Neat Receipts Scanner As Seen On TV Review

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Neat Receipt Scanner
Neat Receipt Scanner

So I ended up watching the infomercial for the Neat Receipt Scanner on tv and was in the middle of manually typing in my receipts into Outright.  Tax season is a pain when trying to type in your receipts, organize them and everything else which is why the Neat Receipt scanner looked so good to me.  Anyways, I wasn’t about to pay the retail price so I went to Amazon and found it for about $175 including shipping there instead and I bought one.  Here is my Neat Receipt Scanner Review.


The Neat Receipt scanner came in a small box.  I bought the portable one instead of the big one so I can travel with it and not have to worry about receipts when at a show, etc…  The software took about 5 minutes to install and then when you plug the portable Neat Receipt scanner into your usb drive, it automatically hookups up and gets ready for use.  Installation, registration and set up was extremely easy, but when it came to using it and filing everything, that is where it got a little tricky.

I started scanning everything in but unfortunately it only allows you to do one receipt at a time.  Although it takes a little bit longer, it isn’t that bad and goes pretty fast.  Luckily the software processes multiple receipts at a time so you don’t have to wait until one finished before you scan the next one.  As you are scanning them in, the software tries to pick out the date, tax, total, payment type, etc… as well as stores the image of the receipt which it claims the IRS will accept.


Neat Receipt Scanner Screen
Neat Receipt Scanner Screen



Editing the fields and adding in information to what was missing or picked out incorrectly was extremely simple.  It is also faster than having to type in everything at once and each receipt one by one.  One issue that I had with the scanner though is that you have to place everything face down and it only gets the information right about 60 to 70% of the time, which is still better than having to do everything by hand.

One complaint I have about the Neat Receipt Scanner from tv is that it always talks about the IRS and taxes, but when you go to select the type of receipt or tax deduction it is, there is a giant list that is confusing if you don’t know about schedules, etc… which I don’t.  Luckily you can export everything into a document and bring it to your accountant who can take the totals etc…  On a good note, because it has all of the tax classifications already listed out, you may have less of a chance of miscategorizing your receipts which helps you save time again when doing taxes or meeting with your accountant.

Overall I am very happy with my new portable Neat Receipt Scanner from tv.  It definitely is helping me save time and making filing and scanning my receipts easier.  Because it is small and lightweight, it is also easy to pack with my laptop and now I won’t have to save paper copies of my receipts when I am traveling.  Instead I can scan them into the Neat Receipt Scanner when I get back to my hotel and not have to think about them again until tax time.  Yesterday I saved about an hour of typing time by using it so my Neat Receipt Scanner review is that it is definitely worth the money and I highly recommend buying one.  If you do choose to buy Neat Receipt Scanner, please use the Affiliate Links in this post so I can get credit.  I love mine and hope that if you buy one as well you will like it just as much.

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3 thoughts on “Neat Receipts Scanner As Seen On TV Review”

  1. Thanks for the down and dirty. I have decided to look for a deal on one of these after A: A ton of online research and , finally B: After reading this review. Thank you for taking the time and for sharing.

  2. I want to update this post. It’s been about 4 years since I bought my neat receipts scanner and I can no longer in good faith recommend it.

    Every year at Tax time I have issues and it seems like there is a new fee or upgrade I have to buy. Their support for the product is some of the worst I’ve ever seen and this last time it took over a week to get a response to my ticket. I also tweeted and messaged on Facebook.

    Although it may seem like a time saver, the headaches and issues you run into are not worth it. Buy a different product. I loved it at first, and then tax time came around. Every year is a nightmare because I relied on Neat scanners and now that I’m done with mine, I couldn’t be happier.

  3. well one more complaint about neat i had all my invoices in for about 5 years and one day in 2020 everything disappear and the scanner need a license for something i bought year’s ago
    any way i call text neat and no help they want me to buy monthly subscription no’t a good

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