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Ok, these are some of the very coolest things on earth and they are seriously going to take over, not only this summer, but probably be a huge seller for next Christmas and Next Holiday Season, especially since everyone is just starting with them right now and they are just starting to take off.  They are sort of like Beanie Babies and Pokemon Meet Social Media and Marketing for Business People and for Teenagers to meet, exchange numbers and interact, without having to type in their information into their phone or to have to carry business cards.  They are called Poken and at first they seemed stupid or like ok, another gadget, but when looking at them further and realizing how easy they are to use and how much time and money they could easily save me, not to mention running out of business cards at events, I saw the huge demand that these Poken can have and need to buy one so I can start Poken.

Poken are esentially a way to start Social Networking in person.  What you do is you buy a Poken from, upload your contact information and whatever you want to share onto your Poken, (They come in a ton of different styles from the more expensive sticks and profesional looking rectangles with the hands, to the fun vampires, aliens, animals, etc… for the teenagers and more lighthearted person) then when you run into someone else who has a Poken as well, you just tap the Poken’s hands together and automatically transfer your contact information to that person.

This is not only awesome for conferences since you can save on business cards and not have to spend hours doing data entry entering people’s information into your computer, but it is also great when you are out at a bar and don’t want to have to type information into your cell phone or loose the person’s card, etc…

At the Share a Sale Think Tank this year a ton of people had Poken and I kept wondering what they were talking about and finally my friend Jen bumped her Poken with some other well known Marketers and I was completely sold on them.  After seeing their site last night, I am now going to order one and come the next conference, my iPhone Bump application is going out the door and my Poken is going to be my new contact information.

I personally could have cared less about Poken when I first heard about them and saw them, but now that I have seen how usefull and fun they are, I am sold and think they are either going to seriously take off, or they could be a quick trend and flop within a month or two before they really had a chance to thrive.

If you want to try a Poken for yourself or want to show them off to your friends, click here to buy Poken, if not, well you are probably going to miss out on a new huge Social Networking and business card or information sharing trend.

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4 thoughts on “Are you Poken? Time to Start Poken with”

  1. Hey Adam, cool gadget! It will be interesting to see if they really do take off. I have a feeling iPhones will pick up the technology soon enough and if I’m right, soon you’ll be able to do the same with the device you already have. In the meantime, tres cool, if you can find enough other people to “start poken”. 😉

    1. A ton of our friends are already Poken….the iPhone bump application is similar, but not as cool looking. If you come to Summit, you definitely don’t want to be the only person left there without one in Vegas. =0).

      Hope you’re feeling better!


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