efforts.

Blogs – Blogs can use Viewbix to help get people on Facebook and Twitter to start signing up for their newsletters instead of having to find their blog and increase their readership. They can also use it to cross promote topics, other blog posts and share more information. Bloggers can also use Viewbix to increase their reach with the sharing apps on the video players.

Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Agents can use Viewbix to help show videos to their website visitors as well as stream their other listings. They can show a video as well as upload a photo feed to show pictures of the house. Not only can this help to make the house look more attractive, but you can add calls to action to set up appointments to see the property as well as visit your site from Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the property.

Diet Companies – Diet Companies can show their commercials or infomercials and then stream testimonial videos through it to add extra confidence to the consumers. Not only can this help to show why your diet product is the right one for consumers, but you can do this across social media sites like Facebook with calls to action to help increase exposure and sales.

There are a ton of ways that companies, Affiliates and store owners can use Viewbix to help increase their online conversions regardless if they are donations, newsletter sign ups or sales. With a full set of analytics, apps and tools to increase the effectiveness of your video, Viewbix can help to provide a better and more interactive user experience for your site. You can click any of the links in this post and go to Viewbix where we currently have a free option for you to try the Viewbix studio for free.

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8 thoughts on “A New Video Tool To Increase Your Conversions – Viewbix”

  1. Hey Adam, very excited that you have Viewbix as your client. I am using Viewbix for Affiliate Summit’s weekly recaps and webinars on their blog. Here is an example: http://www.affiliatesummit.com/affiliate-summit-weekly-news-march-4th-2012/

    I really like that all those links I am using in my video are now clickable.. my only issue is that I use Youtube annotations to add the links into my video quickly..when I use Viewbix those links don’t show up. Moving forward I will add my links in my editing program.. and we also add a note in our post so that people know what viewbix does. 🙂

    “Click the white icon at the top, right of the video to get the links mentioned in the video.”

    Good luck with this program!


    1. Hi Mary,

      Thank you for the comment. Viewbix is an awesome tool that has soo much versatility that it is insane. I’m happy you all are enjoying it and let me know if you ever need anything for it.

      Can’t wait to see you all in NYC!


  2. This looks really good, Adam. As I mentioned in our conversation, one quick draw is that it adds back some functionality YouTube (in particular) took away from users, which is “skinning” the players.

    For most video services, there is no easy way to monetize your own videos either because of stringent restrictions in place or exorbitant costs. I use the open source Flow Player for some of my videos and it is cost-prohibitive to participate in their video monetization offerings.

    Congrats on working with Viewbix as a client and thanks for offering the service to a community that (I hope) will jump on it.

    1. Thanks Vernessa. It’s been a very long time since I have seen a tool that is as functional and user friendly, including in the free version, which is why I am soo excited about Viewbix. We have a ton of partnerships and new functionality coming up shortly so I’m excited to see you are willing to try it out. =0)

  3. Josh @ The Silver Chronicle

    Awesome! I have been wanting to use videos on my precious metals site but was hesitant people will end up in the depths of YouTube watching cat videos without the strongest call to action known to man. This is really elegant, I’d buy it just cause its HTML 5 and bad ass.


    1. Thanks Josh. Happy to have you on board with it. The tool is super easy to use and can really help to push some of the more expensive sales and product.

  4. Hi Adam,
    Just spent the last 30 minutes going over Viewbix and I can understand your excitement.

    At present, I am not a shareasale member but am considering just based on Viewbix’s potential. One question on the affiliate commissions. Since Viewbix is a monthly subscription for pro and enterprise, are the commissions recurring or is it one-time?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ted,

      Right now it is a one time commission, but skype me at adam-riemer and lets talk about it and work something out for you. Hopefully you’ll come and enter the giveaway as well.

      I saw that…have to check my files etc… if you know of a good way to trap them and keep them out, I’m definitely opened to it. I’d be happy to have you guest post about it too if you’d like.

      Thanks again!


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